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what to do about falling in love with a guy???

Updated on April 3, 2016

What do i do if i am falling in love with a guy but he already knows,what do i do next leave it or do something else? i am no good at explaining to the guy how i feel about them without messing up or saying the wrong things???

Why can't love be easy and simple and without getting hurt all of the time,but that's how life is and it really sucks,hopefully i can do something to show him, how much he means to me and not screw things up with him.

This guy makes me feel special both ways and if i didn't met him in person then i wouldn't be talking to him now,i'm happy i did meet him otherwise i wouldn't be feeling like this.

I'm more accepting myself a bit more because of this guy,i'm just going to leave doing anything as it's perfect what iv'e got with him right now.

I don't want to risk loosing my friendship with him because i want a relationship with him as it will be my fault.

I want peoples opinions about what i should do and not what to do the more opinions i have the better??

I give people good advice when it comes to love,but when it comes to me i don't give myself advice,maybe i need to start taking my own advice on love but it's harder for myself to do that.

hopefully this guy don't read this as it wil be strange how i'm feeling about him and then i don't know what to do next. At the end of the day i can't help how i'm feeling towards someone is natural.

It would be nice if someone gave me good, advice for once without me messing up.

I want a guy who will go out of hes way, to do all of the romantic stuff for me, and not mess me around.

I want a guy who would want to see me in my bad, and good days and not just my good days and when i put myself down he always picks me up again.

I would want the guy to say to hes mates even though shes not perfect but shes perfect for me and shes mine,i like that in a guy and confidants too.

I hate feelings so much,they suck iv'e only fount out today about my feelings but i'm going to be positive and not negative as it don't get me anywhere..

I need to be more honest how i feel about anything and everything.

All i can say is i can't stop thinking about you (not saying any names)!!!


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