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Winter Wedding Ideas

Updated on September 7, 2014

Make Your Winter Wedding A Really Great Success

Winter is a magical time with snow falling, the trees glistening and love in the air. There is no reason that you could not bring snowflakes inside to help create a winter wonderland wedding reception.

There are many areas that you could incorporate the snowflake into for your big day. From the invitation to the cake to the dress to the centerpieces there are ways to keep the snow falling.

It is a great idea to have a theme when you are planning the details of your wedding and in the winter a snowflake is the perfect magical little item to tie the day together.

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Planning a Winter Wedding and How to Do It in Style

A Winter Wedding Makes Choosing a Theme Easy

A wedding can be a joyful, memorable time at any time of year. However, many winter brides have found that winter can be a wonderful time to tie the knot. Some people do think of winter as a good time for weddings but winter weddings can be easy to book and easy to plan as well. Planning a wedding during the winter makes the choice of a wedding theme easy, as many winter brides choose to go with the popular winter theme for their winter wedding.

The color white has long been synonymous with brides and weddings as well as with winter. This is why snow and snowflakes have become such popular winter themes for weddings. Many winter brides choose to make white the color of many things having to do with their wedding. Tables can be lined with white linen, sparkling snowflakes can be hung as winter décor, and white Christmas lights can create a magical ambiance in the reception hall. Even the cake can be decorated with a snowflake theme to complete the décor of your winter wedding.

In addition to the color white, silver also often makes its way into the plans for winter weddings. Silver is a popular choice for the color of bridesmaid dresses during winter weddings. The flowers for the bride's bouquet and bridesmaids' bouquets are often white during winter weddings. Oftentimes, the bride and groom choose to decorate the place of the wedding ceremony in a lot of white. A white carpet can be laid down for the bride to enter the place of ceremony on. The reception hall is often decorated in white, silver or gold as well. Winter music is often played. If the bride and groom celebrate Christmas and the wedding is held during the holiday season they may choose to play some Christmas Carols during the reception ceremony. White flowers make nice centerpieces for the tables at the wedding reception. Another popular idea is white votive candles, which give the reception hall a cozy feel.

Stationary for the wedding can also be created to match the winter wedding theme. Winter wedding invitations can be printed on white paper with silver or gold print. They often can include snowflakes or other symbols of winter on them. The wedding programs can be done similarly, accentuating the winter wedding theme.

If the bride and groom celebrate Christmas and most of their guests do as well, they may choose to purchase a number of solid colored Christmas balls. The bride and groom can write the name of guests on a ball and hand them out as wedding favors. Often, Christmas balls can be bought in bulks and may not cost the bride and groom an ordinate amount of money. Guests are sure to enjoy having a keepsake of the fabulous winter wedding they attended. Even guests who do not celebrate Christmas or do not buy a Christmas tree can hang the ball decoration elsewhere as a keepsake from the wedding.

When choosing a wedding theme it is very important for many brides and grooms to have all aspects of the wedding coordinated. This can make choosing a theme difficult but for those who plan a winter wedding, using a winter theme can make planning much more simple. The winter wedding theme is very easy to coordinate and can make the stress of planning a wedding seem much less intense. Winter weddings can be easily planned if the bride and groom are on a budget as well. You and your guests are sure to be pleased with the wondrous winter theme of your winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Favors that Won't Break the Bank

If you think weddings are romantic, nothing can compare to having an elegant and romantic winter wedding. If you have just gotten engaged, you might want to consider having your wedding during the winter months. While this is not a popular time for many brides, when you choose the winter, there are some really fabulous idea is that you can use to your advantage. Your wedding favors are one thing that you will want to think about when planning your wedding.

When you begin planning your wedding, you will have a lot of fun coming up with a theme and deciding on what you will do for your guests. Your ceremony is only half of the wedding. The fun part comes afterwards during the reception. This is the time where you thank your guests for coming and now is a popular time to give small tokens of your appreciation to your wedding guests. If you are having your wedding during the winter months, there are some really great ideas that are inexpensive for wedding favors. Here are a few to consider.

Cookie Cutters: cookie cutters are very cute to hand out to your wedding guests after your reception. Look for cookie cutters that represents your theme or the time of the year. This can be anything including gingerbread men, stars, angels, Christmas trees or even crosses. Find a nice sentiment, or a poem that reflects your love or each other. Copy it onto a nice thick paper and attach it to the cookie-cutter with decorative ribbon. This is a nice reminder of the wonderful day that you have had with your guests.

Christmas ornaments: Christmas ornaments are perfect to give out to your guests as small tokens of your appreciation. If you shop in advance, you can buy beautiful Christmas decorations at rock-bottom prices. Consider having a large artificial tree in the reception area and adorning it with the decorations you have picked out for your guests. Allow your guests to take a Christmas ornament off with the tree as they leave, so they can take it home with them and remember your special day.

Winter Wedding Favors Ideas

Small Stockings: If you are having your winter wedding around the Christmas holidays, give each guess their own mini stocking to take time as a gift. If you know how to sew or have someone in your family that enjoys sewing, you can make a lot of stockings for next to nothing. If you choose to purchase plain stocking then you might want to consider dressing them up with faux fur, beads or other decorative touches.

Snow Globes: What says winter better than snow globes? Snow globes are readily available and you can find them featuring just about any type of theme that you are looking for. You may also want to consider purchasing the new snow globes that you can personalize yourself. Many wholesale craft supply catalogs sell these small snow globes that allow you to insert your own picture into the middle. These are very pretty and a great way to present your guests with a cute wedding reception gifts.

Handmade candies: Everybody loves handmade candy. Consider making an easy candy recipe such as breaking peppermints into small pieces and pouring white chocolate over the peppermints. When the chocolate hardens, you can then break the candy into pieces and put them into small bags. Add a beautiful bow or ribbon and you have yourself an inexpensive yet elegant wedding favor gifts to give your guests.

When you have a winter wedding, the possibilities are endless, and it comes to choosing wedding favor gifts you do not have to break the bank to find something that everybody will enjoy.

Winter Bridal Dress Options

When you have a winter wedding, there are many considerations to make. Winter weddings can be simple breathtaking, not to mention extremely romantic. One of the things that you want to carefully consider is your own dress and the attire of the entire wedding party. This is especially true if you choose to hold an outdoor ceremony. You do not want to go with skimpy attire and find yourself cold and freezing throughout the entire ceremony. The good news is that there are many sources for wonderful wedding attire for wintertime weddings.

When you are planning on having a winter wedding, your dress is going to be very important to your wedding. You are going to want to focus on the season and pay particular attention to the color and the styling of your dress. That also includes the rest of the dresses that are worn by your wedding party..

Most of the time, when a person gets married in the summer time, the dresses that they choose give such an example of the time of year that it is being held. Most of the dresses are strapless or low cut, which is a very popular look. However, this is something that is tough to do in the winter. You might be tempted to have a dress with longer sleeves, or a heavier dress in general. This is a great option for brides that want a traditional wedding, but wishes to stay in season. Start getting ideas now by looking through bridal magazines and online wedding websites. Winter wedding dresses can be every bit as elegant and beautiful as those worn typically in the summer or spring.

Money-Saving Ideas For Your Winter Wedding Flowers

When you are planning a wedding, no matter what time of year it is, you are going to want to make sure that you have great wedding flowers-and if you are like most brides, you want to save money where you can, but you do not want to compromise on style. You might be surprised to know that planning a winter wedding is actually a great way to save, especially when it comes to picking out your flowers and greenery. You will have to be flexible-you may not get the best prices on spring-type flowers, but when you have an open mind, you can create a beautiful winter wedding using inexpensive flowers that are in season.

When you think of the winter season, the best way that you can save money on your flowers is to consider flowers and greenery that are in season. For example, what types of flowers do you think about when you think December or Christmas? Probably flowers such as poinsettias and amaryllis. You can get these flowers that are already in season and use them liberally in your bouquets and decorations. Add to that some green holly or evergreen cuts and you have just created a stunning and in-season winter wedding floral centerpiece.

Remember, when you are buying wedding flowers, you are going to want to focus on what you love. There are so many different types of flowers that you can choose from and certainly, some will be more costly than others. You will want to choose carefully so that all of your flowers match and should have generally the same focus. However, this does not mean that they have to be expensive. You can even contact your trusted florist to get advice on in season flowers and how to find the least expensive.

There are other ways to save your hard earned money as your plan your winter wedding, too. When it comes to your floral arrangements and bouquets, staying in season is the best advice, but you might also want to consider incorporating some artificial greenery into your decorations as well. If you can find a local floral wholesaler in your area, you can often pick up artificial wreaths, boughs and even small fir trees to use for decorations very cheaply. You can adorn these artificial pieces with your favorite holiday decorations, bows or even silvery tulle, which can create a stunning effect that you will always remember.

If you are having your wedding near the Christmas holidays, you might want to consider decorating with Christmas trees. They can be real or artificial, but artificial will look just as good, plus you can use these again and again. Think about decorating several small Christmas trees and hanging ornaments for your guests to take home after the reception is over. You may even be able to rent artificial trees for the event. This saves you time and money. Another great money saving tip when it comes to artificial wedding flowers is to shop well in advanced. If you are lucky enough to plan your wedding a year ahead, pick up holiday floral pieces and decorations when they go on clearance. Store them and then you can use them when your wedding comes the following year.

You might even consider decorating your reception area with your favorite winter wedding flowers. Imagine how beautiful your tables will look with pretty pots of poinsettias. You can take these home with you after your wedding is over, or let your guest take them home as favors. You can even give away winter flower bulbs for your wedding favors.

As you can see, you have many inexpensive options when you hold your wedding in the winter. Check around and see what catches your eye. When you plan your holiday flowers for your wedding, you can create a stunning look.

Snowflake Fun for Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter is a magical time with snow falling, the trees glistening and love in the air. There is no reason that you could not bring snowflakes inside to help create a winter wonderland wedding reception. There are many areas that you could incorporate the snowflake into for your big day. From the invitation to the cake to the dress to the centerpieces there are ways to keep the snow falling. It is a great idea to have a theme when you are planning the details of your wedding and in the winter a snowflake is the perfect magical little item to tie the day together.

If you decide to have the snowflake as your theme item then you can begin to incorporate it from start. The first thing that people will see when you are throwing a wedding is the invitation. The invitation could have snowflakes on the card itself, it could have snowflakes that fall out when people open the card or it could have a snowflake stamp on it. Talk to your stationary associate and you will find there are a myriad of ways to use snowflakes in the invitation process. If you wanted to have real snowflake fun for your winter wonderland wedding you could even have the calligrapher dot every "i" with a snowflake.

When you are out in the world dress shopping you will find that many winter wedding dresses also incorporate the idea of the snowflake. You may find that the perfect dress for your winter wedding has tiny snowflakes on the bottom that gradually get bigger towards the hem. You may find the perfect dress that has no snowflakes at all and in that case a snowflake pin attached to the waist sash or just above the heart would be perfect. If you do not have any snowflakes on the dress itself then you could also accessorize with snowflakes in the form of earrings or a necklace.

The cake is another great place to incorporate snowflake fun for your winter wonderland wedding. Talk to the baker that you are working with and it may be possible that they could create marzipan snowflakes that look as if they are falling all the way down your cake. Another way to use snowflakes on the cake would be to get a snowflake cake topper. The cake topper could be a single snowflake or it could be a wintertime bride and groom or it could be your new monogram with tiny snowflakes dancing all around it.

A great way to incorporate snowflake fun for your winter wonderland wedding is on the tables. If you are going to have floral centerpieces then you could have the florist put in some tiny glass snowflakes between the petals of the flowers. If you wanted you could have the crew at the reception hall scatter paper snowflakes on all of the tables. It may be possible as well to have the napkins come in a snowflake fabric. You could wrap all of the guest favors in silver snowflake paper. Use a snowflake on the seating card you give out and make your guests match it to a full size snowflake on each table to delineate which table is which.

No matter what you decide to do for your winter wonderland wedding using the snowflake as a key theme item is always a fun element to reflect the joy of the season. Snowflakes are magical because no two are alike in much the same way that no two people are alike. You can use snowflakes sparingly or in big groups and they will add beauty to your big day.

Wedding Cakes

Traditionally, something that every wedding must have is the beautiful cake to serve at the end of your wedding dinner. Not only is it the finishing touch to your meal, it's the focal point of many wedding traditions. For one, there's the beautiful table set up with the wedding cake for everyone to stop and admire.

Then there is the much-anticipated photo opportunity of the newlywed couple cutting the first piece of cake together. And, of course, the delightful moment of them smushing cake into each other's faces.

Wedding Cake Recipes

Delicious Wedding Cakes on a Budget

You might envision having a multi-tiered cake with sugary flowers in the same shades as your wedding colors. However, these cakes can be quite costly. To help keep your wedding costs under budget, here are some ideas for stylish, delicious wedding cakes on a budget.

Cupcakes. One popular alternative is to bake or order cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. You can display them in tiers, as you would a cake, so you get the same effect. With the right decorations, cupcakes can be very elegant as well. One idea is to use icing to write the bridal couple's initials on each cake. Another is to decorate them with icing or candies. Besides costing less than a traditional wedding cake, cupcakes are easier to serve than cutting and serving a cake. And who doesn't enjoy eating a good cupcake?

Sheet cake. Instead of ordering a fancy wedding cake to serve all your guests, order a smaller version to put on display. At the same time, order a large plain sheet cake in the same flavor with the same icing. When it comes time to serve the cake, serve the sheet cake instead of the decorated one. No one will notice where their piece came from, and it will save you a lot of money.

Bake your own cake. Add a personal and delicious touch to your wedding by baking your own cake. If you're not a baker, perhaps one of your friends or family members would like to bake one for you. Someone who enjoys baking might be honored to bake your cake as a wedding gift to you. To decorate, you can use candies, fruit, ribbons, or fresh flowers.

Styrofoam cake. This might not sound appealing, but it can give your budget a break and create a very beautiful effect. Rent, buy, or make your own Styrofoam wedding cake. Supplies are available at most wedding supply stores and craft shops. Then ice and decorate it just as you would a real wedding cake. It will look just like the real thing, without the expense. When it comes time to serve the cake, cut a plain sheet cake and leave the Styrofoam one up for decoration.

If none of these options fits within your budget, you can also skip the wedding cake altogether. Instead, serve one of your favorite desserts to your guests. Including a few non-traditional elements in your wedding can make it more memorable and personal for your guests.


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