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More Interesting Facts About Men and Women At Work And In Relationship

Updated on February 28, 2016

Men are easy to convince but women are not. Perhaps, the greatest fear of salesmen is that men would go back home after sales pitch to seek possible approval from their wives before coming back with either a No or a Yes answer which most times often turn out to be a 'No'.

If you are able to convince a woman on something, she is most likely going to believe you and continue doing it that way for years but on the other hand, men are likely going to find new ways of doing things within a short time due to curiosity nature of most men.

How does this now come into the context of this article? Going by some of the basic characteristics of men and women above, we can now examine how they both function in different context such as dating and career.

Men in Dating: Most men are moved by what they see and in order to sustain a man, you have to keep doing more of that thing that caught his attention in the first place. The moment you start doing less due to familiarity issue, you are obviously creating an avenue for further exploration elsewhere. Men are explorers by default. Many men never seem to find what they are looking for in dating. A woman marries a man thinking he would change, but he never changes and on the other hand, a man marries a woman thinking she would never change but she changes.

The unending curiosity of a man never ends. When a man sees a beautiful or curvy woman who perhaps even knows how to do something really nice such as cooking or singing, he tends to have a feeling of attraction immediately. Many men do not know other means of showing appreciation or like for a woman other than showing feeling of attraction. This is often taken by a woman to be a process of falling in love. However, this is often a hormone triggered state of feeling that will be short lived within the man. After a short time of dating, the short feeling of attraction disappears and the man begins to show the real him. Unfortunately the woman takes it as a new attitude from the man blaming herself that she might be the one who have pushed the man into acting that way. She begins to apologise for actions that was never her fault and the man is also found guilty of apologizing to actions he may not be able to stop. He is just acting the real way. If a man sees a new woman who catches his attention same way the previous woman did, there is high probability he would repeat the same process of short-lived attraction. Men are configured to explore new things. Often times, they are on a mission to make their imagination a reality.

Women in Dating: Good women could be very difficult to get. You flash your Rose Royce, wave the doe and she doesn’t seem to notice you until you practically grab the back of her neck to express your feeling. The more desperate a man is to get a woman the more difficult the process of attraction for her becomes. It takes few men with strong deal closing skill to finally win the heart of such women. However, when a man wins the heart of a difficult woman, he gets her love for a long time if not for eternity. The major problem is, most men don’t change and their feeling of attraction only for few months or years re-surfaces. The ‘real man’ in most men comes into play after months or years and that unsatisfying spirit pushes them back to the state of exploration.


Men are configured to buy rumour and sell the facts but it does not take them long to find out. A man knows when he finds a true fact (marriage) but may not be able to help himself from buying rumour(cheating) someday especially if the rumour shows some characteristics entirely new to what he is used to. A man is always in search for new grounds or on a mission to test the water for comparison (cheat).

Women are configured to buy fact (except they intentionally wish to do otherwise) and sell rumour. A woman is most likely going to make up her mind on the fact she already bought and might live with that fact for the rest of her life (marriage). Testing the water is the hardest thing to make a woman do if she had already bought the fact (cheating). The only time a man lures a woman to constantly buy rumour is when she is still shopping around for fact.

Men in Career:- A man is most likely to change a job 10 times in 10 years. Perhaps, another way to know if a man is faithful in his marriage is to look at the number of times he has changed his job within a short period (except he is a contractor). It is easier for a recruiter to make a man change his job than having woman change her job. Men are moved by what they see. If you sell the good part of the deal to a man, he will kick his current employer, take a ride with you, and think about his actions later-when the deed is cast. To a man, there is no loyalty in the game of career; today he plays for Chelsea but if Man-U comes tomorrow for a better negotiation he joins the new club.

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Women in Career:- The hardest people to deal with for a career move are women. Women are loyal to too many things including factors like; marriage, children, job location, nearness to home, etc. If you are going to discuss a career move with a woman, keep the money part to the last discussion as women are likely to put their marriage and children first before considering a career move. If the new job opportunity you are offering will deprive her of these, you are most likely going to get a NO based on experience. I have seen several women who have even opted to get half of their salary just because they found a job closer to their home.

Knowing all these characteristics about women and men, we may tend to understand why both often behave the way they do. However, there are ways you can control your partner from indulging in exploration activities but that is definitely not within the context of this article.

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    • Elesh profile image

      Elesh 2 years ago from the jungle of Africa

      Thank you Dashing for the brilliant add up.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      "A woman marries a man thinking he would change, but he never changes and on the other hand, a man marries a woman thinking she would never change but she changes." Oftentimes this is true!

      It's been said that men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears. However with age comes wisdom. Men learn everything that glitters is not gold and women learn actions speak louder than words.

      A major cause of conflict between women and men is they oftentimes expect each other to think and believe the same way!

      For example when it comes to dating if a man asks a woman out for a date he is generally {physically/sexually attracted to the woman} and at some point he hopes to have sex with her.

      Women on the other hand may say "yes" to a man's date offer and have absolutely {no intentions of ever} having sex with him!

      Maybe the event/activity sounded appealing or she had no other plans for the evening or the weekend.

      At the end of the date when the man leans in to kiss her goodnight she turns her head or gently pushes him away.

      The man leaves after the rejection feeling used in some way and the woman is offended as she leaves feeling as if the guy had a sense of "entitlement". Just because he took her out he expected to make out.

      The reality is they simply had a misunderstanding of what dating is.

      The man "assumed" women use the same decision making progress as men. In other words he thought she would only say "yes" to dates with men (she) was physically/sexually attracted to!

      Men for the most part do not pursue women whom they find unattractive to spend their money and leisure time with.

      And yet our societal protocol dictates that both men and women approach the date without verbally announcing their agenda for going out. Very few women will tell a guy: "I'm only going out with you because I have nothing else better to do." And very few guys will tell a woman: " I hope to have sex with you in the near future if not tonight."

      Having said that there are some women who (know) men only ask women out whom they are sexually attracted to. However these women will stay (yes) to dates because most men lack the courage to make it known their interest is sexual or romantic prior to the date for fear of rejection. They don't overtly flirt or use sexual innuendo in conversations. This allows the woman to play the "naïve" role and act offended when he attempts to kiss her at the end of night.

      In other instances it's a matter of both people never bothering to take the time to figure out what is motivating the other person.

      Their only focus is on what (they) want as an outcome!

      By acknowledging individual and gender differences we're able to navigate our relationships better in every area of our lives.