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Updated on July 16, 2012

Wrong decision that destroy relations.

I am so worried of the cases of battering women is still there in our societies,and to make the matter worse is cases that can be laid down at the cross of Jesus in dialogue and prayers.As I was reading a true story of a Burundi woman,cut off her arms at elbow by her husband for failing to bear a boy child,I was moved and I need to share it here.This woman said that she married to her husband 2000,but he died five months after the wedding.She then stay in her house mourning before returning to her parents,but her mother in law forced her to marry the brother of the decease due to that dowry had not been paid fully.This lady by the name Francine reluctantly marry to him.

Through her life with him she never have peace of mind.She said one night this man force the door to her house and raped her,where she conceived.During the birth of first child her husband inquire to know the sex of the child,and when he heard it was the baby girl he did not even bother to visit her in the hospital.After four months she conceived again,but this time the man warn that if the child would be a girl she had to find a place to live after the birth.

Francine said,one night this man came home happy greeting her warmly,little did she know that her arms will be chopped.She was awakened by the machete blown on her arms,and left her unconscious.She was taken to hospital by neighbors in the morning where she remain coma for six day,and after coming out of hospital she had to run for her life to far place in fear of her husband.

God ways are different from our ways.

Sometimes we trust so much on our ways rather than God's,we fixed our minds on them to happen as we want,forgetting to submit them to Him who knows the end from the beginning.We need to trust Him rather our plans.We need to patiently wait upon Him for their completion in our lives.God's plans go beyond our understanding so that He might be glorified by showing how great He is(Proverbs 16:1-4,Isaiah 55:8)human's thoughts are like filthy rugs,it can destroy one's life or ambitions as above story.

God in regard to forgiveness are as far above those of people as the heavens are higher than the earth.People find it difficult to pardon at all. They harbor malice; they seek revenge; they are slow to forgive an injury. Not so with God. He harbors no malice; he has no desire of revenge; he has no reluctance to forgive.


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