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What Kind of Women Does a Man Love

Updated on May 1, 2013

If you want to become a woman that men would fall in love with, there are certain things that you should do to help you accomplish this goal. Firstly, you need to decide the kind of woman that you would want to be. Guys are very funny characters and they can love women in various areas based on what they like. But what kind of women does a man love? This article describes some of the major attributes that men look for and adore in a woman.

Self-confidence: Men can easily fall in love with self-confident women. A self-confident woman is in control, cannot be easily controlled and enjoys her life. This is one of the most powerful tools in attracting a man and making him love you. Therefore, even if you lack self-confidence, fake it.


Challenge: Being a challenging woman doesn't mean rejecting his calls or turning down your date with him. It means not pursuing him and continuing with your normal life while letting him pursue you. Remember that the less you pursue him, the more he will pursue you.

Funny: Most men love women who can create jokes to make them laugh as well as women who like their jokes. Therefore, if you may make your man laugh whenever he is with you, he will certainly like your company and he would love you more.

Be Cool: What kind of women does a man love? Well, 'cool girls'. A cool girl refers to a laidback woman, fun to hang out with, not full of drama, likes being with her man and doesn't stress her guy. A cool woman doesn't complain persistently or behave like she has a plethora of problems. Moreover, she knows when the man wants some space and leads her own life. However, she doesn't entertain mistreatments or disrespect from the man.


Take care of yourself: Taking care of yourself, wearing pleasant perfume and dressing well can make you quite charming even if you are not facially pretty. Avoid dressing in a way that exposes your body and don't apply excessive facial make up. Most men consider this as the signs of a harlot. Statistics indicate that women who often dress to kill are less attractive to potential male suitors because their dress code might be a bit intimidating. So what kind of women does a man love? Well, they like women who dress decently.

Orderly Life: Most men fall in love with women whose lives are in order. When most men start dating someone, they often think about marriage and see you as the future mother of their children. Due to this reason, they would not love a woman who is surrounded by a myriad of problems, is full of drama, and doesn't seem to lead her life properly. So, if you want to attract that special man, organize your life first.

From the aforementioned tips, you can understand what kind of women a man loves and adores. Getting a man to love you is not that difficult. All you have to do is follow these tips.


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