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Why the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden

Updated on August 1, 2015

Why the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden

It is of God’s Omini-prudence to represent the devil to man as a symbolic tree. Prior to the creation of man, he was and completely ignorant of any other being order than God. While long before his existence God had banished the devil from heaven. God knows that a day would come when the devil would like to take over the control of man’s nature and thereby destroy his relationship with him (God).

Eden(the first nation of the world) was and is the home of all human race and the garden is the hub of man’s feeding. Man needs food to stay alive therefore, God planted that garden and in its midst you have the forbidden fruit, why? Like the saying goes that repetition is the law of emphasis. God wants man to always see and remember that, this great and gorgeous plant is a symbol of death. That was the more reason Adam blamed his wife rather than God because it placed at a place where they will always see it rather than one obscure part of the garden.

Why the tree and not any other thing? The devil succeeded in heaven by pulling several angels along with him. He used nothing but just convincing them with some issues. So, man would not be different and if God fails to be proactive Satan would turn the entire creation of God against man. So God iconed Satan in that tree. That tree is the summary of Satan and sin. It is the way God limited Satan’s operation at that time and making it identifiable by man.

It is not ill-thought of God to have such tree amongst men as the devil has been sent out of heaven before then, and he roams the world. It is of God’s extreme affection for man that led him to capture the devil through that means making it impossible for the devil to penetrate man at will but through mutual consent. The devil is more liberal today than he was then. Though his style has not changed the difference is that he enjoys almost unlimited freedom amongst men now. And that was what God did not want to happen immediately he thought of creating man. He first restrained his movement among men by making him a symbolic tree as he could not kill him(the Devil) any more.

The essence of that tree was to make man able to identify the devil easily, as anyone who would take them there is nothing order than the devil himself. The fruits are the summation of all sins known among men and yet to be invented by the devil through man. A single bite of the fruit is a transfer of the genetic nature of the devil into man(Psalm 51:5). When Eve tasted that fruit, she was immediately possessed and became erratic. She compelled Adam to eat the fruit, who on seeing her reactions feared for his life and the possible threat of divorce. She was not the very person who did most of the convincing but the devil who has taking hold of her being. At this point Adam was left with either to follow God or choose his wife.

He was determined to obey God at the initial but like the regular devil. He reminded Adam of God’s commandment concerning divorce. Here Adam was helpless not because he could not do without Eve but to obey God’s injunctions on marriage(Genesis 2:18,24). This was the first marriage and the only one conducted by God himself. God took out time to lecture them on the implication of separation. That was why no record of divorce was heard of in their generations. It was not that there were no issues but because God had instructed them strongly against divorce.

As if that was not enough the devil spoke further on the God’s master plan on procreation( Genesis 1: 28) how possible would he obey God, should he walk away from Eve. These two statements: 1. It is not good that a man should be alone Genesis 2:18. If Adam decides the otherwise here, would he be pleasing God inquired by the devil through Eve now. 2. Genesis 1 : 28. He was further reminded that without Eve procreation is terminated and this means exterminating the entire human race. With all these Adam became entirely helpless.

That was the reason in (Genesis 3: 12) the man said the woman whom you gave me made me eat the fruit. The reason was that Eve was the medium the devil used to get Adam. The only Satan Adam knew then was his wife. In (Genesis 3:13) you will notice that Eve became her normal self as she said amidst tears that the serpent beguiled her and she ate of the fruit. The adamant Eve who forced the husband became sober, that was why they realized that they were naked not before they heard the voice of God but after God’s voice drove Satan away. Who before then is controlling and dealings with their mind. In fact he was fellowshipping with them as God would do originally.


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