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If You've Loved And Lost God's Only Son

Updated on November 9, 2011

If You've Loved And Lost God's Only Son

You  can sing the sweetest song or beat the loudest drum,

 And You can do any worldly thing that the world calls fun.

 Still, the world can never compensate for emptiness within,

 The way that you  feel if have loved and lost God's Only Son.

 You can be the life of the party or the fashion plate display,

 Or you can sit in the pew just as you have always done.

There's a emptiness  deep within that the church can't fill

When you know you have loved and lost God's Only Son.

You can be a great musician if that is what you  choose ,

Or you can win in every race that you would care to run,

But in your heart the prize means nothing to you  at all,

If you know  you have loved and lost God's Only Son.

If you tried the world's pleasure but peace  never found,

The world you never conquered , no victory ever won,

But on your knees you became an heir up in Heaven,

Through the Great Forgiving Love of God's Only Son! 


When you have spent so much time repenting 

and praying for God to forgive you of your sins

You wonder how you could ever back sllde, but

it does happen more times than we like to think 

about. the devil is always waiting for a chance to 

get your attention from Jesus  and on to him. he 

is very sly  but you have to return to Jesus , you 

can't let the devil  win,and you have Heaven to gain.!


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    • Nurfninja profile image

      Nurfninja 6 years ago from Earth

      That was really cool! You are my Jesus friend :)