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Never know a good thing, until it's gone? A little Al Green..

Updated on November 23, 2012

Who are they? Those that only know a good thing after it’s gone.

But the real question is : Are you one of them?

As for me. Those words doesn’t necessarily describe my sentiments,

or my definition of.

“A good thing”

So I need to recalibrate, because a good things don’t go away

and it definitely can't go bad.

So basically that statement is solely directed towards those who have not as yet really understandno or have prior knowledge of what a good thing,or a good person really is!

First I will do this. Let me see what the dictionary have as the definition of a good thing.

One definition says –Of high quality /high standard.

What I truly believe may be difficult for others to receive, but in so looking, if you see any truth, that you need, go ahead and take it, use it, because if you don’t, you will be the exact person, they are speaking of in the above statement/question.

It should be clear to you, that I am the one that has been appointed the messenger,

to bring this portion of your reality to you. Here is hoping you are not one of them!

The above!

Because when this message and this messenger is gone, like the above statement/question asks. And no one would understand why any anyone in the correct frame of mind, would turn out being guilty of such, while being alive and not being blind.

Why? And for reasons that are clearly unknown to even you, would you want to be the one caught guilty of acting the fool?

That fools who had a good thing and didn’t know. How could that ever be so?

But now he knows after it’s gone?

There should never be such a thing as, too much of a good thing. Because the greatest part of it being that good thing, is what makes it good to you. After you have identified why it’s good to or for you, the knowledge is the actual truth of the whole thing. If on the contrary, you went ahead and indulge aggressively and glutinously before receiving the knowledge, then it’s you that have shown your true colors and must pay for the decisions that you have made, the price to pay won’t be too punishing if you are not one of those that lives in the past and with the impossible. Those that are in love with

Could of, Would of and Should of.

If these three exists with you good luck ever catching up with them.

Have you ever before been able to?

The good thing still and would always remains good because its Truth and Truth cannot change; So it is you that will now have to find ways of dealing with what appears to be your?


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks bolt always nice seeing you, ok the mighty clouds of joy !

      Thanks a gain Bless.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks for reading bolt I will look at the link now .


    • profile image

      bolt1951 6 years ago


      I have the answer to this very hub...and here it is

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      See that what I believe the idea is , because there is no one correct answer , it's always relative to that moment, even night and day for the eons of years it was true when the sun eventually refuses to shine , though we may not be here , it's not truth as yet.

      so al green is still alive he don't need corrections in love songs as yet. lol.


    • molometer profile image

      molometer 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I get it.

      Al Green is one of my favorite singers and as a person he wasn't too shabby either.

      He message of love lives still.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank s my brethren Frank , you will always hear the preacher say, if one should is saved through his ministry , Give God the praise.

      Anytime any of my message does so much as to result in a sincere question, I am a smiling man .

      With your sincere comment , you now I am laughing.

      Blessings and Thanks Frank.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      blessings, lessons, and wonderful words to read and save is the message I got from this Hub.. and I love Al Green! up and awesome.. and useful :)

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Just came from your friends father funeral. Such a pleasure being here with you "AE", That cliche is better in it's explanation, at least we share the need for water, but could you imagine something great under a little disguise


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This piece reminds me of the cliche, " You never miss the water til the well runs dry." Great message here..Thank you..

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      First thank you "reeltaulk" for seeing the true smiles in the message, there are quite a few, but serious.

      Did you get it? can't compare lol. ,

      Blessings, Give Thanks,

    • profile image

      reeltaulk 6 years ago

      lol.....Alright now messenger, go ahead and work your magic. Some people will never realize a good thing until it's gone because a good thing isn't what they are "used to". For some they only realize how good it is until it's gone because of the quality of whatever is now being made available to them. #Can'tcompare


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