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And tell that person that you like

Updated on June 11, 2015

Feeling attracted to a person is natural at all. Some are quickly attracted to a man or a woman and others do after spending some tempo with a person. And for some it is easy to fall in love and express what they feel there are people who are shy and have difficulty expressing their feelings for someone they like.

If you're wondering right now "How I can tell that boy / girl I like?", Here you will find something. Here we tell you how to tell a person that you like. I know at what point do, what words to use and how you should act in this type of situation.

The perfect occasion

If you want to tell a boy or a girl you like and you feel something more than friendship, you must wait for the perfect opportunity to do so. If the person you love then you must wait for the time when both are talking to say what you feel.

If you are chatting at a party or meeting, it was better to wait until both are alone because otherwise others could interrupt. If you want to tell someone you like, you can invite that person to leave and then can promote the perfect occasion.

The right words

To tell a boy or a girl you like, you should use words that can express how you feel. Note that say "I love you" can sometimes be very premature and could ruin what you really mean.

If you intend to say "I like you", then you have to use words that indicate your feelings. For example you can say "I like spending time with you," "I like the way you are" or if you want you can talk about the physical part, "I love your eyes, your lips, your eyes, etc". Speaks from the heart and tell that person that you really like him or her, and when I say go with confidence aside shyness.

How to act

Telling someone you love is easier to say I love you. An "I like you" is something more casual, something they have not much commitment as "I love you". To tell someone you like does not need to be very romantic as when going to declare your love.

To tell someone you like you say in a relaxed way because there is no pressure for a rejection. Acting normally, look at that person in the eye and say what are the things you like about him or her. Do not ask for an immediate response or pressures that person to respond, remember that a "like" is a word without compromise.

These are some of the things you need to consider when you want to tell someone you like. Remember that the most important thing is to have confidence in yourself.


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