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Life in Flatland: the introduction to my blog about everything

Updated on September 26, 2009

Typical Young Americans Enjoying Themselves

A fairly standard group of young Americans posing together. Note the hand signs.
A fairly standard group of young Americans posing together. Note the hand signs.

I've been thinking about writing a blog for a long time now, on one subject or another, but for some reason just couldn't seem to get started on anything, or having started, never was able to finish. The problem, as I recently expressed to a friend, is that I feel like its impossible to explain any single concept, without having to explain everything else. Since most of the things I believe in (or that seem worth writing about) run counter to the beliefs or attitudes of nearly every person I meet, and have for quite some time, and finding it necessary to continue on a path of intellectual growth within that vein, or paradigm, it is exceedingly difficult to offer my thoughts on any single subject without first laying the foundations of my paradigm. Not an easy task!

But, as the bug seems to have bitten, and the itch has grown ever more intense, I have decided to go ahead and try to explain everything despite the apparent difficulty of such a feat. A natural place to begin such an undertaking would be with a brief introduction to the foundational framework, and an expression of intent.

Lets start with the idea that you, if you happen to be a so-called "average" person (and I know that there a doubtlessly some readers who do not fit this description) know very little about anything, and are probably a lot less informed than you think you are. I'm sorry but its true, and I don't care what school you went to or what job you have or how good your grades are or how much you get paid. If you were to tell me you went to Lewis and Clark College (which is where I went), I would say, "So what? That doesn't mean anything. That school wasn't any good." If you were to say, "Actually, I went Yale University, or Harvard, or MIT," I would say, " So what? Those schools are probably even worse."

If you think these schools gave you a good education, you're wrong. No one can give you a good education, you have to get that for yourself, and I don't mean by "earning good grades". The formal education system of this country happens to be one of the worst places to look forĀ  real knowledge.

In this country, and almost certainly throughout the world, the vast majority of people really have no idea what is going on. In other words, they, and possibly you dear reader, have no idea who they are, where they came from, or where they are going. What's worse, is that they are not just bumbling around aimlessly and at random, but are doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing if they want to avoid steering their so called "civilization" over a goddamn cliff.

Like cattle to slaughter, like lemmings to the sea. And no, its not because of global warming or something like that. The great anthropomorphic global warming scare (which I was indoctrinated into in early childhood) is a complete myth, I'm happy to report. And just because you spent four to eight years studying about it at some school, or happen to be making a career out of it, or heard some politician or "expert" say it, doesn't make it true, or even lean in the direction of hinting at the possibility that it could be true. Its one good example of the many, many, many things which most people in this country believe (thanks to "education" and mass media) that happens to be false.

I had an argument about this topic with a young woman who was about to enter graduate school to study to be an environmental lawyer. Part of the conversation went something like this:

She - I studied this for four years in college.
I - So what, that doesn't mean anything to me.
She - 98% of scientists agree that humans are causing global warming.
I - Not sure where you heard that or if you just made it up of off the top of your head, but I don't think thats true. (Its not as far as I can tell, I was never able to find that statistic or anything remotely like it) And, even if it was true, I don't care how many scientists agree, that doesn't mean a damn thing to me. The only thing that matters is an argument that actually makes sense.
She - How can you say it doesn't make sense?
I - For starters, the world is getting cooler, and has been for around 10 years. (She didn't believe this.)

Maybe some day I'll write an entire blog about global warming, but now is not the time. At this point I am still laying the foundations for my attempt at an explanation of everything (hint, if you want to know the main cause of the warming period that peaked in 1998, you can see it by looking upwards on a cloudless day... don't stare too long, its bad for your eyes). So, where was I?
Oh yes... almost everything you believe is likely to be false, especially the important things, the things pertaining to who we are, where we come from, and where we are going, and the main reason for that is because you have no idea what is going on.
Any person who is a product of modern American culture, who went through the average American schooling system for any number of years (the longer the worse as a general rule), who grew up watching American television, listening to American radio and reading mainstream American newspapers is likely to be completely misinformed on an enormous variety of topics (everything important). Why? Because the information they have been receiving has been utter garbage (I'll explain why later). As the comedic genius George Carlin once said on this subject, "garbage in, garbage out."
You may not agree that this description applies to you, but if you don't think this description applies to the average person, just take a look outside your window, go walking down the street of a major city, sit for a while in a bar or restaurant or workplace just listening to people. Turn on the TV if you're unfortunate enough to own one. (computers, on the other hand...)
Most people are incredibly shallow. What does that mean? Well, as an example, it would be incredibly shallow of me to say that most people are incredibly shallow, without having given it any real thought or trying to come to a full understanding of what shallowness is and why I think that people are that way.
Shallow is a term that applies to liquid bodies which are lacking in depth, and therefore, unless spread extremely thin over an area that is inversely as large as the body is shallow, are therefore lacking in volume.Obviously, when we call a person "shallow" we are not referring to their volume but are using it as a metaphor for something else, namely, their personality, or habitual thought processes. We often describe people as having a depth to their personality, or thinking "deep" thoughts. A shallow person does not tend to think "deep" thoughts. A shallow person does not tend to say things that make me go, "Wow, that was deep." (actually I only ever use that phrase sarcastically, but hopefully you get the picture)

So, when we are describing a person as shallow, we are saying they are somehow lacking in volume or activity of thought. But this explanation can be deceiving, because a person can be thinking all the time, and at a faster rate than normal, and still be shallow. Their entire mental landscape could be packed with thoughts such "Gee, I hope I make it to work on time, wow, that person has cool shoes hey look its People magazine Britney Spears is such a slut do I look like a slut today better check my facebook hey there's that guy from work he'd be cute if he had a better haircut I wonder if he's a democrat hope I get promoted god I'm so bored" and on and on and on. Buddhists describe this kind of thinking as monkey chatter, and spend a great deal of time trying to kill the monkey (the egoic mind).

Therefore, depth is not just the volume or amount of thinking a person does, but a quality of the thoughts that they are having, hence "deep thoughts." But what do we mean when we say a thought is deep? I would venture to say that depth in this sense applies to scope, to importance, relevance, and effectiveness, and meaning. A deep thought is a thought that has a strong affect on other thoughts, a thought that can change your entire outlook and essentially alter you as a person.

Sometimes we say that we have been affected deeply, or something has made a deep impression on us, or we have been struck deeply by something. What distinguishes a deep impression from a weak impression? The difference again seems to be one of scope. A deep impression is also often a strong impression, and is often accompanied by a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual response. The deepest experiences of one's life are often described as "spiritual" experiences.

Depth therefore is a term to describe the multidimensionality of an idea, or of the multidimensionality of the effect that the idea, object, or person, has on you. When we refer to another person as shallow or deep, we are referring to the multidimensionality of their character and how it affects you, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We sometimes refer to people as one dimensional, meaning they are shallow, meaning they are lacking in multidimensionality. Think about it, what would the most shallow person in the world be like? They would be nothing more than a physical body, without (or with a minimum) mind, emotion, or spirit. They would interact solely on a physical level with everything, they would be concerned (if you could call it concern?) solely with the fulfillment of physical necessities or desires. A slightly less shallow person would be focused solely on matters physical and emotional, or physical and mental, but not both, and certainly not spiritual.

The dimensions I listed here are not an exhaustive list, there are certainly many more dimensions beyond those four, possibly an infinite amount, the important point being that shallowness describes a lack of dimensionality or scope or meaning.

Shallow people experience a shallow world. It is impossible for a person without depth to experience the depth that exists in the ideas, objects, or people of the external world. Because they do not have the depth, they do not have the faculties required for experiencing that which is beyond their faculties of perception, which are tempered by the depths of their character. That is why we say "this is out of your(my) depth." Shallow people tend to be uninteresting, because depth is what makes things interesting. They also tend to be completely uninterested, because they fail to see the depth of things. I've often met people who complained that they felt that they were boring. My answer to them is, if you want to be interesting, you need to become interested!

The universe has far more depth to it than most people perceive, because most people are shallow and incapable of perceiving its depth. The universe has many dimensions, it is incredibly deep and great in scope, and it is full of meaning. It is all of these things in greater abundance than you and I are presently capable of fathoming. Nothing that happens in the universe is meaningless, people only label events as such because they are too shallow to perceive the depth of their meaning.

In my opinion, this is a shame.... the goal of my existence is to experience all that lies in the great depths of the universe, to travel through its innumerable dimensions , and to discover the true meaning(s) of everything. It should be everyone's goal, and I think that most people would admit that it was their goal in life if they being honest, though for some it would probably take a great deal of prodding to admit. Its not an idea I would try to force on anyone, don't get me wrong. I believe it is in our nature, and in the nature of the universe as a whole, to want to explore its depths. And failure to see the depths of something can often lead to misfortune. A literal example would be stepping into what you thought was a puddle only to find that it was a deep pool. A metaphorical example would be thinking a snake was a stick, or recognizing the difference between a real or a fake threat. Shallowness, or failure to see depth, greatly impairs a person's ability to recognize errors, lies, or other forms of deception.

Here is a quick example of something that has great depth, but that most people are essentially too shallow to perceive - coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. People have a wide variety of methods of drinking it. Most of these people do not know that the beverage they are tasting has depth that goes way beyond what they are actually experiencing. Because of this, most people drink coffee that is actually utter garbage without knowing it. They buy stale, burnt, flavorless coffee, load it down with artificial cream and aspartame and other poisons and say it tastes delicious. They buy coffee "crystals" and use it as a drug to stay awake and alert, like a weaker version of other stimulants that come in "crystals" or powders or pills, legal and illegal. They drink it because they're addicts. They are have no interest in the coffee itself, only in its ability to induce the desired physical effect. Hence, they are shallow towards coffee.

I was fortunate enough to work in a coffee factory for about a year and learn to experience the true depth of coffee, the limitless combinations of body, aroma, acidity, and flavor that could be contained in the broth of a batch of perfectly roasted beans. I can say honestly that the act of drinking a cup of freshly roasted, freshly ground, french pressed, single origin coffee had a "deep" affect on me, as in physically, mentally, emotionally, and yes even spiritually (coffee was originally considered sacred and imbibed for spiritual/ritualistic purposes, by the way). I often got this feeling when drinking coffee I had roasted myself, but the best coffee I've ever had was roasted by someone else. Some people say you can taste when something is prepared with love and I agree. But love is in a dimension that most people can't perceive when they drink coffee. Because of this, the companies that sell coffee don't have to worry about making it with love, so they produce shitty coffee that is grown by slaves living under dictatorships on blood soaked soil, poisoned by industrial waste. They mass produce it in giant mechanical factories and process it in a variety of ways that completely obscures its original essence. That's the kind of coffee people get at Star$'s and McDonald's and mix with chocolate syrup and whipped cream and other chemicals and call it delicious.

So, in regards to coffee, and more importantly, matters pertaining to who we are, where we came from, and where we are going, most people have a shallow, superficial view and thus fail to understand the depths of what they are experiencing. And because of this, much misfortune has occurred and many opportunities have been missed. Innumerable lies have been believed, and incalculable suffering has resulted, and more is sure to follow.

Now, the big question is why are people so uninformed, shallow, and misdirected (as in blindly heading into an abyss). Part of the problem is of course, the people themselves. We have many excuses for maintaining our ignorance, (lazyness, indifference, human nature or aspects of themselves that are not "under their control") or not acting for our own benefit physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If they aren't making up excuses, some people will just flat out deny that they are wrong or misinformed, despite any efforts taken to broaden the scope of their knowledge.

Another excuse for shallowness, stupidity and ignorance and therefore all the various forms (or dimensions) of trauma that we go through for because of it, is that we are being influenced by others. We have been pressured, deceived, enticed, terrorized, enchanted, and "forced" into acting in ways that we know we shouldn't be acting and not fulfilling our greater potential. It is this excuse that will be my main focus in this series of blogs, for whatever duration of time I decide to devote to this idea.

As far as excuses go, its a pretty good one. Obviously external influences exert a powerful force on the behavior of people. Societies, governments, religions, media, education, family, friends, music, art, sex, drugs, fads and fashions, angels and demons, gods or devils, genetics and Jesus, and the stars themselves, all of these things are claimed at one point or another to influence our lives and our behavior, thus serving as an excuse to act a certain way when one can't think of a better reason for choosing to act that way.

This brings us to the issue of choice, or freedom, or free will. Most of the discussion of free will seems to center around whether we have it, or whether we don't have it, which to me seems like complete nonsense. Freedom isn't something you either have or don't have, like some object that you own, it is something that you have to a degree, as in on a scale of not free to absolutely free, you and everything else in the universe lies somewhere in between these two points. For example, a person probably has more freedom than a plant (though with some people I'm not so sure). Freedom, like depth, is also a multidimensional property. We can be physically free, mentally free, emotionally free, and spiritually free, all in varying degrees, and in each of these dimensions our degree of freedom lies somewhere between zero and absolute. In this country we have a great deal of physical freedom, but are we mentally free, physically free, spiritually free? I don't think so, at least not if you're Mr. Average or Ms. Normal.

So it doesn't make much sense to going around saying completely idiotic things like "Hey, this is a free country, isn't it?" This country has never been and never will be just a "free" country, its always been somewhere in between not free and infinitely free. No matter how free it is, it can always be more free, and it can always be less free. And right now, as should be obvious to anyone with a brain,in this country and much of the world beyond, the overall trend has been toward less freedom, and has for quite a long time now. We are in fact accelerating towards a society with a complete lack of freedom, a shallow, multidimensional prison.

Why is this? Why is the human race rapidly becoming less free, less intelligent, less multidimensional than it has been in past ages. If you don't believe this is true, compare a letter written by an average person twenty, forty, sixty, one hundred, one thousand years ago to the average written communication of today. Compare a Barack Obama speech to one by JFK, or Abraham Lincoln, or Shakespeare, Plato, Homer, etc. Compared to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans, Tibetans, the culture of this country, the postmodern nightmare we live in, looks like a steaming pile of excrement. Just look at our so called idols, our heroes, our Gods.

Whats our excuse? Well, as I said early, we often like to blame things on external circumstances, and there are understandable reasons for us doing so. We are, on average, heavily influenced by our environment, by the culture we live in. In my upcoming writings, I will focus on describing the nature, and the multi-dimensionality, of what these influences are, but for now. I'll provide just a brief overview.

As I stated earlier, we humans are not just stumbling about blindly and randomly towards greater or lesser freedom, greater or lesser depth, consciousness or unconsciousness, suffering and joy. We are currently being pulled, or pushed, or influenced, by certain external forces, in many cases intentionally. Meaning, a conscious decision has been made by an external force to blind us from seeing the multi-dimensionality of our existence, in order to influence our behavior.

What is this force? Now is not the time to give a full description of it, and to be honest I do not have a fully formulated concept of what it is, and perhaps never will, it may be too complex and multidimensional of a concept for my understanding. For now, I'll be intentionally cryptic, and say that this force, though present throughout the entirety of the universe, emanates very strongly from the direction of a certain group of people.

Now, this group of people who do not have a firmly established name in the lexicon of the average person, exert a much larger influence over our culture than your average individual. We often speak of someone being "powerful." Power, like freedom, is something that is multidimensional and exists in everything and can be measured on a sliding scale between powerless and all-powerful. Everything that exists has varying degrees of "power" in some sense(dimension) or other, and there are some people that have or seem to exercise more of it than others.

Therefore, it doesn't really make sense to say that this regime is "in power" or that "not in power," any more than it does to say that America is a free country. A person, group, or object can always contain more or less power.

In this country, we are often told that the president of the United States is the "most powerful man in the world." This is a complete lie. You've been raised to believe it all your life, but its complete bullshit. The president is a tool for more powerful people, and as far as I know, always has been. When the tool doesn't work the way its supposed to, the people who control it can easily replace it with a new one (see JFK). At the very least, all they have to do is wait for the next election to install a new puppet.

The president is a paid liar, and nothing more. He is paid to be used as an instrument to influence the public, to "sell" them on the idea going along with the "master" plan, be that invading a country, giving away trillions of dollars to foreign banks, giving up freedoms for the promise of greater security, lining up for a vaccine, paying a tax, joining the military, and so on.

Where I live, the majority of people seem to go around describing themselves as liberal, or if they're really arrogant, progressive. These people are religiously devoted to a certain cultural myth, that goes something like this:

In this country there are two tribes, the Blue tribe, who are the good tribe, and the Red tribe, who are the bad tribe. Every four years, the blue and red tribe pick their best warrior, and the two meet and engage each other in battle. Whoever wins becomes king. If the Blue warrior wins, he will rule wisely for the next for years and the world will improve, but if the Red warrior wins things will get worse.

At least, that's the basic premise, sure I left out Congress and Senate and running for re-election and the Supreme court and the electoral college and all the other little details that add depth to the facade and give media talking heads something to argue over. But most people, whether they'll admit to it or not, buy into this simple myth.

Despite the enormous evidence to contrary, most of these people will deny the well-established fact that the leaders of the democratic part and the republican party are working for the same people (the masters) and for towards the same end. There is easily enough readily accessible information on this topic to fill dozens of books, but I'll just limit my explanation to a rough outline of the most powerful people and organizations in the world, with one having the most "power".

1. ?

2. Elite Families, financial and political multigenerational dynasties. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Windsors, and other members of so called "royal" genetic heritage.

3. Corporations, particularly international finance,Intelligence Agencies, Non-governmental organizations, The Federal Reserve, Secret Societies,The Bilderberg Group,

4. Think tanks, round table groups, lobbyists, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Key "Policy Advisers," state officials, Military industrial complex, the public relations/mind control/social engineering complex, international drug trade, the CIA,

5.The President, The Senate, The Supreme Court, Major News Media, The Entertainment Industry, State Governments

6. State and City Governments, sychophant public officials and mid-level corporate executives, the military and police and low level federal agencies, special interest groups, political and environmental movements, the so called "intellectual elite"

7. The masses, the slaves, the prisoners, the cattle, you and I dear reader.

Now, the above model is only meant to be a loose representation of a particular ideal form than an actual representation of a physical structure. Physically, the structure is akin to a great blob, spider, or octopus like creature with dozens of branches extending throughout world, a parasite leeching off the host organism that is the human collective, a cancer.The central brain is composed of a small group of cold, calculating, hateful, arrogant, paranoid, angry, grotesque and twisted, inhuman minds, working more or less in unison. The ultimate goal is complete assimilation of the host organism, the loosely knit, global human network of ordinary, everyday, run of the mill, slaves, prisoners and robots.

This of course, is still just one viewpoint, one vague description of one rather small aspect of the the multi-dimensional totality. It is a structure, a form, and by nature impermanent, transitory, evolving. It is a map of an event that has a beginning and an end. It is true that this structure has existed in more or less the same form for hundreds, and probably thousands of years. Countless generations of people have been born and died under this system, but there is always a chance that the human race might survive long enough to see it disappear, perhaps when humanity has evolved to a point where it realizes its true potential and frees itself from the imposed structure and intentionally induced shallowness of existance. When this may occur, I have no idea. Right now would be pretty good time, in my opinion. But that's just me.

The structure I outlined above, is often represented as a pyramid. At the top, or capstone of the pyramid, are a small group of people who have a full understanding of the overall agenda, and future plans, or "great work of the ages" as the Freemasons call it. At the next step down the pyramid are a larger group of people who are privy to less information, and at the bottom are the largest group of people who generally have no idea what they are doing and who they are really working for. This is a structure based on secrecy, where it is necessary to withold as much information as possible from the lower levels to prevent it from being disseminated to the masses. If the true agenda was revealed, people would stop cooperating, as it would obviously go against what the public would consider to be to their benefit. Who wants to be a slave, afterall? Who wants to be the host organism to a blood sucking, soul destroying parasite?

So what is the agenda? In short, it is to for total domination and subjugation of all of the world's people and resources. The most desirable result for the people at the top of the pyramid would be the total enslavement of humanity, the abolition of free and independent thought and the implementation of a system of complete control over every individual, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This will come to fruition in the form of a single, world wide, technocratic dictatorship, a New World Order, in the words of the master class.

Earlier in this blog I brought up the idea of the shallowest person that we could think of being just a physical body without its own thought processes, emotions, or spirit. In short, a robot, an automaton containing the the bare minimum amount of depth to fulfill its "role" and continue its existence ( for as long as is deemed necessary). This is what the men who would be gods want for us.

Sound far fetched? From my perspective we're already 95% of the way there. The vast, vast majority of people in the world aren't walking around thinking their own thoughts, they're thinking thoughts that have been implanted from somewhere else - religion, abortion, democrats, republicans, population control, global warming, terrorists, gay marriage, racism -turn on the television and someone will sell you an opinion which you'll then be able to carry around with you like its your very own, but it isn't. Its been manufactured, pre-fabricated, and marketed to your specific demographic. Are you the young, rebellious, "anti-establishment" type? Try out this opinion on global warming! Nothing says edgy and alternative like driving a hybrid car!

All of these false dichotomies and fake problems are put out there to do two things, either distract us from important events that are actually going on and that they don't want us to be aware of, or to coax us into doing something that will further their "elite" agenda. About 90% of what you see on television, in newspapers, and in movies is coming you from one of the 5 major media corporations, Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, Bertellsmen,and Time Warner. These companies control almost everything you are allowed to see and hear. Do you honestly think they are working for you, the public, in the interest of keeping you informed so that you will then be better able participate in this wonderful little democracy of ours? Of course they aren't. They work for the masters of the pyramid.

If you are the average person, you probably lost interest in reading this blog a few paragraphs in. Maybe you have read up until this point, but disagree with everything I've said. If so, that's fine. There is probably nothing I can do to convince you. That is not the point of this blog.

So, what is the point of this blog? This blog is a ritual - I am attempting to caste a spell. In ancient times before written language, our ancestors performed certain rituals in hopes of altering the course of their future. They danced, they drew symbols in the sand, they prayed to the stars. That is what I am doing here. I am making a burnt offering, I am sending my thoughts out into the great abyss of cyberspace, in hopes that the Gods may hear me and have mercy on us. This is not a critique, an accusation, an expose, an opinion piece, a call to action.This is an attempt at altering reality itself by attempting to alter the way it is perceived.

I recently overheard some big shot in the company I work for say, "Perception is reality," as if this was some scientifically established, metaphysical truth, and then force her underlings to memorize the phrase and repeat it back to her. I felt relieved to be low enough on the corporate ladder (pretty much at the bottom) to not be forced to listen to such nonsense. This is what our masters are teaching people these days, that perception is all that matters, that perception determines truth. Talk about shallow and one-dimensional!

Perception does not make reality. No matter what we perceive, and no matter how we perceive it, there will always be a gap between our perceptions, or the world of appearances, and the world as it actually is. For one thing, perception is limited, but reality is infinite. Nothing can be fully understood without perceiving it from every possible angle, and we as human beings are mostly incapable of doing that. We mainly see things from only one angle, our own point of view, filtered through our conscious and unconscious egoic minds. We then act according to our perceptions, and our actions affect our reality, despite the fact that they can be based on false perceptions. Therefore, by altering one's perceptions we can alter reality, but that does not mean we have altered reality by changing our perception of it. Real is real, truth is truth, regardless of what we have to say about it, or how we perceive it.

It is my hope that this blog may alter the way this reality is perceived and help to catalyze a change in this reality. I have no desire for things to stay the way they are, I have no desire to see my fellow human beings locked in their shallow mental prisons. I want freedom, I want to live in a world that is truly free. I believe the cosmic plan for all beings is to evolve towards greater and greater freedom. I believe someday it will happen, because some day it must happen. I hope that somehow this little blog might help bring us closer to that day of freedom, even if it happens only a millisecond sooner. Even if it never changes a single mind, even if nobody ever reads it. I believe that what I am writing is the truth, and I believe that the more the truth is written and the more it is spoken, the freer we will be. Thanks for reading.


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