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21 Most Interesting Facts About The Eternal Salvation

Updated on June 7, 2014

Salvation belongs to the Lord


Security of salvation

Salvation is God’s gift for humanity.

♦ No one can ever be saved by his good works.

♦ God’s salvation is very precious because He paid the precious Blood of His Only begotten Son.

♦ God’s salvation is offered exclusively on the basis of His sovereign Grace-no human work can be added with it.

Christ Jesus died on the cross to save us ;He continues His work on the throne to save us unto the uttermost.

♦ Lord Jesus Christ is the only one way to receive the eternal salvation.

Repentance and faith are mandatory conditions to receive the salvation of God.

Salvation is not by works; but by grace Alone


Salvation is based on the Election and Predestination of God

Eternal security of salvation continues as long us one remains faithful to God.

God’s predestination plays a major role in the process of Salvation.

♦ Salvation is not an accident; it takes place in accordance with the foreknowledge of God.

God's salvation is open to all people; but only those who have been chosen before the foundation of the world are being saved.

♦ The supreme purpose of God’s salvation is to transform us into the likeness of His Son Jesus Christ.

♦ Genuine Salvation can never be lost for it is based on grace and not on human works. However, it will keep producing godliness in our lives.

Gospel is to be preached to all


What every believer must know about the Salvation ?

♦ The great salvation includes forgiveness of sins, deliverance from darkness, regeneration of human spirit, imputation of eternal life, sanctification, justification, transformation and glorification.

♦ God’s salvation is for the whole man ,that is , human spirit ,soul and body

♦ Salvation is progressive : It begins in human spirit ,being worked out

during the earthly life and will be completed in the resurrection of our physical body.

♦ Though we are saved from the domain of sin , we continue to fight the indwelling sin nature.

Understanding the salvation

Salvation is associated with His Lordship

♦ The true salvation brings us under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

♦ God is able to save the people without any human help, yet He wants to use His chosen vessels to save others.

♦ Unless the Holy Spirit reveals to a person about the fallen –depraved –sinful condition of man ,no one can seek salvation.

♦ Through the Salvation of mankind God fulfills His Eternal purpose concerning His Son Jesus Christ.

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