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From God To My Heart

Updated on December 6, 2011

From God To My Heart

From God to my heart the words will start to flow ,

Sometimes they come slow, sometimes like a stream.

If I do not pen the words as God gives them to me,

It will be gone forever like a soon forgotten dream.

No use now to try to recall, it for it went right on by,

You may have missed a chance to speak to a heart.

God gave you a chance to reach some poor soul,

If that one is saved ,due to neglect you had no part..

There are times when it may seem a bit strange,

At times it may seem unusual and ofttimes a bit odd.

There are even times I have to sort things through,

These thoughts that have come to me from God.

Just drop whatever you 're doing and take your pen,

Write down the words that have come from within.

It might touch a hungry heart needing God's Word,

It may lead them to Jesus for forgiveness of their sin!


When God speaks you had better listen,

He has a message that He wants you to

give to someone, if you don't He will just

pass it to the next in line and your heart

may soon be needing prayer.We must

be God's Hands and Feet at times if we

want to be His Child.Wouldn't it be great

to meet someone in Heaven who made

it there by something that you said or

done?We never know what small thing

may touch a heart if God is in it!




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