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What Should I Say to My Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

Updated on April 13, 2013

Words That Will Light up Your Boyfriend's Face.

Just like you love it when your boyfriend makes you smile, he would also love to hear you say things that warm his heart. Unlike women who want to be told sweet things surrounding love and affection, men love to feel respected and complemented. If you're wondering how to put a smile on your boyfriend's face, you're not alone. Several women always ask 'what should I say to my boyfriend to make him smile?' Here are some pointers to put you on the right path…

1) Thank you… Simple as it sounds, this expression of gratitude will strike a positive cord with your boyfriend. Although it may be regarded as common courtesy, it plays a different role all together in a relationship. Appreciation comes easy in the initial days of the relationship, but with time it reduces significantly. How often do you say thank you for the gifts, favors and compliments? Probably with time you have started to view these things as a right other than a privilege. Practice saying thank you more often and watch his face light up.


Try These 2 Phrases to Make Him Smile.

2) Fantastic job... Men love to get busy with their hands, constructing and repairing things around the home. He might not be an expert, but he will still try! Take time to appreciate his work; comment on how amazing it is. His ego will shoot up, and so will the smile on his face. Guys love to think that they can fix anything, and you should not bust his bubble. If you're still wondering 'what should I say to my boyfriend to make him smile; try this one and watch his face.

3) You are talented… If your boyfriend has shown signs of something he's good at such as music, drawing, sports or a particular hobby, take it upon yourself to urge him on. Even if he looks confident in his abilities, do not give up any opportunity to reaffirm his talent. Hearing it from his significant other will definitely make him happy, and he will proceed with more enthusiasm. One day when he is very successful, he might credit it to you!


Give These a Try to Put a Smile on His Face.

4) I love your family… When I first thought what should I say to my boyfriend to make him smile, this one was a bit distance. But come to think of it, your boyfriends family is the closest thing to his heart, and it means a lot if you like them. Hoping there are prospects of making you his wife in future, his family will be your in-laws. If you strike a bond with them early enough, he will be more than glad knowing that the future looks bright.

5) You're strong… Strength is synonymous with masculinity. Men love to hear that they're considered strong, both physically and emotionally, and that you think they handle pressure very well. This will indicate to your boyfriend that you feel safe leaning on him during hard times, and it will definitely make him smile.

What should I say to my boyfriend to make him smile? Well, your question is answered. Try it for yourself and enjoy the smile on his face


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