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Women Signals of Attraction

Updated on November 30, 2013

How Women Show Interest in a Man

Women show interest in a man in very subtle almost hidden ways. They use a lot of body language to communicate interest, to invite you to approach and to show disinterest to the ones they don't want to approach them.

They do this to weed out the guys that don't interest them and to a women these signals are just as plain as a Vegas billboard. They are shouting "Hey, You - pay attention over here".

They use body language during conversation to show levels of interest in what you are saying, to help you focus on them, to keep your attention and to tell you to ramp up the conversation or to move on. They also use it to tell you they are losing interest.

Most of these signals are totally invisible to the average man and if he does notice them he usually misinterprets them.

She will give signals of interest until she realizes that you are either not interested or just to dim-witted to understand, then she will move on the the next guy she finds interesting.

Below we will look at signals she gives get your attention, to tell you she wants you to approach her, and signals you must be aware of during your conversation.

Baring Shoulder Image
Baring Shoulder Image

Signals a woman is interested

How Girls Show Interest

Body Language of Woman Interested

When a woman sees a man she thinks is attractive or interesting she begins to send out signals to get his attention. Most men ignore these signals because they are unaware of them and their significance.

One of the major magazines ran a survey on what women did to signal interest in someone they either just met or to a guy at a bar, club or wherever that they wanted to meet. The majority of the answers all agreed to 4 basic techniques to get a man's attention.

#1 Eye Contact. The women were very serious in making eye contact. They would gaze at the target guy until he noticed then they would hold that gaze for about 4-5 seconds and then drop their eyes. Then immediately look back up to see if he was still watching them.

If he looked away they would give him a second chance and then move on to another man. Looking away is seen as low self confidence.

#2 Eye Contact With a Smile. These woman would do the eye contact and flash their eyebrows - a quick raising and lowering of the eyebrows. This gets your attention. The second time they looked at you they would give you an inviting smile with the lips and eyes.

#3 Almost all of the women would "allow him to catch me checking him out" They want you to know that they are interested. This is supposed to spark your interest in them. It also allow you to respond to their invitation.

#4 Body Language. Women communicate with body language far more than with words so men miss most of the Communication. Women use almost every part of their delightful bodies to help express themselves.

Women expect you to pick up on this immediately. When you see any of these signals respond with good eye contact. Hold her gaze until she drops her eyes. If she looks back check out other body language and get ready to approach

Signals of Interest

This is a very quick interview of an expert on body language. She gives some really good things to look out for to see if a person is interested.

Amazon Recommended Reading - Read Female Body Language

Female body language can at time be almost invisible and when seen is often confusing. Here are some books that may help out.

Body Language Secrets: A Guide During Courtship & Dating
Body Language Secrets: A Guide During Courtship & Dating

Whether on a date or just talking you need to be aware of what her body is saying. Is she interested, is she encouraging you or is she losing interest. You need to know.

Sexual Body Language: 120 Body Language Signals That She Likes You
Sexual Body Language: 120 Body Language Signals That She Likes You

A good Kindle with a lot of information about what she is saying with her body as opposed to what you may be hearing out of her mouth. The body seldom lies.

Body Language: Secrets of Body Language - Female Body Language. Learn to Tell if She's Interested or Not!
Body Language: Secrets of Body Language - Female Body Language. Learn to Tell if She's Interested or Not!

A really good, concise Kindle book that lets you answer the question "Is she interested in me?"

Framing Her Face and Pointing With Elbows
Framing Her Face and Pointing With Elbows

Girl Interested Body Language

Non Verbal Signals Attraction

O.K. so you picked up on the eye contact thing and got the smile. Now it is almost time to go over and say Hi. But really pay attention to her body language for the next few moments, she will indicate interest if she wants you to approach. So far her eye contact is just to get your attention.

If she wants you to approach you she will probably do a few other things. (Not in any particular order.)

She may swing her hair to make sure she has your attention.

She may turn toward you is a more open posture with her shoulders and elbows back raising her breasts. She may also arch her back which emphasizes her butt and breasts making her more attractive..

While returning your gaze she may scan you from head to foot very boldly.

She may cross her legs and point one knee at you letting you know you are the one she has selected.

If you see these additional signals feel free to approach her before someone else does.

Good Eye Contact
Good Eye Contact

Woman Signals to Men

Signs of Woman's interest

Some of the other signals women send out.

Really pay attention to her body signals during the "Conversation Stage." Her body will tell you if you are leading the conversation in the right direction or if you need to correct your course.

Signals of interest and attraction:

She will maintain good eye contact with you.

She will smile with her mouth and eyes.

She will play with her hair, she will fluff her hair to make herself more attractive to you.

She will laugh at your jokes, even it they are not funny.

She will do things to draw attention to her lips. She is being provocative and thinking how it would be to kiss you. She may apply lipstick, lick her lips or bite her bottom lip, all sexual signals that you are on the right track.

She will open her body to you, straightening her back, facing you more squarely and lean into you.

She may cross her legs showing off more skin and hemming you in to say "He is mine."

She will touch you on the arm, or thigh. She may run her fingers through your hair.

She will point at you with her feet, knees, hands and breasts.

She may run her fingers down her throat or across her collarbone, this is very intimate and she is thinking of you touching her there. WOW!!

Her face will become more animated.

Her pupils dilate, so she can see more of you.

If you see 3 or more of the above you are doing just fine.

Losing interest signs:

She quits smiling and laughing at your jokes.

She quits smiling at you and starts flirting with other men.

She looks bored.

She starts looking around.

Her legs cross excluding you.

She adjusts her clothing to show less skin.

If any of these is happening she is telling you that she is getting bored

or you are not moving in fast enough. Sometimes it is very difficult to

tell if she wants you to ramp up a notch or just walk off.

If she has been rubbing her legs, her neck, jawline of collarbones you need to touch her in a friendly way to get her attention back. She is trying to tell you she wants to get more involved and she wants you to get more physical. If you don't she will quickly lose interest.

This is a judgment call and take a bit of experience to really tell what She is trying to tell you. Be prepared to get turned down or even slapped once in a while.

Also get prepared to get a great date!!

(Above image - she has good eye contact and knows exactly what she is doing to you!!)

How To Tell If She Is Interested Or Not - Sure Signs That She is Interested

More information that can help

How To Read Body Language - A male's guide to read her like a book
How To Read Body Language - A male's guide to read her like a book

A good, fairly in-depth, read of how women communicate with their bodies and some good ideas of what they really mean.

3 Body Language Signals That She's Very Interested in You
3 Body Language Signals That She's Very Interested in You

The top 3 buying signs women send you when they are interested in getting to know you better. A must read for the 90% of the men that miss most women's body language signals.



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    • hqbaldwin profile image

      hqbaldwin 3 years ago

      Nice job on the lens! Women do not yell "Hey, You - pay attention over here" :)

      It is obvious however, if you know what you are looking for!

    • DelmoLoDuca profile image

      DelmoLoDuca 4 years ago

      Great stuff Randi-Mandi. All this stuff falls into place the more we are in the company of women. Admittedly, it takes more time for some of us to learn this stuff than others.

      It took me years. Now with the Internet, there is all kinds of info available.

      I launched a site after doing research for my nephew (who was struggling). It took me years. It took him only weeks with the information I found and gave to him -which is now on my website for others to benefit from.

      Nice work. Congratulations.


    • profile image

      daygame-review 4 years ago

      This is some not bad basic body language stuff, but i think some guys worry too much about seeing these signs of attraction from women. A confident guy shouldn't care about them. He can acknowledge that she is showing interest, but in the end, it doesn't really matter how many "indicators of interest" he successfully identifies.