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Why is Love So Important?

Updated on August 1, 2011

Functions of Love

Do people need oxygen? Love is just as critical to human survival as the oxygen we need to keep living. It is very likely that love is the main ingredient of healthy and well-functioning relationships and families. Love is essential for the healthy functioning of body, mind and soul. Love has many functions.

I write a lot about relationships because I think it is relationships that rocks our world! I am always looking for ways to improve my relationships, ways to understand my relationships and why is because I think it is relationships, but especially "good relationships" that rocks our world. I hope you find the information on my lenses helpful, useful, entertaining and interesting. I also hope you take some time to visit my websites listed below in the "related websites" section and read my collection of articles written by other authors all about relationships, the good, the bad, and probably some ugly too!!!!

How To Get Your Ex Husband Back
How To Get Your Ex Husband Back

Love Helps Human Survival

I do firmly believe romantic love was a curse placed upon all of us after Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. Apparently I am not alone in that thinking as some writers and love historians believe the same thing. Some writers call romantic love a nuisance and/or a nasty trick played upon human beings to keep generation after generation of people going. The curse was actually "childbearing." God made the emotional components of romantic love so appealing that men and women would be forever haunted by and drawn to each other in order to produce more human beings.

Fact is "love" does keep our species going. We all know children can be conceived without love, however, there is no guarantee that people having sex that produces children will take responsibility for caring for those children and make sure they survive. Love is unlike sex in that it means "a commitment." Love is what actually ensures the human species as parents care for their helpless infants.

Researchers have found a link between loving relationships and better health, however, love does not guarantee old age in the human species.

Love is Essential for Good Physical and Emotional Health

Study after study reveals connections between our emotions and our physical and emotional well-being. Numerous studies using babies and children as subjects reveal those who are deprived of love can develop a wide variety of problems such as depression, headaches, physiological impairments, and psychosomatic difficulties lasting sometimes all their life. Infants who are loved, touched and cuddled usually gain more weight, cry less and smile more. My daughter, for example, was a baby who almost never cried. She was continuously smiling. She knew she was a very much wanted child and a very much loved child. She grew into a woman who became mother to two sons who has continued the tradition of nurturing and loving her sons. Examples always speak louder than words.

By contrast, a lot of stress in homes that might be due to demanding jobs or just plain unloving households contributes to high blood pressure. Unhappy marriages are most likely unhealthy because the stress can change levels of certain hormones in the blood and weaken the immune system. The result can be early age heart attacks and other debilitating illnesses.

Love and intimacy is good medicines for the heart, mind and soul.

How To Catch a Cheating Wife
How To Catch a Cheating Wife

Love Enhances Our Daily Lives

Self-esteem grows from love. A solid foundation of loving family relationships creates children with self confidence able to face a tugging, stressful world outside their family circle. When people face death or terminal illnesses their chances of coping effectively is enhanced when surrounded by loving, supportive, caring family members and friends. By contrast, those without a secure foundation of love may experience more aggression, hostility, less self-confidence and more emotional problems. Examples are teenagers who run away from home are teenagers usually escaping a home without love, but filled with violence, abuse or incest. Abused wives can become fearful and untrusting as well as sometimes extremely bitter.

Relationship Red Flags
Relationship Red Flags

Is Love Fun?

Of course love is fun. I can never understand people who seem to "hate" everything and everyone around them. It seems to me like a hater is a person who must be extremely unhappy and miserable. It is my opinion that to love is so much more fun. Love can be painful at times, but it is also very enjoyable, exciting and comforting. It is fun when lovers plan to see each other. It is fun when lovers send text messages and emails to each other. It is fun when lovers exchange gifts or share activities and interests. Love does not just happen. To get and keep love, one must be an active participant. Love does not exist or just appear from thin air. People must actively participate in the give and take of relationships to experience the "fun of love."

How To Meet Men
How To Meet Men

To Love and To Be Loved

To love and to be loved is one of the most essential ingredients to human survival, emotional, physical and mental well being. Can we write or say anything more about love than has already been written? We probably cannot, but chances are, we can say it or write about it still yet in millions of ways other than has already been said or written. Love is truly a very splendid thing. Jesus said, love is the central and most important thing and one fine day all that will exist will be love.

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