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when the life is slow walk a little longer

Updated on August 18, 2016

ever think of quitting life u are living and go somewhere alone far from all the chaos around you ...well it will definitely be a yes what you did crying???? breaking things , hurting peoples around you and then get depressed for days ... the behavior is not unexpected surely time to time you feel like dying but doing all this did make it better or worse?? ....when life gets hard on you be harder on it , you have learn to rise above your problems ... there is nothing in the world that can beat you but YOU ... go fight for yourself do anything to get yourself out of the situation ..whether be it relationship problems , financial issues,health problem or something else if you give up you are finished by your own yourself.. u can do it ..u will make through it...may be it will be slow it will be hard but it will end ...believe it and it will , there will be people telling you it wouldn't workout but turn a deaf ear to all the negativity around you .. you are your hero..your prince in shining armor..u are the best ,things maybe things will not get easy but you will get the courage to face it


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