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Just Wasted Breath

Updated on December 4, 2011

Just Wasted Breath

At times you may try to tell someone about Jesus

And of what we really know of life after death

Sometimes we may feel God is not behind it,

Then we know that it has been wasted breath.

Though at heart we may have the best intention,

But we dare not go witness to man on our own.

Sometimes we might mess up our Father's timing,

So it is better this day just to leave it all alone.

Our Father knows each persons state of mind,

He knows when a man is receptive to His Will.

Unless God has stirred your heart deep within,

It's all wasted breath,this day you must be still !


If we were to go on our own to witness

could we really be sure it was the right

time?God knows when it is the right

time to speak to someone about their

soul and you will know if God is ready

for you to witness that day.At times it

does not take much too turn away from

you and to never let you speak of God's

Love .we must wait for God to tell you

when they will be more willing to listen to

God's Message !


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