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How Malachi's Prophecy Reveals The True Church Today. Part III

Updated on December 3, 2017
Jesus thought only one way, one true Christianity
Jesus thought only one way, one true Christianity

SECTION III: Understanding The Formation Of The True Christian Church

If you’ve carefully read the Section I of this historic-prophetic article of the early Christianity and how it relates to the parts of the prophecy of Malachi considered so far, and how Christianity was infiltrated, and thus deviated from the Christianity Jesus had in mind.

You will by now agree with me that by the beginning of the 16th Centuries, there arose a great need to cleanse the so-called ‘temple’ of God. In other word, those who worship on the bases of Jesus’ shed blood.

Let's consider farther and finally, how Malachi prophecy identifies the only one true Christian Church today among thousand denominations claiming to be Christians.

During the 16th centuries, the so-called ‘only church’, the Roman Catholic Church which claimed to be a true Christian church has made it punishable by death for anyone who challenges its authority. Yes there was a great need then for the Lord to cleanse his temple. But the cleansing has to be at the appointed time for the judgment to begin with the house of God. However, the cleansing must start before the coming of the “great and fear-inspiring day of Yahweh” comes (before the second coming of Christ) just as Jesus cleansed the Jerusalem temple before the judgment came upon it in 70 C.E. (Malachi 4:1, 5)

In the first century, there were no question of doubt about who the true Christians are, but by mainly the 4th-16th Centuries, Christian churches have gone off course, so the question arises; who actually are the true Christian wheat spoken of by Jesus that were overshadowed by the imitation Christian weed?

The answer will become so evident at the fulfillment of the ending part of Malachi 3:2.

“For he will be like the fire of a refiner and the lye of laundrymen” (Malachi 3:2b

Remember, in the initial literal fulfillment of this part of the prophecy, Jesus cleansed the literal temple in Jerusalem, the place of God’s worship twice (thorough cleansing) of those hypocritical religious leaders who claimed to represent God but have allowed the house of God to be turned into a business place and a caves of rubbers. He chased them all away, thus cleansing it.

But that foreshadowed the spiritual cleansing that was to come. Jesus, who knew what was to happened, foretold that the temple which the Jews viewed as holy and those who worshiped on the bases of that temple instead of on his shed blood will be destroyed; “a stone will not be left upon a stone” he said, “without being thrown down”. Math. 24:2.

This prophecy did more than predict a city’s fall but shows that the Jews and the literal temple will cease from being God’s holy nation. Thus in 70 C.E, the Roman’s soldiers under the Celsius Gallus came against Jerusalem and its temple and destroyed it completely till date. Thus the house of God, the temple was no longer in God’s favor but as discoursed earlier God, through Christ choose a new (spiritual) nation making up of the Jews who accepted Christ and the Gentiles.

This new nation worships in a spiritual temple that by now (16th-19th Centuries) needed to be scrutinized and refined finally, due to the apostasy that have engross it

Dambling in war and politics
Dambling in war and politics | Source

Dabbling In Falsehood, War, Crusade, Inquisition, Politics-Unchristian Ways

After centuries of dabbling in falsehood, war, crusade, inquisition, and politics, the time finally came for the Lord Yahweh through the messenger of the covenant, to examine again those claiming to be his followers, Christians have they actually followed the Christ?

Those claiming to represent the apostles (papacy) have they really followed the example set by the apostles? And all who are under the great influence of this church, who claims Christians, have they really followed closely the footsteps of Christ? What about all those morning and feeling bad and questing for spiritual truth within the church, could they perhaps be the overshadowed Christian wheat?

It seems so but they were not exactly, though Jesus used these men within the church to ignite this refining fire that later saw the melting and separation of the wheat and the weed.

First the wheat must be separated, and then the Lord will sit and refine the ‘sons of Levi’ for God’s use. The reason is that until then, the true Christian wheat has mixed for so long with the imitation Christian. There is no doubt the sons of Levi may have some certain fruits that are from the weed that must be removed. Pagan doctrines, practices, and celebrations must be shone. There must be a going back to the first century Christian’s way. But will the ‘sons of Levite’ be willing and humble to be refined?

Before we answer that question, let us go ahead a little to finish how the separation between the weeds and the wheat occurred.

“And he must sit as a refiner and a cleanser”. (Mala. 3:2c)

Toward the middle of the 16th centuries of our Common Era, many men among the so-called ‘one church’ (the Roman Catholic Church) began to recognized that the church have gone off course. Within and outside came a loud cry to reform the church which by then has committed so much horrible things in the name of Christ.

The wars, crusades, torture, beheading, inquisition and unchristian doctrines all were used by the church to keep people under her control, no wonder many where shocked, and so was the Lord.

Depiction: many were burn alive as heretic
Depiction: many were burn alive as heretic

Examples Of Inquisitions By The Church

For example;

The first crusade (holy war) (1096-99) by the church resulted in the recapture of territories including Jerusalem. According to historian H.G Wells regarding the crusader’s recapture of Jerusalem says; “the slaughter was terrible; the blood of the conquered ran down the streets, until men splash in blood as they rode. At nightfall, sobbing for success of joy; the crusaders came to the Sepulchre from their trading of the winepress, and put their blood-stained hands together in prayer”.

The second crusade (1147-49) was initiated because of the loss of country of Edessa to Syrian Muslim in 1144; it ended when the Muslim successfully turned back the so-called “Christian infidels”.

There were 3rd,




7th and even the 8th of such crusade of so-called ‘holy war’ by the weed-like Christians within themselves (Roman Catholic and the Protestant churches) and outside.

As the harvest time drew more nearer, men who have been sighing for all the iniquities of the church were moved to speak out. Men like Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Wesley, Jan Hus (James Hus) and so many others began to express the need of reforming the church. The church have become too corrupt; committing simony, sales of indulgence and have also prohibited the translation of the bible into other modern languages but Latin. Any who dare do otherwise was executed by hanging, guillotine and burning alive.

The act of terming person a heretic (heresy) was the one method used by the Roman Catholic Church (the church that emerged after the apostasy foretold had already begun in full. That is, after the true Christianity have been corrupted) to shot-up the month of any who dare challenged her authority in both doctrine and otherwise. The so-called popes will engage in adultery but no one dare raise a voice. They invented the teachings of purgatory and Limbo in order to sale indulgences. Many where burnt alive.

All these did not go unnotice

Protestant Reformers Refused To Be Refined By The Lord

All those not satisfy with the church and it papacy seek for a reform. Could this be the refinement the prophet Malachi spoke about? To the contrary!

The encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics called the Christendom reformers; “an organized falsehood”. How? Of course there were loud cries within and outside, to reform the church because many have recognized that the church though claiming to represent Christ, has gone off course.

However, the reformers of Protestantism failed on their promise. They promised doctrinal reform but failed to do so. In fact, it was church policy not the untruthfulness of a doctrine that often raised the ire of reformers. To say the worst, Protestantism continued to retain Catholicism’s Pagan-tainted teachings. While crying reform! Reform! Protestant reformers failed t o reform a system of corrupt weed-like church. Instead, the Protestants “carried over authority patterns from medieval Catholicism” says Martin Marty, and “simply broke away from Roman Catholic to form protestant versions.

Till date, when it comes to doctrines and system of religious practices of the two established versions of Christendom, you will observe that there are still not much difference between Catholicism and Protestantism.

As noted earlier, the purpose of the refinement of Malachi’s prophecy is to produce a group of Christians who will be different completely in all directions from the majority of all others claiming to be Christ followers, who will then be cleansed for God’s use.

Thus the so-called reformation of the Protestants is not the refinement of Malachi’s prophecy, because the reformers themselves refused to be refined and to be cleansed. Instead, they followed the ways, doctrines, and practices of the Catholics-war, crusades, politics, pagan celebrations, false biblical doctrines and hatred among themselves and to others. No wonder they couldn’t qualify to be cleansed by the Lord.

The Purpose of The Refinement

The purpose of the refinement of Malachi’s prophecy is to produce a group of Christian who will be different completely in all directions from the majority of all others who claimed to be Christ followers, who will then be cleansed for God’s use.

Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are The True Church

The reformation only succeeded in producing different versions or denominations of Churches which have sprang and spread to millions around the world today, with their roots in Catholicism and at the same time claiming to represent Christ. From the reformation or the Protestants came more biblical falsehood, free thinkers, evolutionist, politicians, philosophers, and more deviation from the true Christianity.

However, as the 19thCenturies is coming to an end, and as the 20th centuries begins, there arose a few serious minded people, who on their own (having no affiliate to any of the churches) carefully examined the bible and compare it teachings with the teachings and doctrines thought by the so-called churches (Catholicism and Protestantism) then they recognized that Satan has corrupted the Church.

These serious bible students set the stage for the fulfillment of the remaining prophecy of prophet Malachi.

And he will sit as a refiner and cleanser of silver and will cleanse the sons of Levi; and he will clarify (refine) them like gold and like silver, and they will certainly become to Jehovah people presenting a gift offering in righteousness. And the gift offering of Judah and of Jerusalem (both the spiritual Israel and the great multitudes) will actually be pleasing to Jehovah, as in the days of long ago, as in the days of antiquity” (Mala. 3:3, 4; Rev. 7:1-8, 9-17)

It was not long, this few serious-minded people began a bible study group, accepted what they were studying from the bible, and began to separate themselves from the Churches. They recognized the need to teach others the truth they have found in the bible, contrary to what the churches were teaching. They showed great humility by abandoning doctrines, celebrations and teachings they have always known, were born into it, and thought by their parents and the church as truth. Yes, they were teachable; they were ready to change, to be refined and cleansed, what other kind of people could the Lord be looking for!

Just as the Lord raised that question in Malachi 3:2;

“but who will endure the day of his coming (to refine and cleansed) and who will be able to stand (approved) when he appears”?

Yes, this bible students have shown great willingness, quest and readiness to do the Lord’s work, finally the Lord and the messenger of the covenant came to examine those who worship in the spiritual temple (on the bases of Christ name) and saw this bible students standing, qualified and ready to take the truth they have found from the bible to the ends of the earth, and then the Lord approved them for the works that laid ahead.

Before his death, Jesus gave his disciples a work but which was soon to be diverted by the false Christian weeds when he said; “and this good news of the kingdom will be preached to all inhabited earth as a witness to all the nation and then the end will come” (Math. 24:14)

And shortly before his ascension he again commanded them; “you will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the most distance part of the earth (Act 1:8)

Of course, the immediate disciples whom Jesus gave this work of witnessing are made up of the members of the spiritual Israel who already are Witnesses of Jehovah ( Isai. 43:10-12)

Also this work, began by Jesus himself and continued by the Christians in early part of the first century was soon submerged, clouded, and deluged with unchristian attitudes, doctrines and practices which scared people away from Christianity. Materialism and political conquest later became the number one interest of the weed-like Christians, of which time have done nothing to change.

How even, could the Anglo-Pagan-Christianity accomplish this task after allowing the church be Paganized?

But all that did changed as soon as the harvest time which began in early 20th centuries downed. What about these sincere bible students, did they face any challenges during this early age? Yes, Even as the prophecy had stated; “And he will sit as a refiner and cleanser of silver and will cleanse the sons of Levi; and he will clarify (refine) them like gold and like silver, and they will certainly become to Jehovah people presenting a gift offering in righteousness” (3:3a)

As stated before, because the “sons of Levi” (the anointed priestly true Christians) had long been overshadowed by the weeds, they of coursed have some tainted pagan customs and teachings they needed to abandon. Also will they survive and prove faithful to their Lord when they meet severe trials and persecutions? Throughout the world wars of 1914 and 1946, these bible students stood firm. While all other churches were fighting and killing one another in the war, these sincere students of the bible were willing to die than join the war or stop preaching the kingdom good news. In fact, they have been called the "most persecuted religion denomination of the 20th Centuries".

Truly, by remaining faithful and focused despite various temptations, trials, persecutions, and challenges both within, they came out victorious for the Lord. Despite many of them were executed by top political leaders during the world wars, they have not tired out in fear. Though they once had some unfulfilled expectations on some bible prophecies, they never quilted but remained humble and willing to adjust their understanding of the scriptures as the Lord Yahweh continued to shed light on his divine purposes. Though they are hated around the world today by all people, they remains focused.

Today they've now launched a witnessing campaign to teach the world the good news of the kingdom, this preaching have continued and spread around the world in its scope, intensity, and popularity down till today. They have continued remaining separate from the world and from the mainstream churches of Anglo-Pagan-Christianity. Of course as i had said earlier, they have returned to the Christianity established by the lord Jesus, and because many who claim Christians today have never tasted the true Christianity of the lord Jesus, they even term them "unchristian".

Thus they have certainly become to Jehovah people presenting a gift offering in righteousness and their (both the spiritual Israel and the great multitudes) gift offering have actually become pleasing to Jehovah, as in the days of long ago, as in the days of antiquity’ (Mala. 3:3, 4)

Can you now recognize them through the consideration of this fulfilled prophecy of Malachi?

The following questions and the information bellow will now leave you on a stage where you will be able to draw your own conclusion from all what you’ve considered through the examination of this prophecy. Being honest to yourself is vital at this point, because at the end of this article two things must be involved-you either identify and try to find and associate with that true Christian congregation today or you fail to identify it, thus continue wallowing in Anglo-Pagan Christianity till the "great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah comes".

On the bases of what we just considered, Which Of These Christian Group Found Worldwide Meets All The Requirements?

See results

By Their Fruits You Will Identify them

Anglo-Christ Christianity
Anglo-Pagan Christianity
True Christianity inspires in its members an unbreakable bond of love and unity that is not affected by national boundries (John 13:35) neither had they or do they engage in war, to kill one another.
Fasle Christianity does not inspire love in its members but allows national boundaries to divide them. Like Cain, its members have always engaged and kill their members in wars (1 John 3:10-12)
They keep free from engaing in politics of the government of this world, instead looks to the They keep free from engaing in politics of the government of this world, instead looks to the creator to solve world problems by means of his kingdom government in immitation of Christ (John 18:36. Math. 6:9, 10.) but they obey the government when it demands does not conflit with God's.
False Christians follows the example of Nimrod at the tower of babel, it merges itself with politics of this world, it members handdles political offices, trust in political gods, thus bringing themselves under the ruler of this world Satan (1 John 5:19) and thus have not followed Christ
True Christians do not exult anyone as their spiritual religion leader. They obey the bible and do not have clergy class-father, pastor, reverend, pope, but recognized God as father and Christ as their leader (Mathew 23:1-12) while all are brothers
False Christianity, despite knowing what the bible says on this, not only ignore it but continued to make the word of God invalid by undue honor and titles given to their so-callled spiritual leaders in deffiant to Christ command (Mark 7:7, 8)
True Christians based their teachings in the bible. They avoid pagan celebrations, holidays, traditions and practices that has no bases on the scripture but descended from the pagan-Romans, Babylonian, Greeks (2Tim 3:16. 1Cor 4:6)
Note: Some have argue that some servants of God in Old Testament were rulers and involved themselves in government, thus a reason why politics is not a sin for Christians. Let me ask you; whom are you his immitator or follower, Daniel, king Saul, David or Christ? God viewed it as a sin and a rejection of his own rulership, when the Jews requested for a King like other nations (1 Samuel 8:6-9) and Samuel called it "evil thing" (1 Sam. 12:17) Becuase starting from Adam and Eve, humans had already rejected rulership of God, God had allowed them for a reason. At a time before the destruction of Jerusalem, God stoped chosing human kings as he purposed to make Christ the everlasting king under his kingdom (Ezik. 21:25-7) That is why Christ refused to involved in political government so does his immitators
False Christians allowed the pagans to influenced them. Thus they allow celebrations, teachings, holidays and traditions that are not found in the bible. They have continued to practice and celebrate them till date. While Jeus always says "it is written" (Mathe.4:4, 7, 10) but theres is not written.
They worship one God and Makes his name known worldwide in immitation of Christ (Math 4:10. Ps 83:18) Thus they sing no pledge or anthem in worship to any country
False Christian worships three Gods. they allowed the Egyptian, Syrian and Babylonian idea of trian gods to cloud their doctrine of the nature of God by equating God and Christ, while christ said otherwise (John 14:28) worst yet, they worship the flag or their individual nation by pledging
They accept Christ as God's means of salvation, thus they do not strive to bring salvation to themselves by engaging in this world's political government ( Act 4:12)
False Christian, while showing a form of Godly devotion by saying they accepts Christ, they denial him by their works, teachings and meddling in politic, trying to bring salvation with their own hands (2Tim 3:5)
They preached God's kingdom as mankinds only hope in immitation of Christ. All are preahers and thus are fulfilling both prohecy of Mathew 24:14 and Acts 1:8. They are united worldwide in accomplishing this amazing prophecy.
False Christian neither understood nor preach from house to house about the kingdom. Instead, they adopt their clergies who continued to ticle their ears with false prophecies, mirracles and prosperity, while involving themselves in political government, they see no need to madke the preaching of the kingdom their focus. (2Tim 4:3, 4)
What is the future of False Christianity in view of its past and present? It is destruction from the Lord, desert her now and turn to true Christianity.

On the bases of the prophecies Considered

Which Christian group today based all their teachings on God's word, and thus have been cleansed from celebrations and teachings that have no biblical bases, like the so-called Christmas, Easter, New year, and hellfire borrowed from the Greeks?

Which group today have not descended from the Roman Catholic church and thus, have been cleansed of all the false teachings that are from the Pagan Romans and Greeks, false teaching like the Trinity which Constantine a roman emperor sanctioned and established, the cross which originated from pagan?

Which group today stay clear off political government of this world and do not vote for them, but advocate and preach the kingdom worldwide as mankind only hope?

Which group are united worldwide in all the earth and are not divided along teachings, boundaries or color?

Which group avoid the given of religious titles and have no clergy class, but are all ministers of the kingdom?

Which group worships the only one God and teach people his name?

Which group avoid the use of images and icon including the cross in worship or in decorating their place of worship or house?

Now all the evidence is before you, I hereby leave you to give an honest answer to yourself, when you have identify that only one true christian congregation today, do not hesitate to take action before the "great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah comes".

Which Group Is the true Christians today?

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    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria


      one of your statement court my attention.

      You said "your other post about Muslims being true followers"

      Doug this mean you do not understand my reasoning in that post. I talk about Muslim by submission not by religion

      i didnt say "the" Muslims are true. I only went by the true impplication of the word 'lslam' which mean submission, and since Jesus and thus, his true follower submit to God's will, in that effect, they are the true Muslims.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich


      From what I can determine is that the Jews got together in 90 AD and decided it was time to make a book. Before this time every thing was on individual scrolls. Their language had changed also. I suspect even some of the letters and shapes and sounds.

      Back to my very first post here:

      I would like your thoughts on reincarnation and karma. I know the JW don't believe in it. Nor do most Christian religions. doug9694@ if you would rather not post here.

      As for bickering, you have to with the JW. They believe every thing in their NWT is divinely directed and no other view is allowed. They misquote the verses that says bad will happen if you change any words, yet they do it themselves. In my opinion those verses where added. Another point is they only applied to that scroll, Revelations.

      Author Sam: It is the JW here in the U.S. that claim the JW are the only ones doing as God wants. Where you are from it may be different.

      Your other post about Muslims being true followers is way off. Their holy book condones, rape, murder, lying to the infidels, tax extortion, child marriages and abuse, honor killings etc. The Christians today do not go by those sorts of failings. Nor do most of the other religions. How can you compare the two?

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria


      you keep arguing. You keep accusing. You said JW beleives only them are accepted by God. However, I never come across such statement. We only beleive on the bible that there is only one narrow gate.

      Only one body. Eph 4:2-6. Dont be bitter about this bible teachings, be humble and learn.

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      I do agree with what you say about the name Doug but this whole post is full of petty things that cause division among bretheren. I was showing the ancient Hebrew merely to show the author that Jehovah is a much newer name (within the past 600 or so years) thus demonstrating the innaccuracy of the claimed accuracy. I am done here (this time truly). You and I are on similar pages Doug. I wish you well and may our God bless you both.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      The name and how it is pronounced is not as important as the person that asks God for help. A person that has speech difficulties will have the same success no matter how badly they say the words. I always use the word "God" to avoid saying something wrong.

      When your name is found in the Book of Life you will be saved. Jesus is the gatekeeper. Those being saved may not know this. Not knowing does not condemn them. The term "fore ever" is a temporary condition.

      Eventually, almost all will be spirit, save those that are so bad and unrepentant and get dissolved back into the spirit pot after being cleansed and new spiritual entities may be created. The JW have taken what has been changed over time and changed that to a very narrow view and are sticking to that view. Even changing verses in the 1970 issue of the NWT to be different in the 2000 NWT issue.

      Then they take a few verses and insist it means this or that and you are not allowed freedom of interpretation that differs from theirs. As firework23 has also noticed. Example:

      Zephaniah 1:2:

      NWT: 1970 Finish everything, to NWT: 2000-15 sweep away. Other, and I think the original Hebrew says "utterly consume" Like in a fire. "Sweep away" has a different meaning than "utterly consume".

      I will stick to the original Hebrew before any other. No! I do not believe the NTW is divinely written as the JW claim. If so, they would not have to change wording from 1970 to 2000 issues.

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      Your ways are set so you do not see the truth in the name YHWH. All languages have people with names...we still call them by native names like Juan instead of John.

      I did read the entire article and choose to disagree. You do not allow others to do such. You believe only JW's will be accepted by God. To me thi as is garbage and NOT how God is teaching people to have an attitude that looks down on those who are not. You "pull them up from the gutter" to you and save them. Sorry we will just have to agree to disagree if you are able to. God bless you.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      fire work

      all the point you presented here regarding the pronounciation of J nd V still did not prove your earlier argument that Jehovah (English) is or not the right pronounciation and Yahweh is or not the right one.

      Scholars cannot tell for certain. Online, there are many argument for or against Jehovah as there are for or against Yahweh.

      So why will you make an issue of we using the English for Jehovah, as long as we recognized that divine name more than any others, thats what matters.

      You also argue here that JW do not follow the bible accurately, am not sure you read this article at all. You just come straight to start arguments.

      You give example of the 144,000. Yes, we stick with what the bible teaches.

      While the bible teaches that great multitude will gain salvation, the bible limit the number of the elect. Definite and indefinite are they the same? Revelatn 7:4 and 9.

      Prove to me from the bible that all good people will go to heaven as elects.

      If you and doug could take time to read this article, you will not be talking of the natural Jews.

      Please read the part 11 of this article to learn about natural and spiritual Israel today.

      Stop insulting and arguing it will you no good.

      Offcourse, your eyes are closed to effect you cannot see what Jehovah is accomplishing today through his Witnesses worldwide untll this work is done....

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      Name calling and judging when others don't follow your shallow views. You do know the way you view things is similar in close mindedness to a view someone like Hitler or Stalin would have had. Sorry but that is not how Christ was. The beliefs that I have come across with JW's do NOT follow the Bible accurately. They have been twisted to suit the beliefs of man. For example, only 144,000 are elect? These are also not Jews?Not Biblical. Fight until you are blue in the face but I will NEVER follow a faith that promotes such severe segregation. I can see why I come across so many of your denomination that carry the holier than though attitude. I am saddened to be aware of such a happening. I still send you peace and pray thst God opens your eyes.

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      Ancient Name:WawPictograph:PegMeanings:Add, Secure, HookSound:W, ow, uw

      History & Reconstruction

      The original pictograph used in the Early Semitic script is a , a picture of a tent peg. The tent pegs were made of wood and may have been Y-shaped to prevent the rope from slipping off. 

      The Modern Hebrew name for this letter is vav, a word meaning "peg" or "hook." This letter is used as a consonant with a "v" sound and as a vowel with a "ow" and "uw" sound. The consonantal and vowel pronunciations of each of the consonant/vowel letters of the Ancient Hebrew language, which include the aleph,, hey, and yud, were closely related. For instance, the letterhey is "h" and "eh" and the pronunciations of the letter yudis "y" and "iy." Following this pattern, it is probable that the original pronunciation of the letter  was "w" as the vowel sounds associated with this letter are "ow" and "uw." In addition, in the Modern Arabic language, this letter is pronounced with a "w." Therefore, the original name of this letter would have been wawinstead of vav, as it is in Modern Hebrew. 

      As the pictograph indicates, this letter represents a peg or hook, which is used for securing something. The meaning of this letter is to add or secure. 

      This letter is frequently used as a prefix to words to mean "and" in the sense of adding things together. 

      The Early Semitic  evolved into the  in the Middle Semitic script. This letter then became the  in the Late Semitic script and evolved into the Modern Hebrew ו. The Middle Semitic letter was adopted by the Greeks and the Romans to be the letter F, but was dropped from the Greek alphabet and does not exist in the Modern Greek alphabet. The Late Semitic form of the letter became the number 9.

      he letter J is, as you mentioned, relatively recent, and originated as a variant of the letter I. Why that happens is a little complicated, and requires unpacking some assumptions in your question.

      In the original languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) which provide us with the names Jesus, Joseph, Justinian, etc., the sound which we write as J was pronounced as the English letter Y. (Just to make things confusing for English speakers, the phonetic symbol for this sound is [j].) In Latin, the letter for this was I/i, in Greek it was Ι/ι (iota), and in Hebrew it was י (yod). Thus, the Greek spelling for "Jesus" was Ιησους, pronounced something like "Yeh-SOOS", and the Latin likewise was Iesus.

      Subsequently, in the Latin alphabet the letter J was developed as a variant of I, and this distinction was later used to distinguish the consonantal "y" sound [j] from the vocalic "i" sound [i]. However, at about the same time there was a sound change in many of the languages of Western Europe, such that the "y" sound changed into a "j" sound ([dʒ], or sometimes [ʒ]). So we have it that in English, the letter J now represents a consonant [dʒ] which is not obviously similar to the vowel [i], despite the fact that they descend from the same letter and the same sound. (English also has many [dʒ] sounds spelled with J which come from native Germanic roots.)

      You can see this history worked out differently in the spelling systems of German and many of the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe, where the letter J spells the "y" sound [j], and the letter Y, if used at all, is primarily used as a vowel. and a site created for discussing ancient language (stackexchange:englishlanguage) I could get the J info from as well. The man just worded it clearly here. Please stop with your insults and attacks. Yes you have judged both Doug and myself unfairly. I am not claiming to be righteous but I do know that throughout my life I have been trained to seek fairness in everything and stick up for those being mistreated. You, sir, are what I would call a bully. N

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      You shall know them by their fruits. I am done here. You will never stop. Go ahead and have the last comment I choose to move forward. I pray God opens your eyes.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Why does the story given by firework23 make him a bad Christian?? And you did tend to judge me in your comments!

      Why do you limit God's power by stating Jesus MUST DIE for us to be saved? If God wants to save us He could just do it. This was something Jesus personally agreed to do. I would guess before he incarnated into the body we recognize as Jesus. God may have wiped us all out if Jesus backed out. Or, He may have had a change in heart and let us survive as in times past. Jesus also saved the servant of the roman centurion from dying. Who was most likely not a Jew. The JW will not baptize you if you are in the military. Why would Jesus do as a military commander requested if he was so bad by being in military? The JW also claim that if you where not baptized by them that it does not count. You quote "you worship that you do not know, we worship that we know.,, for salvation is from the Jews". John 4:22

      If you believe that then why do you insist that the JW are the ones to salvation? And the JW say that the Jews becoming a country again is not biblical. When the date of 1948-49 is in biblical calculations.

      The JW have missed the mark several times as to when the end will start. They now use Jesus' statement "That no one knows the hour. not even The Son. Only the Father knows.

      You say: I reject the unbiblical and Satanic Idea that all religion or worship is acceptable by God. In your other hub you try to imply that another religion is like Christianity. There is a world of difference. There may be a few nut job Christians today. Nothing like that beheading, child abusing, murdering, lying one you try to say is like Christianity.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria


      JW as individuals do not feel they are higher than others or better. However, the truth is, according to Isaiah's prophecy above, pure worship of Jehovah have been elevated above all other worship and JW being those who upholds it, are clearly seen.

      So what you see in us is the attitude of elevating not ourselves as being righteous like you elevate yourseld, but we elevate the restored pure worship above all the so-called mountins or worship.

      Jesus though did not descriminate, he did elevated pure worship above others, he insist to the Samaritan woman;

      "you worship that you do not know, we worship that we know.,, for salvation is from the Jews". John 4:22

      Jesus was not elevating the Jews as being betther than Samaritans but the form of worship.

      Jehovah have always has a choosen people to elevate his pure worship.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria


      This is the answer to some of your invalid arguments.

      First, you cut points from center and argue without knowledge. You argued:

      "If the death of Jesus is what was required to give people the Holy Spirit then why did King David have the Holy Spirit".

      You should have check the question Doug asked that brought about my answer. And I never said God had not been giving PEOPLE his spirit prior to Christ death.

      God diversifies his holy spirit, using it to accomplish a specific task different in form from another task. Even the appostles had a measure of that spirit prior to Jesus promise of the spirit, but as regard to Jesus promise of the coming of the holy spirit after his departure, it is for a specific task, so he must ascend first. Acts 1:4,5 8.

      you also aimlessly argue that the Use of Jehovah by JW is inaccurate and that J or V did not appear in any original Hebrew.

      However, you sound unreasonable. Are we pronouncing it in Hebrew? Is it not in English? y and V in Hebrew is what in English? Go do research.

      In English of all translations you find names named after God's divine name like Yehoshua=Joshua, Yehu=Jehu, Yehonadab=Jehonadab, etc. Even the consonant in Yahweh a, and e, no one is certain. Stop being unreasonable.

      Again, you are still giving a story that only you can prove, thats so bad of one who claim to be Christian.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Firework. When I get time I will clear up all this argument you are making by answering all your comment. Before then, just note that you are appearing righteous only because you judge yourself to be so. Just as you saw arragont in others, ask someone else to tell you who you are not you saying who you are.

      How on earth is does this article appeared arrogant to you, and where did I claim in this article to be better than others?

      The bible says; "all have sinned". Rom 6:23.

      So we all are sinners, however, Jesus says;

      "the time is coming and it is now when the true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and truth". John 4:23.

      The bible metains, all religion are not pleasing to God. All Christiendom religion are not pleasing to God because they allowed their teachings to be influenced by the Pagans.

      However the bible says: "in the final part of the days, the mountin of the house of Jehovah

      (Hebrew tetragramaton YHWH, Y in Hebrew is J in English, W in Hebrew is V in english. No one knows for certain how it was pronouced even as we do not know if "Jesus" we pronounce is Yeshua, Yehoshua or Joshua but we freely use Jesus)

      we be firmly exterblish and all nation must tream to it". Aisaiah 2:2.

      The true Christians are found in all the nations but their worship is the same. God is a God of order not of disorder says the bible.

      I reject the unbiblical and Satanic Idea that all religion or worship is acceptable by God.

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      Also...what a silly argument you make with regards to proving my story. I can prove most of it through the friend I helped but the shadow in his eyes I cannot prove because, to my knowledge, I am the only one who saw it. I did, however, mention-before my friend dated him- that I could see secrets people kept (this was through the Holy Spirit but I didn't know it at the time...I just knew the knowledge didn't come from me). When I mentioned this to him (with same friend present) he didn't believe me so he asked me what I saw in him (I had only seen him twice for moments before this). I told him he had the darkest temper I had ever seen and he reacted by standing up and pacing uncomfortably in silence. I could prove these things through a video chat with this friend but that is silly. I know that I am honest and do not fear what others might think and have been given the gift of a need to see truth and justice. These are God is who I am and if you find what I say hard to swallow then you might want to read it over again because NOTHING I say on here is due to hate. I do NOT hate people. I never have not even when I was isolated and treated as a periah...God does not wish for me to hate....only love through correction. Please don't judge me while you're ahead. I was stating a fact about the way your comments portray you as being someone superior to others. I do not see myself as better than others...I am actually quite hard on myself and see others in a better light...even those committing heinous crimes...why? Because I know better and others may not....or they are better connected to God than myself. I am just now coming to terms with what He has planned for me and my obedience is falling short or at least I believe it is becausr I do not read the Bible enough or am not keeping Him constantly in my thoughts or I think even the slightest thing wrong. Please do not assume I am arrogant because my comments upset you...I HATE arrogance...I was around it most of my life and saw its ugliness. I hope you gain some insight into me through this exchange. Peace.

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      For you to be so disturbed only by my comments of your character based on your argumental responses but not commenting AT ALL to my counter arguments tells me all I need to know about your current character. You have been duly warned by me and will not hear of it again. I am not required to do more than I just have. I wish you well...may you grow beyond the point you are currently at. Thank you Doug and may Yahweh bless you :-)

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I don't think firework23 is being haughty. He is telling like it is. I have not had the possessed ones yet, just the haughty, better than thou ones.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      My Friend, please read your comment once again and tell me who really is haughty in spirit. I or You. You lack Love for God and for neighbor for you to give story that vilify and cannot be proven. My Jah help you. Amen

    • profile image


      3 years ago from U.S.A.

      If the death of Jesus is what was required to give people the Holy Spirit then why did King David have the Holy Spirit (this is seen when he begs God not to take His Spirit away).

      In terms of innaccurate translation support for Doug...I have to ask why JW's would even consider God's true name to be Jehovah when there are no J's or V's in ancient Hebrew. YHWH implies Yahweh to me...just saying. I could pull up research on ancient Hebrew alphabet if you like.

      Ironically, I have yet to meet or come across a JW who is lacking in arrogance or haughtiness. Mind you, I have encountered few. One, though, actually was possessed (I saw the demon in his eyes). He later dated my close friend and abused her so severely that she tried to kill herself. I pulled her out of it and he came by my place looking for her. After I told him he would never see her again I saw the shadow in his eyes. I have only ever seen that shadow one other time and it was in the eyes of someone deeply troubled who was choking me. When I saw the shadow in his eyes he clamped fully tightly around my neck. God got me out of that one.

      Not to say that all who follow your faith are disturbed and sinful but the average thus far is leaning in that direction. You, yourself, have a haughty attitude like all other know nothing and you are superior. You might want to look into that. I am not saying this to attack but only to rebuke. Peace to you.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Doug Cutler

      you said:

      "Why Jesus and the helper can't be on the

      earth at the same time is a mystery to me".

      Its no mystery once you understand that the helper (holy spirit. Remeber this is just personification) is not an entity but God's active force or power in action.

      First, it was the death of Jesus that made it possible for God to release this power to help Jesus' discipples.

      But before God could do this, he required that Jesus present the value of his sacrificial death (blood) to him by appearing in his presence.

      Just as the high priest go into the most holy of the tabanacle once with blood of the attornment.

      So Jesus has to be in hevean and present himslf before Jehovah, thus on the bases of that blood, God gave the disciples everything they asked including the promised holy spirit or power to help them.

      Do you get it?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I said a trinity. Not "The Trinity". Should have used a different word. My use of the word just means three different items.

      Why Jesus and the helper can't be on the earth at the same time is a mystery to me. Maybe it takes that much attention to run the the rest of creation.

      Spirit seems to have different meanings. Jesus said man has God given spirit. So we already have spirit. There must be a different form referred

      as the helper or Holy Spirit. I think the early church tried to take spirit out of man and say you had to earn or be given spirit by the church. Sort of like the Emperor was God and his subjects were nothing. The bishops

      went along because Constantine gave them powers. And Constantine wanted the infighting to stop.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Doug Cutler

      Let us then talk about the more important issues you said you're more concern about.

      You said you belive in trinity, however you gave it a different defination unlike the majority of others.

      Also, you forgot that the same Niceane council you're against had exterblished the so-called trinitarian doctrine?

      You difined the doctrine in your own way, and you believe that God is the highest, then that is not trinity if God has supremacy over the other two.

      If you define trinity as God being in union with Christ not equal, yes I agree.

      Yet, as long as the holy spirit is not a (spirit) being like God and Christ, so there is nothing like Trinity.

      Now, to understand if the holy spirit is an entity or an active force, we have to look at what the entire bible says about it.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Just because I have different views than you dose not mean I do not believe. There is a trinity in the Bible. God is the highest. Holy ghost/spirit 2nd. Then Jesus in spirit form is 3rd.

      "Personification do not translate personality. Jesus personified the spirit because there is no Greek word for Neuter."

      What does Neuter mean? Again, if it means some sort of power and not an entity, there are plenty of words that could have been used. Translators have done a poor job of putting the words down so the average person knows exactly what is said or meant.

      The camel-rope thing is just used as an example of translation errors. Both are nearly impossible. I am more concerned with the more important issues: like the difference between the Holy Ghost being a entity or some impersonal form of power.

      3. I do have an interest in the Bible. I want it in plain English so I don't need to have some organization have to explain it.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      doug Cutler

      i don't know if you understand what I said at all. And I don't even know your stand if you support the trinity doctrine exterblished by the same councils of Niceane you were against.

      In whichever case, this is my stand again.

      1. Personification do not mean personality.

      It is true that Jesus spoke of the holy spirit as a

      “helper” and spoke of such helper as

      ‘teaching,’ ‘bearing witness,’ ‘giving evidence,’

      ‘guiding,’ ‘speaking,’ ‘hearing,’ and ‘receiving.’

      In so doing, the original Greek shows Jesus at

      times applying the masculine personal pronoun to that “helper” (paraclete). (Compare Joh 14:16, 17, 26; 15:26; 16:7-15 .) However, it is not unusual in the Scriptures for something that is

      not actually a person to be personalized or

      personified. Wisdom is personified in the book of Proverbs (1:20-33; 8:1-36); and feminine pronominal forms are used of it in the original

      Hebrew, as also in many English translations.

      (KJ, RS, JP, AT) Wisdom is also personified at Matthew 11:19 and Luke 7:35, where it is depicted as having both “works” and

      “children.” The apostle Paul personalized sin

      and death and also undeserved kindness as

      “kings.” (Ro 5:14, 17, 21; 6:12) He speaks of sin as “receiving an inducement,” ‘working out

      covetousness,’ ‘seducing,’ and ‘killing.’ ( Ro 7:8-11) Yet it is obvious that Paul did not mean that sin was actually a person. So, likewise with John’s account of Jesus’

      words regarding the holy spirit, his remarks

      must be taken in context. Jesus personalized

      the holy spirit when speaking of that spirit as

      a “helper” (which in Greek is the masculine

      substantive pa·raʹkle·tos). Properly, therefore, John presents Jesus’ words as

      referring to that “helper” aspect of the spirit

      with masculine personal pronouns. On the

      other hand, in the same context, when the

      Greek pneuʹma is used, John employs a neuter

      pronoun to refer to the holy spirit, pneuʹma itself being neuter. Hence, we have in John’s

      use of the masculine personal pronoun in

      association with pa·raʹkle·tos an example of

      conformity to grammatical rules, not an

      expression of doctrine.— Joh 14:16, 17; 16:7, 8.

      i already told you, do not argue what you do not even believe. The only way to understand what the bible really teach holy spirit is, is to examine it in light with the whole bible mention of the holy spirit, and that is what JW do.

      As for the one of camel as rope, I don't still get you, make your point more clear and simple.

      I have already given you the accounts where that appeared in the gospels and the actual translation, so what do you mean.

      3. I do not meant this argument to focus on JW because it already seems you have no interest in bible as the inspired word of God.

      But I will always tell you what JW believe from the bible and that is our final bases.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      "Greek nouns, like Greek pronouns, change form to show whether they are used as subjects or as objects". I see from the above statement why the JW's say some thing else. If all scripture is inspired then why not use a word that everyone knows. There are plenty of words that mean power or force. Neuter to me, means to make something neither male nor female. It has nothing to do with power or spirit. The Greeks had a lot of neuter specific usages. If anything I would interpret that as an entity, or a power as you say, that is neither male nor female.

      That entity does not have to be in a physical form as you insist. You are very hung up on physical. You are also hung up on the word all. "all scriptures is inspired of God". 2 Timothy 3:16. What is the meaning of "all" symbol in the old Greek or Aramaic or whatever language theJW are dealing with. .

      I said camel as rope, not needle. "The Aramaic is gmla, which can mean rope or camel according to the context it used". How many variations for the word/symbol for all are there? If "all" writings were "inspired" then I would think the writers would make it understandable to the masses. Why all the confusion? If I were to write I would make it plain to the average reader. There is a statement that God intentionally confused the minds of the learned scholars. I know there are verses about Satan doing this. God did it to give the word to the masses and they would be able to figure it out using prayer. I put the JW in the confused minds class with their many writings as the scriptures warned against. Ecclesiastes 12:12: And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Doug Cutler

      i appreciate your points. In the two above point you mentioned, have you researched with an honest mind to find out why Jesus personify the "holy spirit"? I advise you go to and go to online library and type the word "holy spirit" and read the true explanation.

      Personification do not translate personality. Jesus personified the spirit because there is no Greek word for Neuter.

      Jesus' personification must be understood in line with what the entire bible teaches about the holy spirit.

      There is never any evidence that after the death of christ, that someone else came to teach, or remind his disciples what jesus said or help them.

      But Jesus was refering to the "power" of God that will come over them and help to remind them everything.

      He told them: "you will receieve power when the holy spirit arrived upon you, and you will be witnesses of me". Act 1:8.

      On Penticost 33 C.E, the promised power did arrived and empowered them to speack in tongue and to compile all the stories about Jesus.

      The same spirit, empowered all bible writers, thus, "all scriptures is inspired of God". 2 Timothy 3:16.

      2. At the point two you metioned, please be sure before saying something. Jw never translated the word "needle" to be rope please.

      Go to and read the New World Translations Of The Holy Scripture" online. The chapters are: Mathew 19:24. Mark 10:25 and Luke 18:25.

      I will welcome more of the places you were told JW changed the word, in more cases says one scholar, "what seem to be differences in NWT when compared with other translation is as a result of it greater accuracy on the part of NWT".

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      You should do research. Even the JW say not to just believe everything

      without checking.

      The jW claim that the Holy Ghost/Spitit is not an entity. Jesus: "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. Also I read someplace: "That one will not come unless I depart" or very similar. If it was just active force he would not be using words like "he" or "that one"

      And "It is much easier a camel to pass through a needle......" is what most sources say. JW's say rope. This is a minor word change. What about the other more important changes? I will make it a point to inform you when I find more. Still would like to see original writings.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Doug Cutlers

      you keep mentioning Niceane council of which have no use to me. They approved and rejected what their ignorance gave them as truth and false.

      Even then, had they made their decision based on the bible, they will not have gone wrong. That does not mean that they were right or wrong in all they said, but today, the bible is the bases for knowing were they went wrong.

      You said the witnesses have "come right out to say THEY have change some of the word (in the bible)"?

      Am not sure I get you. When and how did Witnesses said this?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Resurrection is coming back to life like original body. Reincarnation is a completely new body. It can resemble an old one.

      I have already given my view why reincarnation is not taught.

      First Council of Nicaea: Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325 and bishops. Arius and two others refused to sign and were banned.

      "Although virtually all positive writings on Arius' theology have been suppressed or destroyed, negative writings describe Arius' theology as one in which there was a time before the Son of God, when only God the Father existed." "Arius and his writings were also branded with anathema, his books were cast into the fire, and he was exiled to Illyria. "

      The Second Council of Nicaea 787 is recognized as the seventh of the first seven ecumenical councils. So there are plenty for you to do research on. Many references to the many other meetings and rulings.

      Even the Witnesses have come right out and said they have changed some of the words. I do not believe that the Witenesses used the original writings in most cases. They used the oldest ones that were acceptable. And those could have been changed.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria


      1. I will not discourse the issue of reincarnation, because I cannot see you quote any holy book that support it. also Council of Constantinople or not, neither the holy bible nor Jesus thought that.

      2. You said; "It is appointed once for a man to die" Yes, you will be resurrected to face judgement in the same form of your last life. That form will be more like a shadow of your old physical body"

      This is your own opinion not the bible's. am happy that you quote no holy book in support of this claims, nor does the bible teach that the resurrected will be a shadowy or transform into another being. Rather, the bible teaches that the dead will be raised in the same form they died-fully human, flesh and blood. how?

      Jesus said; "do not be amazed, for the hour is coming when all those in the memorial tombs (grave kjv) will hear (my) voice and come a resurrection of life" Jon 5:29.

      Refer to all the resurrection recorded in the bible they all are physical (except Jesus')and the same form before they died. reincarnation have no place in the holy book.

      3. You said; "Show me the original writings of the writers before all these councils and Roman rulers got them changed. And show me all the writings that (supposedly by divine direction) where destroyed".

      To believe that the original writings of the writers (of the holy bible) have been changed by human or destroyed, is a great form of ignorance by any who claim to be educated in this modern world.

      To believe that the bible have been changed is to go against all archeological, scientific and historic discoveries and evidences that the bible used today is a copy of the original writings.

      Also, bible prophecies have been fulfilling before your eyes, the best of all the evidence that we have the original words.

      In fulfillment of bible prophecies made by Jesus and the apostles (refer to the article above) the Romans only succeeded in corrupting Christianity and changing its original teachings not the bible. Of which Jesus prophesy that during the time of the end, there will occur a separation of the true and false Christians, thus there will be aonly one true Christian group.Mathew 13:24-30

      $. You said;" If there is one true group. I will have to see it first. This group will have to use the original writings and be unblemished by special interest groups.

      Jehovah's witnesses have successfully restored the bible to its original meanings by means of their honest translation of the original copies into modern English. Thus we use the bible with its original intended meanings by its writers. We have successfully restored the original teachings of Christ found in the bible before Christianity was corrupted by Romans and the councils you talk about.

      "and be unblemished by special interest groups". JW have always strived to be umblemished and "no part of the world". Read the histroy of JW and compare it with others. We fight no war, join no army, vote not, run no worldly political office, celebrate no pagans holidays, but our special interest is to "preach the good news of the coming kingdom'.

      5. Because I want anyone reading the my above article to determine and identify the one true Christian group by his convition on the above biblical marks not because I who wrote it is a Witness, though I am but there is no need of Identifying myself except as you inquire now.

      You said you left on your own "over the issues because of all the council meddlings"? Am not sure I get you. Which issues? which council?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Author Sam: I said some religion is better then no religion. Jesus says that those that do the law on their own are a law unto themselves and don't need to be preached to. Others need some help and reminders.

      Reincarnation is not taught to the masses because it would lead to laziness and suicide. "I will just kill myself and get a better life next time." Most religions have advanced writings.

      "It was at the Council of Constantinople in the year 553 AC when the definition of reincarnation as heresy was inducted as the results of a tract against it by Emperor Justinian, declaring as anathema this concept. "

      This shows that reincarnation was believed by some and thwarted by

      the roman rulers in cohorts with the Christian leaders of the time.

      "It is appointed once for a man to die" Yes, you will be resurrected to face judgement in the same form of your last life. That form will be more like a shadow of your old physical body. The far more important parts, mental, spirit, persona etc. will have left the physical body. In your next life you will not be that "man" in the above quote. You may even be a woman next! Or in your part of the world, a Cow ! It is not the physical body that burns eternally anyway, now is it?

      Show me the original writings of the writers before all these councils and Roman rulers got them changed. And show me all the writings that (supposedly by divine direction) where destroyed.

      I believe in divine intervention more having to do with the founding of the U.S.A. and our original constitution far than a bunch of control freaks in the first few centuries A.D.

      If there is one true group. I will have to see it first. This group will have to use the original writings and be unblemished by special interest groups

      Why don't you come right out and say you are are, or where a Jehovah's Witnesses. Did you get dis-fellowshipped? I attended for a few years and left on my own over the issues because of all the council meddlings and learning on my own. "The Word will be preached throughout the world then the end will come" I believe that Word is being preached to the remotest parts. Not by humans, but by the internet.

    • Author Sam profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Doug Cutler

      To say there is no one true religion today that represents God is to imply that, God has no control over his purpose nor a goal he will soon achieve. Yet that's wrong

      Again, you said, "they all don't teach reincarnation or Karma", in order word, you mean that any religion that teaches this two doctrines is the right religion?

      So which holy book do you use, that teaches karma and rebirth?

      If you fail to use the biblical marks above to identify the true Christians, then you've automatically fail to be part of a true worshipper of the true God. Do you see why you must identify the true religion?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 

      4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I say none. Even though I don't know all the dogma of each I am assuming

      they all don't teach reincarnation or karma. The Nicene councils have bastardized the scriptures. Before that time there were Christians that taught it and it was the individual that saved himself with Jesus as the way to not being destroyed. I believe God was going to dissolve all the souls and Jesus saved them. It is not just one life time but many you go through till your soul is purified.


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