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Womens History Month Tribute

Updated on March 27, 2014

Women's History Month

There are so many dynamic women who had laid a path of accomplishment. They are lights of beauty that inspire you to do more, be more, and live your life. There is beauty in the desire to accomplish, make an impact on this world, and remain limitless in mind-body-and soul. It is a beautiful thing to use the gifts the creator has bestowed on you and make the most of the accomplishment of those who came before you. To be a dynamic woman is to have vision, belief in oneself, determination, fight, fire, and passion for what you do while celebrating that woman that you are.

Thank you to all the women who were the first to.....

Thank you to all the women who fought for.....

Thank you for all the real women who inspired nations for.....

Thank you for inspiring future generations for......

Thank you for all the women who refused to remain silent bound by housework remaining in the shadows. Thank you to all the women who refused to never develop to rely hopelessly on another person for existence. Thank you for all the women who took steps, breaking glass ceilings, and taking on roles that were not “suited” for you. Thank you to all the women who dress in a manor that portraits the respect you have for yourself and your mind while still presenting yourself as amazing.

A special thank you to the women, mothers, who inspired their little girls to do more, want more, and embark on amazing journeys that they never had the courage or ability to explore.

The list is too long to mention but thoughts are paved with good intentions. Yes, you can have it all! Reach for the stars. For you are required to pay homage to those that paved the way and you owe an example to the next generation as well.

The beauty of a woman is something that radiates from inside out. It comes from loving oneself, understanding your essence, being aware of your place/path in the world, and pursing your best self and life. So if you remain silent develop your voice. If you always sit in the back seat, grab the keys and hop in the drivers seat. If you have a vision for a goal in your life then go for it recognizing no boundaries and no limits. No one can stop you from being successful except you. It is your job to push the envelope.

Be fearless. Be unafraid. Understand that failing does not mean you are a failure. You can do anything you want to do, without limits.



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