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Why are so many people single? The answer may surprise you.

Updated on February 6, 2013

Desperately Seeking a Mate

I met my wife the old-fashioned way (in college) but I personally know a few people who met their significant others through online dating.

It seems like more and more people met each other through the web. And now, there's hard number to support this anecdotal evidence.

A study of more than 11,000 people by the online dating website and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey showed that 1 out of 6 marriages last year are between people who met through an online dating site. That's more than twice the number of people who met at bars, clubs, and other social events combined! If you count committed relationships, the number jumps even higher to 1 out of 5.

My girlfriend likes another guy and left me. I want to get her back and need your help!

Most people in the world fear loneliness and I feel that she just wants to make sure if the person she ends up with doesn't work out,then she still has you who is waiting.

U should go out and date other people,so that she is doesn't feel too relaxed.Give her a challage,so that she knows that you can go at anytime,because right now she sees you as the guy who she can get with right away.U are currently her spare.

The whole still wanna be friends is not bad,but the way she put things seems like she just wants to make sure you keep having feels for her.

My girlfriend left me for another man

What did I do wrong?

I would strongly suggest you to move on and find someone to date although it might be hard for you now.

When women in general say, "We are different" means, she doesn't like him as a guy to have an intimate time with. There was no "what she wanted" in the relationship."

Those kinds of women use the word, "Be friends" but it means, just needs someone who likes her when she feels lonely or unstable.

Whenever that time happens in her life, she comes back to you to just talk and make sure if you still like her so it makes her feel safe like a couch. But there is no future that she will be in love with you again.

Even if that happens, I assume it will take a long time, after she experienced many guys and she realized there was no Mr. Right.

She was seeing someone else while seeing you.

You deserve better woman than her----you will know.

When woman uses a word, "friend", it really means it. Nothing more or less.

So, to answer to your questions, no, she is not interested in you as a guy but friend. No, you don't have a chance for a while. What you should do I can suggest is not to show her that you are still in love with her, just go dates with other women, if she contacts you, behave you are like really her friend---no intimacy, you might even be able to ask her for her advice about your new girlfriend. In that case, she might be back.

10 Best Places To Meet People

By: Britt Baker

1. Social Gatherings.

One of the best places to meet people is out at social gatherings. It's very likely that people in your circle of friends, acquaintances, and family members have social gatherings from time to time, whether it be holiday parties, group dinners, or just random parties for fun. Don't be shy and strike up a conversation with a new girl or guy the next time you're at a social gathering.

2. The Gym.

Gyms are great places to meet new people. You can strike up a conversation with the person next to you on the treadmill about the news on the television, with someone in your weekly spinning or kick boxing class, or with that awesome basketball or tennis player you always see on the court.

3 Bookstores.

Another awesome place to meet new people is at a bookstore. Many people enjoy conversing about a topic or author of interest. So, strike up a conversation with someone you see reading a book you've read or are interested in.

4 Festivals.

Music festivals, art festivals, food festivals - there are all sorts of festivals where people gather to explore their interests, and oftentimes, people at these events love finding people with similar interests at these events. If you are an artist, of any form, festivals are also great places to network, too.

5 Volunteering.

One of the best places to meet people is a place where people volunteer. So, consider bettering yourself as a person by volunteering at a local soup kitchen, special event, or animal shelter, and in the process, meet new people, as well.

6 Special Interest Groups.

Another awesome place to meet new people is at a meeting for a special interest group. Search online for local groups of people who share a similar interest with you, and attend their meetings. Meeting people with a common interest makes starting conversations with new people much easier, too!

7 Coffee Shops.

Coffee shops are one of the best places to meet new people, and perhaps one of the easiest ones, too. So, the next time you're alone at a coffee shop, sit near another person who came alone and strike up a conversation about some local news, an article you just read, or simply the new flavor of latte available in the shop.

8 Classes.

Classes, whether they be art classes, dance classes, cooking classes, self defense classes, you name it, are one of the best places to meet people. So, if you've been wanting to try out glassblowing, watercolor painting, or yoga, sign up for a class and interact with the other members.

9 Sports Events.

Sports events are very popular and bring in a variety of people, so find a seat next to some friendly folks and talk about the game, your favorite teams, and your favorite sports moments.

10 Business Conventions.

Business conventions are one of the best places to meet people if you're looking to network, but they're also great places to meet people, in general. So, while you have some free time at your next business convention, go out and meet some other participants, and feel free to talk about more than just business!

Why marry a foreigner?

* A guy has grown up looking for cheeks of the same types over and over again and it may be a good idea to have a probable lucky change in his life by marrying a foreigner.

* Of course, as mentioned earlier in the background of this article marrying a foreigner is a surefire way of getting a permanent visa in a foreign country.

* A guy who has been living like a "Casanova" and popular in his countries with different girls is now finding it difficult to get a bride as he has earned a bad credit in the account of his trust and hence, marrying a foreigner will help him not to expose his deeds and at the same time making marriage possible.

* A guy is finding it extremely difficult to stay among his people as his ideas are quite different and out of their phase and so marrying a foreigner will allow him to move away among the people who match his thoughts.

* A girl in foreign land wants to marry a guy from a different country as she is poor and on the other hand a wealthy guy is searching for a beautiful foreigner bride. Bingo, rings the wedding bells!

* A guy is divorced and belongs to a rigid and narrow-minded community where he is blamed for this outcome and so marrying a foreigner will solve his problem and help him move away for the fresh air.

* A guy lives in his own fantasy and dreams of fairy tales and Hollywood movies have boosted his idea of marrying a foreign blonde. Marrying a foreigner will surely fulfill his dreams and make him happy.

* In some parts of the world marrying a foreigner is considered as a fashion or status and so marrying a foreigner is surely bound to increase your price in the society.

* Like those scientific researches where even mules are produced as a part of hybridization between horses and donkeys, it's a fantastic idea of making your ancestors proud by taking a leadership of giving to your family the new researched and multi-cultural heirs.

* Marrying a foreigner also gives you chances of visiting different parts of the world and allows you to enjoy the different traditions and cultures.

Learn Spanish to Improve Your Love Life

Many men are looking outside the United States to find a mate. Some look to the Ukraine or Russia for potential brides. The Philippines has also been a popular destination for those seeking a lifetime companion. Much closer to the United States are the Spanish speaking countries south of the border.

Mexico, Colombia, Honduras & COSTA RICA are just FOUR of the countries that are popular destinations for those men in search of a bride.

Spanish is the official language of around 30 different nations and is the third most widely spoken language in the world after English and Chinese. The majority of Spanish speaking countries are located in Central and South America. However, the Spanish speaking population in the United States is also growing very quickly. If you don't want to travel to Mexico, Central, or South American, there are plenty of Latinas here in the United States.

People have many reasons to learn Spanish. One reason you may not have thought of, is to improve or kick start your love life. Men who seek brides outside of the United States have decided to do so for various reasons. One of the reasons that American me are looking for Latinas is the perception that Latina women have of American men.

Most Latina brides perceive Western men to be faithful, gentle, honest, and responsible. Trustworthiness and a strong sense of justice are virtues nurtured among Latina brides. Age is not quite the barrier as it is here in the United States. Of course, the younger and better looking you are, the younger you can date. For instance, if you are 40 and are able to date a 32 year old woman here in the states, you should have no problems attracting a 24 year old beauty in Latin America. While looks and age are important, if you are an average looking man, you should have no problem attracting a very attractive Latina wife.

Learning to speak Spanish will help you be successful in your quest to find a Latina wife. Being able to communicate, whether for work, socializing, or cultural understanding is very important. It is even more crucial when talking about relationships. Good communication is key in having a successful relationship in any language.

There are various methods for learning Spanish. You can take a class at the community college, you could buy books and tapes, or take a course online. If you are serious about finding a Latina bride, whether here or abroad, I recommend you learn Spanish.

Way too shy to approach girls and initiate conversation

Approaching women

I yearn for a companion but I am way too shy to cold approach a girl and initiate conversation. It's cheesy, but it really hurts me. I'm kind of sensitive although

When I do get introduced to a girl, I always feel like they just talk to me for the brief moment that they do just to be nice. I'm so frustrated, because believe women do not respect me whatever. Some girls have said to me I was so much different than any other guy.

Be confident and learn interpersonal skills

The key to being successful with women is to be confident and to have good interpersonal skills. In order for you to develop speaking confidently to girls you will need to practice.

To this extent speak to as many girls or women that you can. The more you are exposed to talking to different women of all age groups the better you will become at it.

Speaking confidently to girls takes practice

I know that it will be difficult since you are shy but you have to push that barrier. Get out of that comfort zone so that you can learn and grow.

Also remember that to give is better than to receive.

Learn to give without expecting anything in return

Bottom line: Learn to give your time, attention, love etc without expecting anything in return and you should notice a significant difference with the way that people especially girls will see you.

Seven Tips You Can Use NOW...

TIP 1) Do not set out to find a girlfriend!

If your priority is solely to get your itch scratched (sexually speaking), you're going to find that you'll scare off a LOT of people.

Your GOAL is not to get a girlfriend, even though you think it is. Your goal is not the END, it's simply the NEXT STEP in the process.

Your goal is to improve your social network - which is like creating a nice strong safety net.

It lowers your loneliness quotient, and it increases your ability to find a good woman in the long run.

A good investigator doesn't look directly for the criminal.

They look for the indicators and evidence that leads them to their most wanted.

GET A GIRLFRIEND TIP 2) Adopt the attitude of the Interviewer...

QUALIFICATION, Qualification, qualification.

It's all about qualification, my friend. The only way you can maintain a strong and confident attitude out there is to be the chooser - not the chosen.

Think about the difference in these two people: The Interviewer and the Interviewee.

Between being the guy going in and kissing ass and selling yourself to the company to get a job, and being the guy who chooses from them.

If you've ever done the interviewing, you know what it's like. You feel like THE MAN with all the power. It's kind of a rush.

Well, the difference in mindset between the guy that goes out trying to get women interested in him and the guy that goes out to see if any women can impress him is like NIGHT and DAY.

GET A GIRLFRIEND TIP 3) Become a Social Strategist...

Network the hell out of your life.

You need to really sit down and think about who you know, and who they know. And then start getting on their social calendars, one at a time.

Here's a technique that works like a champ. (It's something I'm going to be talking more about in my upcoming program coming in a few months.)

First, just connect with everyone in your network of friends.

Get together with them, have a drink or a lunch, and just reconnect. Make it a point to develop more of a rapport-connection with them, and then get them to think about you whenever they're holding a party or going to a party.

Say something like:

"Hey, this has been great catching up with you, John. By the way, I'm on this kick lately of just going out and socializing, and making sure all my friends have fun. So if you have any parties or social gatherings, drop me a line if you think it would be fun."

Give him your email, give him your cell phone and give him your facebook address. Better yet, have a card made up with JUST this information on it and your first name.

Ba-da-bing. You're now in his loop of social networking. From there, you just bust it out to the next level by making friends with people at every gathering you attend.

GET A GIRLFRIEND TIP 4) Multiple Streams of Female Income

This is one of the core strategies of my method, and that is that you cannot afford to rely on any ONE method of meeting women. Mostly because if you fail to get that one method to work for you the way you want it to, you'll get blown out of the game, and you're socially dead in the water.

AND your attitude will suffer along with your success.

Dating is EXACTLY like owning stocks - you never put all your eggs in ONE basket. Back when the dot-com bust happened in 2001-2002, all the people who were heavily invested in technology stocks took a serious bath.

Universal rule: Diversify!

Spread your risk over a few good methods and you won't get burned.

(I just watched "Wall Street" again the other day, can you tell?)

Don't go too nuts, because you won't get good at any of them if you do too many, but just pick your top 5 - and then work them like dogs. That's how to get a girlfriend - and FAST.

My top picks?

- Speed dating

- Online dating

- Social networking

- Parties and social events

- Daytime approach

GET A GIRLFRIEND TIP 5) Know what kind of a woman you really want.

You have to know the exact qualities you're looking for in order to choose a good woman. There are many traits you need to create a good relationship with her - especially if you want to keep her.

One thing you'll see that most pickup artists DO NOT have is the ability to keep a relationship going. They can pickup a woman in a bar, but if you ask them how to get a girlfriend - one that lasts - they'll just tell you to go take another class.

I've been in relationships that lasted from 30 minutes to 5 years, so I do know how to keep a good woman around.

First and foremost is to know WHAT you want, and sometimes that means...

GET A GIRLFRIEND TIP 6) Date ENOUGH women to know what you really want.

A lot of guys don't date enough women to figure out the qualities that they really want.

In fact, I've never met a guy who dated a lot of women, and then said that he still wants the same things in a woman that he wanted when he first started.

After dating a bunch of women, you start to realize that many of the things you THOUGHT you wanted weren't as important as you thought. And you discover all-new things you really do need.

The big mistake most people (men and women) make is to be in a hurry to get into a relationship because they can't stand dating. It's so painful for these guys to be single that they fall into the first relationship that comes along.

And so they never develop dating skills, they just hope to find someone good before the bad women find them first.

But this is a lot like taking the first job you can get, just to get a job - even though you're not sure you're going to like it. Sure, you may have employment, but you'll just be miserable if you don't make a good choice. And eventually you'll either be fired or quit.

The same is DOUBLY true for women.

Choose poorly and you're going to be a hell of a lot more miserable IN a relationship than out of one.

Remember my universal rule: You're better off alone than with the wrong woman.

A woman has only one role in my life: To make me happier than I was without her. If she isn't doing that, she isn't what I want in a girlfriend.

And neither do you!

And here's the last rule that will guarantee you'll get a girlfriend in no time flat - IF you just use it.

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend - and how I've done it in my life without having to resort to mail-order brides, it's simply this:

GET A GIRLFRIEND TIP 7) Get out there and meet as many people as you possibly can.

I've moved around the country and I've started my life over again 3 times. I moved from upstate New York, to Washington, DC, to Kansas City, to San Francisco. Each time I had to make all new friends.

I learned something that has made all the difference between being lonely and being socially prosperous, and that's this:

If you meet a bunch of people,

-... some you will never see again.

-Some you will turn into acquaintances.

-Some you will turn into friends.

-Some you will do business with.

-Some you will turn into girlfriends.

I want my Ex-Girlfriend BACK!!!

Unbeatable Tips

Here are some key concepts you should have in mind:

1. Think like a woman. This is hard of course, but the idea is to start slowing things down. Women are really clever sensitive and they sure know what men want. Be smart. Do not ask her to go to bed with you on your first date. By slowing down the process of seducing a woman you are already ahead of most of your competitors.

2. Make plans. Women love men who know how to plan things. In order to seduce a woman you must have some sort of plan. Send her an invitation for a dinner you or someone else will prepare. Send her a romantic e-mail (not sexual but romantic and sweet). Leave an envelope with a mysterious and meaningful message to her doorway. Make sure she knows that you are working hard on seducing her. They just love men who keep trying and make plans to seduce them.

3. Buy her a gift. All women are seduced by gifts even if they don't let it show. You don't have to buy an expensive gift. Buy her a book, a chocolate or something like that. You get the point. A good idea would be to buy her a book with sweet and romantic quotes. Show her that she comes first. This is a great way to seduce a woman.

4. Start talking. Make her laugh. Women just love to laugh, it's a fact. They are seduced by men with a quality sense of humor. But do not over do it. Don't talk so much about yourself or your accomplishments. Don't be selfish. Open your mind. You are not the only man in the world. This is critical. Stay focused on her thoughts and acts. Learn from her.

5. If you manage to touch her don't go for her pants straight away. Be sensual and passionate. Most women love to be touched in various places like their necks and shoulders. Again, slow down the process. Make them wonder why you are so different from all other males who just want to make a woman take her clothes off. Resist the temptation!

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      Comprehensive lens with some useful tips.

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      Excellent tips and excellent lens. I searched abroad and ended up meeting and marrying the Ukrainian woman of my dreams. I met her here.


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