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whats that f word

Updated on August 18, 2016


Im not saying its easy but I will say that it will be liberating and change your life. Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself. Once you learn to forgive someone you begin to lift weights that have prohibited you from moving forward in life. Forgiveness does not mean that you will be friends, lovers, hang out or even speak ever again. Forgiveness goes deeper it’s the ability to allow yourself to release a struggle within. The first step is understanding that it is not for them but for you. The first step to living a free powerful life is releasing dead toxins. Holding a grudge is a toxin that can potentially stop you from progressing. Forgiveness is being ok with the apology that you may never get. The easy road is the one you don’t see often or may never see again, But what about your family, friend, or lover? Everyone is human, we all make mistakes. Consider the source. You must first choose to either talk about it and let go or to let it go all together. Either way in letting go, you must let go completely. This means being aware and conscious to live day to day not basing your own actions on the disappoint that you have for the other person. It takes practice. Practice forgiving today, Because not to forgive is pain, grief, and anger.


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