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what women are expecting in a relationship

Updated on April 23, 2015

What A Woman Wants In A Relationship

I have mingled with a lot of women and most of my friends are females, so I have come to noticed that most of their breakups are as a result of the same mistakes. This article will be an eye opener for the guys out their, it will help you to know what and what not to avoid in a relationship. Most of the guys don’t intentionally screw up things but out of ignorance they do the wrong things. Only a few tips will be mentioned below but I assure you, it will be the fundamental ones in my opinion.

Let me start with telling you that they want your presence and your time a lot, they always want to be around you. You know the bonding never ends, they love to talk things through, to know what’s new with you, how you have been and what you have been up to. That’s why most times they ask for the keys to your apartment or to live with you, not because they want to keep an eye on you.

At first you won’t be stalked, it’s when you don’t give them time and the attention they want, that’s when the stalking begins. Because they want to know what you do with that privacy you always request for, that insecurity tendency in them, can easily make them paranoid. But I suggest you take them out often, dinner will be great. But some women are freaks maybe because of how their ex handled them, this makes them to treat you like you are cheating on them.

They snoop around asking questions, reading your texts and mails, paying private investigators to investigate you (intruding your privacy in every possible way). I don’t know what they are thinking when doing all these stuffs, the question is does she know this will freak you out or lead to another breakup if you find out? So girls, watch your steps because it’s not only the guy’s fault that leads to a breakup, give them their space.

I know it’s not easy to think or see things like a girl, but just try even when she’s wrong. Try to understand her feelings and what she’s saying. Don’t talk when you should be listening, don’t be carried away especially when she’s talking gibberish, keep calm it might be a test. Be able to smell trouble from a distance, not saying you should run, avoid lying to her.

Be fun to be with. Try to make her laugh with jokes but only when you should. Give them a reason to always run to you when they are depressed or worried and don’t make a big deal out of it. Make their problems look simple with funny instances and jokes but you need to be smart in order to know the right words to use.

Don’t be a clown, release the right vibes at the right time so she won’t run to you only when she wants to laugh. If you lose your vibes then you’ve lost your respect and getting it back won’t be easy. Be a man of many talents, in the sense that you can use not only normal comedy to make her happy but through some other ways like singing or dancing.

Be creative in bed, don’t repeat same thing over and over. Make the romance more fun with dirty talks, women loves dirty talks a lot and it makes the chemistry between the both of you more real. Take your time when it comes to love making, it helps in relationships. Blow her mind literally; if you are of a good stock then show her the stock you were made of. Give it to her whenever she wants it, kiss and lick every sensitive part of her body.

The sensitive part varies but the most common ones are the tip of the ear, the nipple, the belly button and the clitoris. Make it intimate, it helps in finding other sensitive parts. Though some girls are more sensitive than others, so if you end up with a very sensitive girl then you are in luck if not still no big deal (every girl is sensitive).

You need to be honest, when I say honest I mean very honest. Relationships are built on love, honesty and trust these three, always go together especially honesty and trust. But to be frank sometimes you need to save your partner emotional stress by knowing what to tell her and what you shouldn’t but don’t derive pleasure from such situations.

They are not as strong as they look, they are fragile. Tell her everything people can blackmail you with no matter how bad it sounds, by doing this you have made your ex or anybody powerless to your relationship, no news will sound new to her, its left for her to understand. Don’t behave like you are single when you hangout with friends, don’t cheat on her!

Throw compliments on new improvements or developments you see on her, make her blush. They love compliments, appreciate her a lot especially in public. But don’t embarrass her thinking you are making her blush, know when to stop, don’t push too hard. Take her shopping on occasional basis.

Support her especially in public, side her view if an argument arises but still maintain the upper hand. Don’t overdo anything even if it’s fun this will make her want it more. They like things they can’t have or anything that is difficult to get. Referring to my first point about giving her your time don’t always stay in her place. Be relatively scarce, but make yourself available whenever she wants to see you depending on your job.

I bet these few tips can’t help you build a relationship that will last, always know what to do and the energy will never die. Don’t try to hard when it comes to impressing her but try to be yourself, but if you are too awkward then build a character from this article. Good luck in the long run.


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    • tosco profile image

      Eddy Charles 18 months ago from Enugu, Nigeria, WA

      Thanks for the comment and the words of encouragement even though our opinions slightly differs

    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 3 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice tips, Ed but I must say, I don't agree with you on all your points.

      I don't know why but I get this feeling your piece is trying to create an emotional man.

      So, not meaning to discredit your points though but if I'm asked to share my own views on what women expect in relationships, I'll simply say 'Be a Man!'

      Oh yes!

      Not just a man... but a man other women will also want.

      That man is tough but gentle; firm but caring, trustworthy but unpredictable, gives her attention but also focused on his own goals.

      So take note.

      Meanwhile, congratulations. I'm so glad you've finally decided to write once more. Who knows, you might even write your 1000th hubs before me!

      You know anything is possible!