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Extraterrestrial Beings Who May Be Visiting US

Updated on August 3, 2016
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These are a series of Hubs about Extraterrestrial life conspiracies. Conspiracy writing is a side project when not writing about technology.

The Races


This is a group of Asiatic or Nordic race that sources claim found a vast underground cave system below the Gobi Deseret and surrounding area. Over the last thousands of years they have managed to setup a vast kingdom that is hidden from modern society. Some theorist have speculated that this race of aliens had contact with Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.


This race of humans are known for their benevolence and compassion by other groups who have had contact with them. The inhabit vast cavern like cities beneath the country of Brazil. The term Atlantain is given to them because it is believed that these vast cavern cities where once part of the vast {“Atlatean” Society once lived there. There is no genetic connection between the Atlans and Astlatean race they just simply rediscovered it. As in North America the gnome like and dwarf like races have been encountered here. A few if these groups even have the disk technology that is the more common type of UFO.


A human race that is similar in appearance to someone from the Meddaterrain or from South America. They are very similar to Caucausion humans found on Terra except for slight differences like, pointy ears, more density and slightly broaded nose. These aliens have a tendency to be able to hide among the normally human population by being able to hide their more abnormal physical features.


These are extremely human in appearance. They have been sited mostly in Mexico and California. They tend to live near caverns as well as certain other places home to other extra-terrestrail colonies. At times sightings are tied into the more common “Grey” sightings while at other times they get confused with the latter. Some may have discs capable of interplanetary travel.


These are a race of giants. The full name being Els Anakins they are tied to Hebrew traditions. Thought to be from Orion they come to earth by way of an outpost based on Mars. Some think the time will come when this alien race is going to go to war with the reptilian race Alpha-Dracos. Some theorists also believe that these are the precursors to the giants mentioned in the book of Enoch.


Alpha-Draconian is a species of reptilian aliens that are known to have established colonies in Alpha-Draconias. They believe that the planet earth is rightfully theirs due to this species existed on Terra thousands of years before man. At the current time this creatures are doing covert missions on planet earth until a “window of opportunity” opens up for a major larger full scale invasion of earth.

These aliens suppress advanced technology from the human race in order to prevent humans from colonizing other worlds. The warrior aspect of humans scares these aliens and makes them not want the human race to grow and become a threat to the imperialist agenda this race has.


Altairains inhabit the Altair stellar system located in the constellation Aquila. This reptilian race works in collaboration with a small group of a Nordic human element, and collaborate with a Grey and Terrah military presence. They are home for of a collective known as the “corporate” which is used to keep ties open with the Ashtar and Draconian collectives.


This race comes from the “Bootes” system. Along with entities from the Draconian society they are involved in the “Dulce” scenario. Like the Draconians they are also involved in infiltration-implantation-control of human society, as well as playing a part in the planned invasion of earth.


This is a genetically bred group of reptilians that are shape shifters to enable them to appear more human. The less humoid looking ones use a form of technosis, molecular shape shifting, or holographs to produce an outward “human” appearance. They are part of the infiltration program being carried out by the Draconains. While they may look human at times on the outside their organs are similar to reatain reptilian or neo-saurian. Without having their disguise on they are often described as having bulging eyes and scaly skin. More often than not they use contact lenses to cover up the lizard slit in their eyes. Some people think they are actually mercenaries serving as an advanced guard for the up coming invasion.

Dracos Mothmen

This is the ruling elite of the Draconians. They have special wings which are really just flaps of skin hanging off of extended ribs. They can be folded back around the body. They are also known as the “Dragon Race” and often use the dragon as their crest. There are some who have no wings and these ones tend to make up both the soldier and scientists classes of their society. Could the Mothman of New Jersey really just be one of these?

© 2015 Jon Peloquin


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