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A Word on Cleansing

Updated on July 5, 2015

Sage for Smudging


A Word on Cleansing

Cleansing is perhaps one of the most important things for any wiccan to do. Cleansing your altar tools, book of shadows and your home on a regular basis is a good way to remove any unwanted energy , and to restore proper balance of the items, or space. Every item, or space becomes affected over time by thoughts, events, and the people interacting with it, whether you purposely planned it or not, once you come into contact with an item or space you have imprinted some type of energy to it, and disrupted its natural balance. By the use of one of the many methods of cleansing we are able to restore the balance to an item, or area, and essentially starting a new.

A Word on Cleansing Page Summary:

  • What is Cleansing?
  • The Importance of Cleansing
  • Different Methods of Cleansing
  • Times You May Want to Consider Cleansing:
  • Final Thoughts

What is Cleansing?

Cleansing is essentially the act of removing any unwanted energy, and restoring balance. Cleansing can be done in various ways to a multitude of tools, items, or space. Cleansing has been undertaken for many years as a result there are many different ways that have surfaced. Not every style of cleansing will work or be of particular interest to you. It is entirely up to you how you go about cleansing, all you simply need to do is to choose the method that feels appropriate to you, and depending on the circumstances, all you consequently need to do is establish a routine that works for you.

The Importance of Cleansing

Through the use of cleansing you unblock, and restore the proper flow, and balance of the item or space. Cleansing anything new that comes into your home whether given, found, or bought, should be done at the earliest possible convenience, especially if the intended item is to be used in any magical works. By cleansing any item or space you are removing any unwanted energy and restoring the balance. There is no telling what kind of energy might be attached to this object, and you certainly don't want to take any chances. Even if the object is a gift given with the best of intention it may still have a fair amount of unwanted energy attached to it. It should be good practice to cleanse anything large or small, new or antique that will serve as an implement of magical works.

How to Clear Energy of a Room

Different Methods of Cleansing

Over the years many different tried, and true methods of cleansing have come into existence, most of you are probably only are aware of smudging, but that is not the only methods to go about cleansing. Many methods have been developed other than smudging. Although some of these methods are not often seen or less commonly practiced, they still are just as effective, or possibly even more then the more commonly use of smudging.


Smudging which has been seen oftenly used in television is perhaps the most known, and most commonly utilized method to cleanse any area, or space. Smudging can be done with either sage or sweetgrass, or if you don't have any of those things incense can also be used in a pinch. I should also advice a word of caution to anyone who uses smudging, or incense as a way of cleansing to be mindful of the potential risk of fire in using these items. Although smudging is very popular, there are other less potentially dangerous means to go about cleansing.

The Bell


The Bell

Bells have been used in many religions, and in many forms over the years. The use of bells by Catholic churches are probably the most commonly known case in these present times, but before smudging came about, bells where being used with great frequency. Bells or anything that reverberates such as drums,or bongos can be used as cleansing device. The bell can served a double purpose in ceremonies firstly for it ability to call attention to deity, and secondly for its cleansing properties such as dispersing unwanted energies during, or after rituals.


Asperging for those of you who may not familiar with this type of cleansing, uses the power of blessed water . In many cases the water has been mixed with sea salt, and has usually been pre blessed prior to use. Asperging although more commonly used once again by other religions as a form as blessing, can also be used by us wiccans for the purpose of cleansing. Some modern wiccans will probably use there brooms or bosom in conjunction with asperging to cleanse areas of there home.

Broom or bosom

The bosom or broom can also be used for the purpose of cleansing. The bosom admittedly more commonly used in ancient times for cleansing is now becoming more frequently used in modern times, although many of us who use brooms in every day situations prior to becoming wiccan, probably where not aware of its us in cleansing . One thing to remember when cleansing with the bosom is to finish the process by cleansing everything out of an open door. Essentially brushing out all of the unwanted energy out of the household.

Times You May Want to Consider Cleansing:

If you are serious about cleansing then you should be ready to come up with a schedule that will work for you, as a tip to help you remember you may prefer to cleanse your home once a month, or might decide to cleanse at the start of each equinox, or to help you remember better still you might choose to cleanse before each Sabbath. What is important is to find your own routine that you can easily remember and stick with it.

Moving into a new house or apartment

When moving in a new environment such as a home or apartment it is ideal to cleanse the whole area if possible prior to bringing in any furniture in for the first time. Apartments, and especially Homes come with a lot of history and baggage. Restoring the balance and removing the unwanted energy to these locations will be beneficial to you, and will help facilitated in creating new happy memories of your own.

How To Clear Negative Energy

Bringing New Items into your home

Bringing new items into your households can sometimes very quickly disrupt the balance, and flow of energy in any room. This unbalance can be caused from the smallest item. It is not just the big items that can be the culprit for the unwanted energy. Additionally unwanted energy from items can come from the location where the item was found, such as side of a busy road way, or near any industries that spew pollutants into the atmosphere. It is best to avoid retrieving any items from these locations, the time and effort to properly to a cleanse on these items may not prove at all fruitful in the end.

Homemade Sage


Prior to doing any magical works

Cleansing prior to any magical works can be beneficial any many ways it is entirely up to you how frequently you choose to cleanse your items , or space. Keeping your sacred area free of any unwanted energy can have a profound effect on the success of your spells. When casting spells the intent of any wiccan is to send only the most positive focused energy. This cannot be done if you are inadvertently also sending other types of energy into world. Your spells success can sometimes be hindered by this occurrence. So why not take a little time to properly cleanse your sacred area, and therefore increase the chances of your spells success?

Final Thoughts:

The use of cleansing is too oftenly neglected or unused, which is astonishing given the beneficial uses of the process. Just the simple act of cleansing can create a profound change in mood, attitude, and as above mentioned your spells success. I am not sure why cleansing is frequently unused or simply neglected, perhaps many wiccans are just not aware, or just get complacent with the process. Whatever the reason it is my hope that this page will renew, and educate both beginner and experience wiccans in the fruitful benefit there of.

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    • MJ Martin profile image

      MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 2 years ago from Washington State

      I don't do spells or magic so to speak but I certainly do love to cleanse my home and all my collectibles in this time honored way. Wonderfully done read on the subject.

    • Brandt Odhinson profile image

      Corey J Polesel 2 years ago from Delanson NY

      Very informative and complete. Great hub.

    • DavidCombs profile image

      DavidCombs 2 years ago

      Thank you WiccanSage your kind words mean at lot to me

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 2 years ago

      Great hub, David, and excellent advice. Voted up & shared!