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What Does Marriage Mean To You?

Updated on August 24, 2017

What It Means To Me

Marriage to me is a lifelong commitment. That's probably why I waited until my mid-30's to get married. I wanted to make sure that once I took that step, I stayed married. After watching my parents go through a divorce, I never wanted to have to deal with that, or make any children that were involved have to deal with that.

I think that if two people are supposed to get married, they know it when they meet. That's what happened to me and my husband. Two people that get married have to be able to face any challenges that come around, and they have to be friends as well as lovers. I think that means working towards the same goals, while still keeping separate goals as well.

Marriage: Then And Now

Throughout history, it has been customary for marriages to be fixed. Many times before the children are even born. Every woman had to be married before she was 20, and marriages were strictly for procreation.

Now, except in some third world countries, people pretty much pick and choose who they're going to marry, or even if they're going to marry. Divorces are very common, and society pretty much let's people decide for themselves if they want to choose that lifestyle or not.

What Do You Think?

Is there still a lot of pressure on people to get married, or is our society becoming more accepting of people that choose not to take that step? I think it's becoming more accepted that people don't ever want to get married.

Is it more acceptable now to not get married?

I would like to thank you personally for stopping by and paying me a visit. I hope you found this lens thought-provoking.

Thanks For Dropping By!

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      stevembetts 7 years ago

      Marriage is more than commitment, it is the love of two persons that joined them together.

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