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Power Of Prayer It's Amazing

Updated on October 11, 2014

Most people don't believe in God, so believing in the Power of Prayer is something that is complete a myth. If you were to walk up to the average individual and ask them if they beleve in the Power of Prayer they would tell you No.

Prayer has a force that cannot be reckoned with. Prayer has a light that could lite up the entire Global Hemisphere. I have experienced just how Powerful Prayer can be and what and affect that it will leave on your life. When you can experience the Power of Prayer at work, it is truely and magnificent treat.

Heavenly Power

I know you have heard those stories about how a mother had no food for her children to eat and no money to buy any, and before the children could say that they were hungry, POOF! out of no where came dinner for today and every other day until your money came through. I have experienced that kind of "Heavenly Power" showed up just in the nick of time.

The Lord's Prayer (Patti Labelle)

The Prayer

When I first left my marriage, I thought that God was not pleased with me for abandoning my spouse and was punishing me for my sin. I left my husband on the agreement that he would pay me spousal support for at least nine months or until I was able to obtain me employment. Two months after I left home, in a new city, new state, with nothing but the clothes on my back. No money, no food, no health insurance, nothing alone and feeling like I am in a brand new world. What am I going to do?????


"Heavenly Father, I ask for that you forgive me for leaving my husband. I know how you feel about marriage, and I also know how you feel about your childdren's happiness. Father I was not happy for many many years. You know You seen, If this is my punishment for leaving my husband, then your will be done. If not Father I need your help. Father I am homeless, no job and hungry. Father you say that I have not cause I ask not well I'm asking Lord I'm asking. AMEN!

The Power Of Prayer

I was a homeless woman with a laptop, and I would go to Mcdonald's or Starucks and use their WiFi to put applications in and yes I had a cell phone. Oh did'nt I mention he continued to pay the cell phone bill. That is because he really didn't realize it at first, because it was being drafted direct;y from his paycheck. I would shower at Gold's Gym, I was able to obtain food stamps from social services, And sometimes I would get to stay at a shelter. When I couldn't get into the shelter, there was this church that I would sleep behind the dumpster, because church seemed the safest place to be if I'm going to be on the streets. It was hard from where I came from. My husband made good money and I lived well, and I didn't have to work. So, you ask why I left? Something I really never believed in, Emotional Abuse. Was always told that I was less than what I was. Stole my self worth. I felt like the nothing that he told me I was and the nothing that he treated as. It was his job, his mother, his brother, his car, than me.

On the fourth day after my prayer I received a phone call about a job interview, I accepted. That very same day while sitting in McDonald this woman three children came up to me and brought me a meal and ask if I had anywhere to stay. She gave me somewhere to go, and here I am..

Our God Is An Awesome God


The Power of Prayer is amazing, God says "You have not cause you ask not". I thank God for my journey, and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Because of it all, I'm a better me. Have a long way to go, but I'm working on it. My God Is An Awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above.

What do you believe?

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