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Appreciating the Little Things 101

Updated on April 30, 2012

Is it just me, or does it seem like people are really needy and can't just hang out and have fun? I feel like when I was a kid, it didn't really matter what I was doing. I didn't have money, or expensive things, or transportation, but we always found something to do to have fun, even if it was practically nothing. Nowadays, if you wanna just sit and talk and play games and hangout thats "too boring" for people. Are people so spoiled now that they can't just enjoy a nice hangout sesh? People always have to be spending money, or going somewhere, or doing something, no one can just have a group of friends over sit around play some cards or something and just hang out. That's considered "boring". I don't what it is...maybe I have an old soul and the simple things are just fine for me. Give me someone to talk to and I'm set for the night, I don't need no money, any special plans or adventures to go on and I'm pretty happy. That is probably the single most missed thing of childhood; the simplicity of everything, no problems, no worries and just about anything is entertaining. If only all people could carry that with them all the way through life. Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of people are spoiled too much as children and it really damages the ability for them to carry that appreciation of simple things.

I hate to preach and act like I know everything, but I just really feel as this is so true anymore. What happened to the time where sitting around listening to music, or taking a walk, or just hanging around with friends was good enough? It's a sad thing but maybe this list of things will re-instill that ability in some readers (if you're struggling with this, hopefully you're not).

Card Games

  1. Spit
  2. Hold'em
  3. 500 Rummy
  4. Phase 10
  5. Pinochle

Learn a magic trick and perform it!

Go for a walk

Have a catch

Play a boardgame

Play an outdoor sport

Play guitar/instrument (if you can)


All of these things, are so easy and so overlooked anymore, some people are just never happy unless they are spending money or going out or drinking anything. The simple little pleasures of life are so often overlooked. If there's one thing I will make sure my children do it will be to appreciate the little things life has to offer and the simple ways to enjoy yourself and have fun with others. It doesn't take a lot and it doesn't take a full wallet. It just takes some good friends and some appreciation. Just think, there's a lot of people out there who are happier with a lot less. So what do you really have to complain about?


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