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When The Heart Loves

Updated on June 14, 2014

What is Love?

Love. It is invisible. Immeasurable. Probably that one thing which cannot be thoroughly explained even with the use of all the laws that govern this world.

A four letter word that holds the power to change a lot of things and a lot of people.

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Opinions Regarding Love

A lot of people may claim that they know the feeling of how it is to love and be loved, but still, up to this very day, it remains a complete mystery.

While some believe that love is happiness, others see it as a source of heartaches. Though some may say that love is blind others say that love is God, yet, the remaining others, apart from those who see love from different perspectives, may not believe in love at all.

How does one truly know love?

From dictionaries? Love stories? The World Wide Web?

To this question, there is no definite answer. Why? Because things differ from person to person. And probably the only way to be able to find out is to experience love itself. And maybe, when that time comes, we can come up with an answer that we can believe in.

Why do people love?

It is indeed true that loving comes with a lot of possibilities which includes both happiness and sadness, smiles and tears, joys and heartaches and simply the thought of loving and not being loved in return.

Yet despite all the challenges and risks, many still chose to believe in love.

Maybe because, even though loving is an uncertain gamble with our hearts at stake, it is still the most rewarding.


Because despite all the frowns, the tears and the heartbreaks, the mere experience of being able to love is far more worth it and greater than the pain and risks it brings.

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When does love become right or wrong?

There is no genuine love that is wrong.

How can loving someone be wrong if it blesses the people around us? How can loving be a mistake if it makes wrong things right? How can loving be a poison if it is the antidote to the scarred hearts of the people.

We see love as a bad thing maybe not because we believe it is one but because sometimes we tend to overlook a lot of things when we encounter this overwhelming feeling that unknowingly, we start to blind ourselves.

Loving is right when it does not hurt anyone and when it brings out the best in us. There is no genuine love that cages and limits. And so, it can never be hazardous.

This feeling of ours only becomes wrong when we start to close our minds and fail to see things from a bigger perspective. It is in such time that we not only hurt ourselves but also cause pain to those important to us, including the people we said that we truly loved.

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The Promise of Forever

Together As One
Together As One | Source

Happy Ever After

At one point in our life, whether we accept it or not, as women, we dreamt of fairytales and happy endings. We wished to be Cinderella and wait for that day when our prince charming riding in a white horse would come and sweep us off our feet. We longed for a castle and a happy ever after like those we read in books and stories.

But as we grow up, we faced reality and managed to change our way of thinking. We matured and saw how the real world really looks like.

I would not daresay that fairy tales are merely the product of wishful thinking because I know that somewhere out there, there are people who ended up together having a fairy tale love story in their own right.

It’s just that many of us, chose to think of happy endings as a distant dream where only the lucky ones are blessed to have found their match.

Yet even with all of these, we found new standards for our ideal person of whom we wish to tie the knot with and labeled them as our Mr. Perfect.

But let me ask you something. What if Mr. Right comes along who is the polar opposite of Mr. Perfect? Can we really still turn back and look at Mr. Perfect if the heart tells us otherwise?

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a happy ever after. Why? First, because loving is not a bed of roses. When you love you experience pain, and overcoming every pain together is what makes love sweeter. And second, true love simply does not end.

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The Love of Your Dreams

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When Love Has Failed You

When people believe in love, they are the most vulnerable in getting hurt. And sometimes when this pain becomes no longer bearable, people choose to forsake the feeling of being able to love, thinking, ‘if loving would only cause me pain, then I’d better not love anymore’.

But isn't this the same as running away? Don’t you believe that no matter what you say and how much you resist, when the person who’s willing to break down all the walls you’ve put up with comes along, then you have no choice but to submit in love once again?

Some may agree while others would not.

We might have control on how we act and deal with our feelings but we cannot control who the heart chooses to love. Yes we might have gotten hurt and it may feel difficult to trust again but remember that the person who had caused us pain once in the past is not the same person who is willing to fight for our love in the present.

I believe that true love comes only once in our life. To hold on or let go of that once in a lifetime chance, the decision lies in our hands.

The Sea: Our Witness



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