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what i feel a soulmate is

Updated on December 15, 2011

i know alot of people dont believe in soulmates any more but i do. For a number of reasons. Alot of people dont think that true love doesnt exist any more in our world but i do. I do cause i have found it. At the tender age of 25. Some of you that read may think that i am crazy, and that i dont know what i am talking about, but i do. Very much so! A soulmate can come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be friends, lovers, even relatives depending on relationship. Mines is all mixed in one. My future wife is the love of my life! we ve been together for almost 2 years and while that seems like a short period of time, we are ready and know its right. There is no way to fully describe the feeling i get when we look into each others eyes. Or when she smiles. shes my best friend in the world. My balance. My rock.

The whole point of this hub is not to rub in anyones face that has been hurt in a relationship, or been cheated on or lied too, or anything like that. Or not to say if you've been hurt you ll never be hurt again. The point i am making is to say who ever you are, and where ever you are i believe that true love does exist. I believe marriage is not just fad and it still means something. I believe everyone one out there has someone for them! Their equal. And i wish all in life a chance to find him/her. How is a good question! That i dont know the answer too, but i feel if you stop looking as hard as you tried too, you just might find it.


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    • giftedwriter86 profile image

      giftedwriter86 6 years ago from new castle ,de

      aww.thank you very much. i ve found my mine and i hope everyone else can too!!

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      .....well you certainly write so purely from your beautiful heart and that is a very honorable and noble place to be in your mind because it's true of self-love - before you can be anyone else's best friend - you have to be your own best friend - nice, fresh, spontaneous take here on the search for a soulmate.

      lake erie time ontario canada 5:52pm