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Freakin' Forgiveness

Updated on July 23, 2016

Jus' Forgive Him???

So, your in this relationship and its starting to get boring....that happens. Ok, so someone steps out. (Note: Not you, lol ) So your man steps out. What do you do?

Money, Drinks and a Good Time???

I'm finding it too peculiar that men are stepping outside of good fundamental relationships, spending money, drinks and having a good time....with someone who hasn't put in 1/4 the effort in the relationship. Why is this so?

I'm speaking from my point of view here. Why is it that if you have a great woman at home. You creep out with someone else? Why reach into your wallet to validate your stupidity for knowing how to entertain but with the wrong bim-bino?

So you have money, but you selfishly spend it on another woman who probably running game on you to spend it because she knows your stupid enough to do it...or she just really naïve to the dating game, lol then you go out for drinks for see if you can get laid when you have a whole pleasure island at home....oh wait, yooooou just wanted to have a good time!!! Yeaaaaa that's it right!

No!!! It's not dumb-ass. So you have extra money...did you notice what your woman sacrificed in a week to make you happy, to make the children happy, to make the nut-cases on her job happy just to get through a successful day? No you haven't.

Did you even attempt to think as you past by the wine and spirit store to grab a bottle of wine or alcohol that you both like and twist up a few pours in personalized glasses you have at home? No you haven't....

So you just rather think that having a good time is over looking alllllll of what you have at home, alllll of what you chased for in the beginning for a lustful second fling whose value is only worth your petty paycheck to paycheck money... and your few drinks?? because after 3 drinks total you realized you need to put gas in the car or perhaps you got that text message after you finished your first drink asking you to pick up something that she really don't needs but wants to inconvience your good time? lol Yup, because when we know, we know!

So...all this is to say that even though he does this, even though we know he may have done we forgive him anyway?


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