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When I Say It

Updated on April 9, 2013

What It Really Means

It means in troubled times or in your deepest fear

I'll shelter and I'll comfort you with no tenderness to spare

It means that you're a success to me even when you fail

It means I sound triumphant cries each time that you prevail

It means as I have breath to live I'll always see you through

It means all this and so much more when I simply say,

" I love you."

It means no limits frame my joy because I see you smile

It means that sorrow shreds my heart when teardrops fill your eyes

It means the mountains tall, the sky stretched wide and oceans deep can't seal

A single grain within their bounds of the shoreline care I feel

Frustration cuts with searing pain for the words are just so few

I pray 'Dear God please let it all show' when I simply say,

"I love you."


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