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Existence Of The Soul Experiments

Updated on April 13, 2018
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Mary Elizabeth Guimont freelance writer and poet. Has been writing HubPages for over two years. Mary enjoys music, the outdoors and animals.

The Soul

The Soul Exist, Read All About It

What if you woke up one morning and you heard on the news. That science proved without any doubt that the soul exist. This idea may seem far fetch but in reality as technology advances and more open science becomes on this subject. It may not be as far fetched as you think. Someday it could be a reality.

There have been experiments in the past that have tried to prove the existence of the soul. With each new experiment new information is shared with another and the closer we become in the discovery of proving the soul exist.

" Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough."

— George Bernard Shaw

Soul Returns To The

The human brain is a biological computer. This is the theory of Dr. Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose. Our soul in microtubules that are planted in our brain cells.. At death the microtubules separate from the body because they have lost their quantum state to descend out into the universe. The information stored within them will never be destroyed but dispersed and distributed throughout the cosmos.

Buddhism and The Soul's Journey

Buddhist believe that the soul separates from the body to be born in another and that a soul will do this over and over again living many different lives. Then finally the soul become one with the universe.

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”

— Helen Keller

Dr. Duncan MacDougall 21 Gram Theory

The 21 Gram Theory

Dr. Duncan MacDougall believed the soul was made out of mass and therefore it could be weighed. So between the years 1901-1906. He performed a experiment using six dying patients. Who were weighed before, during and after death. His conclusion was the patients had lost 21 grams of weight that could not be explained. This experiment is the only one of its kind that we know about.

"Mankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect."

— Chief Seattle

King Frederick II Barbaric Experiment

The middle ages is a very dark time in history. Countries were in constant conflict with each other over religion and God. The dark ages as we often call it.Is filled with many stories of christian crusades and holy wars. During this time in history would come a King with new ideas on how to discover the true god and the right religion because he would gain control over other countries making him richer and more successful than anyone imagined. King Frederick II (1194-1250 AD) King of the Jews, Emperor of Rome, King of Sicily and many other titles performed a very bizarre and barbaric experiment on humans. He would have a prisoner put in a cask that was closed almost comlelty air tight except for a small hole in which he and others could watch the prisoner die. If the soul existed it would be witnessed leaving the body. Of course no one ever witnessed the soul leaving the body. So, the soul still remained to be the question that we would ask over and over again through the ages. Do human beings have a soul?

The Awaited Message From Beyond

The Message Beyond the Dead


How many others have died in order to prove that life is sustained in another way after death? Well there is the story of Thomas Lynn Bradford from Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Bradford believed that humans had a soul. That life beyond.does exist for the dead. He believed in it so much that in effort to prove it. He would take his own life.

On February 6, 1921 he locked himself in his rented apartment. He then blew out the pilot light to his water heater and turned up the gas and would inhale the gas until it poisoned him. He was found dead with a book he wrote and a letter in which he stated he would have contact Ruth Doran after his death.

Only two weeks before he had put a ad in the local newspaper which read looking for someone who has a interest in spiritual science. Mrs. Doran because of her own curiosity had answered the ad and had met with Mr. Bradford several times before right up until the eve of his death. Mrs. Doran denied any acknowledgement to his suicide. If she had known she could have been arrested.

She did however take on the role of advocate for Mr. Bradford going to the media and contacting spiritualist and claiming he would be contacting her from the beyond. In the media it read. Waiting for the message from beyond. She used mediums as spiritual guides in effort to have contact with Thomas Bradford. But had been unsuccessful. Until one evening she said she had heard from his spirit in a voice which she recognized as being his. In this voice in her head he said this.

I am the professor who speaks to you from the Beyond. I have broken through the veil. The help of the living has greatly assisted me. I simply went to sleep. I woke up and at first did not realize that I had passed on. I find no great change apparent. I expected things to be much different. They are not. Human forms are retained in outline but not in the physical. I have not traveled far. I am still much in the darkness. I see many people. They appear natural. There is a lightness of responsibility here unlike in life. One feels full of rapture and happiness. Persons of like natures associate. I am associated with other investigators. I do not repent my act. My present plane is but the first series. I am still investigating the future planes regarding which we in this plane are as ignorant as are earthly beings of the life just beyond human life.”

Okay, you don’t even have to say it because this screams it! Fraud! A fake and a fraud ! Soon after the publication of this so called contact that Mrs. Doran had with Mr. Bradford so was the popularity of this story in the media.

Mr. Bradford experiment had been unsuccessful. Oh well he will never know. Or will he?

"You don't have a soul, You are a soul". "You have a body".

— C.S. Lewis

The Afterlife Experiments

In March of 2003 a book was published by Gary Schwartz a professor and teacher from Arizona State called The Afterlife Experiments. The book was based on the research of done by him and fellow colleague Linda Russek during the early 90’s. Their research was about mediums and their accuracy when having a reading. Several experiments were done and precaution were taken in order to ensure that the reading were not by guessing, cold readings or by fraud. Famous mediums like John Edwards, Susan Northup and George Anderson participated. The outcome? Amazing!

Statistics Of The Afterlife Experiments

For the first sitter the results showed that the mediums had ranged from being 77 percent to 95 percent accurate. The average hit rate was 83 percent. The hit rate for the second sitter was similar to that of the first sitter. To rule out lucky guesses he set up a control group of sixty-eight students from the University of Arizona. The hit rate of the control group was just 36 percent.

Interesting Fact: When the 83 percent hit rate of the mediums was compared with the 36 percent of the control group, Schwartz claims the statistical probability of the control group difference occurring by chance is one in ten million.

The experiments were made and funded at Arizona State and still are going on.

Life After Death Experiment

Does The Soul Exist?

Do You Believe in The Soul

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    • talkmary50 profile image

      Mary Guimont 4 months ago from Pacific Northwest

      Hi Jessie, I like you at times become skeptical. But I tend to want to believe because I want to believe that when this world ends for me another one opens.

    • Jessie L Watson profile image

      Jessie Watson 4 months ago from Wenatchee Washington

      I'm skeptical. But that doesn't mean I can make any better assumptions about the hereafter. It's all worth considering for a moment but nothing is worth clinging to.

      I answered yes to your question about the soul anyway because I have my own ideas about that but I'll spare you the novel.