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William and Kate Wedding Souvenirs

Updated on August 31, 2011

Celebrate With William and Kate Wedding Souvenirs

April 29th 2011, the royal wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A historical day that will be watched by millions around the globe. Why not join in with this celebratory event and wish the couple well with your very own William and Kate wedding souvenirs, a special reminder of what is going to be an uplifting and joyous occasion for all.

This fairytale event, the wedding of William and Kate, sees a girl with no royal blood marrying a prince who is a future King. It's the best of Disney, but in real life! How often do you get to see something as romantic and and magical as that? Choose from a gorgeous selection of William and Kate wedding souvenirs to remember this historical and emotionally charged day. Tissues at the ready!

William and Kate Wedding Souvenirs

Imagine millions of people around the world all thinking happy thoughts about William and Kate at the very same time.

If you believe in the power of positive thought then this wedding should be glorious! So much good will and positivity surrounds this union, it's a day that will not be forgotten.

There's so much doom and gloom in the world, so much unrest and instability, this is a day where anyone with a bit of romance in their bones can feel uplifted and happy.

I'm right here in London where the ceremony and reception will take place, I can't imagine what the atmosphere is going to be like on April 29th, but it's an exciting anticipation!

No matter where you are, it's a day for everyone to celebrate and share the happiness of the married couple to be.

It's always nice to have items that bring back memories of special occasions, so what better way to cement those memories than with William and Kate wedding souvenirs. Special items with the lovely couples images on them.

There's some really lovely pieces of William and Kate wedding sonvenirs to choose from.

If you want to go really traditional, consider a piece of china, you know how us Brits love a cup of tea!

William and Kate wedding souvenirs are potential investment pieces for the future. Seeing as William will one day be King William and Kate Queen Katherine, these pieces have the potential to be very valuable to royal collectors in the future. Same too with their engagement souvenirs.

The William and Kate Love Story

Here's some great books that give all the details about how William and Kate met, how they got together, the break up and how their relationship has evolved to the point of marriage.

These are great reads that tell the factual story of how a Prince met an ordinary girl at university and eventually went on to ask her to marry him.

Kate will be a Queen with no royal blood, if we were speaking in Harry Potter terms, Kate would be a muggle! A very beautiful muggle however.

If you fancy a romantic read about a real life fairytale, these are great books to cosy up with.

William and Kate's First Official Visit Since Their Engagement


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