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The Ancient Knowledge

Updated on September 9, 2015

Elena Blavatskaya

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The Secret Knowledge, Lost Continents, and Elena Blavatskaya

I have a vast knowledge, which I would like to share with humankind.

I'll start with the Lost Continents.

Elena Blavatsky, Theosophy.

In the book "lost Continents" I came across the mentioning about the recipient of ancient knowledge of Simon the Mague and Kaliostro, Elena Blavatskaya, who was the founder of Theosophy, in the 70-s of the 19-th century she joined the Atlantologue scientists. When she joined them, she lived in New York. Before she was a wife of a Russian General, then the mistress of Slovenian singer, then the mistress of an English businessman, then the mistress of a Russian Baron and a merchant from the Caucasus. (Area in the south of Russia), who lived in Philadelphia.

Her earnings mainly came from horse-riding on wild horses without saddles, in the Circus. Then she worked as a professional pianist, dealt with some kind of businesses, selling sweets and organizing spiritualistic séances. In general her career was extremely wild, though in the following years she started to exaggerate the facts, making her past very unusual and picturesque, representing herself as a haunted mistress, who traveled all over the world searching for the mystic wisdom. I have some of the same interests like her, and my life was very interesting and picturesque, but I do not want to exaggerate the facts of my life. I have been living in different countries and traveling all over the world searching for that mystic secret lost through the ages. I was looking for the ancient wisdom which would open me new knowledge of the universe, and eager to meet that special breed of people whom we can see very seldom on our life ways. They are different from the majority of other people, wanderers in this world of routine and boredom.


Sometimes I think I grabbed it, this knowledge is living in me, pulsating, telling me what to do, exploring this life more and more. I found this knowledge in God, He whispers the secret of His Universe in my ear. I suspect that there are a few people on this earth who live as long as I have been living, and the doors to the mystery is already partially opened to me. And it is incredible!

Back to Blavatskaya. Blavatskaya chose Henry Steel Olkotte as her occult partner, he was very shrewd American lawyer, he left his wife because of Blavatsklaya. Theosophy started from the moment this couple moved to India, where Blavatsky learned how to unite her wide knowledge of Western magic with some uncertain and subtle image of Indian Philosophy and mythology.

Her life was breathtaking, like a volcano, she had a huge mass of followers even after her forgery was exposed.

I have read her books, and "The Secret Doctrine"as well. It is the mixture of eastern and western magic, mythology, seven circles, about the seven main races of mankind. I think it is a bit chaotic, but definitely she had some knowledge which was not available for the majority of masses, even though she was accused in forgery, and did some fraud during her life.

Including the letters forged by her, saying that it was the letter written by Koot Khumi. She made fools of two Anglo-Indians with their connections.

Lost Continents: Lemuria and Atlantis.

Blavatskaya had the theory about Lemuria together with Atlantis. Her book likely is based on the "Book of Dzen", the original of which had been written on palm leaves. She stated that that book was shown to her by Mahatma in a state of trance, which had been written originally in Atlantida on the forgotten language cenzare.

Blavatskaya described the history of the earth in seven circles, during which the humankind went through seven main races, consisting of seven sub races, starting with jelly-fishes and finishing with very developed race.. The fourth race was Antlants, very peaceful people. According to her theory we are the fifth race, after which will be the sixth race called Giperboreans ( like the second race which existed on the Arctic continent Giperborea). Giperborea and Atlantis appeared in the Ancient Greek works about geography. On the base of their historic and occult works Blavatskaya developed her own theory. But I must pay tribute to her, how much she knew, and how much she read. One of the famous works about Atlantisis by Donnely's : Ätlantis".Blavaskaya also supported her theory with the knowledge of the book "Rig-Veda", or the book of Vedas.

Harris wrote in his theory that the reason why God destroyed Atlantis was their use of evil magic which they practiced extensively in Atlantis. There followed series of catastrophes in Atlantis. It is associated with the story of the Bible about the flood, when the earth disappeared under the water.

On the base of paleography it is possible to prove the world flood, researching the past earth surfaces on the base of history and geography. The earth layers are changing with time, and going one on another. You can trace the events on the stone images which underwater cities and where were existed, huge prints of existing animals in those times, what streams of the oceans existed and where. We can suggest like this which continents and where were existing. For example one type of huge animal existed in two parts of the earth now divided by water, so we can suggest that North and South America were separated in the first half of the epoch, the period of kaynozoy. To the end of miotsen period the Panama Isthmus raised. The crystal light layers of earth are closer to the surface. Geologists suggest that at the bottom of the ocean where there is sial (glass like crystal layer) means there was land some time before.

If you compare the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and pyramids in South America, like Chichen Itza in Mexico or Machu Picchu in Peru, you will see similarities in their constructions.


In the next hub I am gonna reveal to you the secrets of pyramids.

The Tribe of the Black Panthers (from Atlantis).

  1. I. My dream

I wish it was true, the real life, with amazing adventures. I am a Russian, now in Dallas, in TX. The weather sucks today, it is raining, it is cold, and I am sick with the cough for the second month.


I was interpreting for the NASA. It was the second space ship they were going to send to that planet again. I remembered my first trip when I was a little girl. It was also the first spaceship American/Russian project. I remember my Mom and Dad they were young and beautiful people. When we were on that planet, something happened. There was grey hair, looking like some animals’ hair soaking through and squeezing through canalization and plumbing systems of the ship, they were going through construction holes too. Nobody knew where they were coming through, even when the ship was in the air. Mom was stuffing in the cracks with cotton, tearing down and putting parts of clothes there, also we could not use the sinks, as they were coming through the plumbing, the toilets too, it was a big problem. I don’t remember how we escaped, as I was little, and I had only partial memory recollections. Thankfully we made it back safe. Now it is my turn, I am grown up and working as interpreter for NASA. There two Russian guys and two Russian girls going, and one of the girls is me.

The new spaceship had the ability like the first one to be both underwater submarine which goes to the very depth of the oceans, and a spaceship, which can fly at different speeds, sometimes between the cities and countries like a plane. Inside the ship there is a big hotel for the staff and astronauts with sports facilities, swimming pools, saunas, and a garden. I can say it is like the whole city. There are offices with a complicated computer systems and a spaceship control panel.

I have to work in the office a normal working day from 8 till 5. The first meeting was between the American and Russian high echelon commanders in chief. Jack Wolfe was the head of the American team, and one of the Russian astronauts was Yuri Gagarin’s grandson. On the ship there were pictures of the astronauts who participated in the first flight. The treaty was signed about the mutual research and benefits. The first expedition was decided to go to the depth of the ocean. I do not know why, but I had to go down to the ocean depth with them. And I remember the big bunkers they were going to slide down from the ship to the very depth. The pressure is so high there that it can squeeze the metal, the bunkers were built like a monolith from the metal that can resist pressure; the titanium-doped steel, it is the best metal to withstand the pressure, and the spherical shape is the best structure to withstand pressure as well.

To be continued

The Mission in Nicaragua. The animals.


The rests of the Atlantis in the depth of the ocean

We were the first to go so deep, we went deeper than the hydrothermal vents. I would not say there was much of a flora or fauna, rocks, yes, and volcanoes, volcanoes of different colors and shapes, garden of volcanoes. From time to time we could see brightly colored jellyfish, so called sea cucumbers. I tried to breathe slowly and keep myself calm. We had to wear very heavy equipment, and the room of the bunker was also filled with compressed air with nitrogen. It was heavy on our bodies. I felt the pressure on my elbow from the oceanographer Scott Parker. I turned to another glass, and before my eyes the amazing Plato appeared. It was shiny golden, and I saw the walls of gold, and the ruins of some temples, and the street, like the one I saw in Perge in Turkey left from the Roman Empire times. Over the “street” was hovering the huge rock of red balzamit, and the huge rocks were everywhere, some of them were purple, shining with gold and bluish. I could see manganese nodules, salt mountains, lime stones. But evidently it was an ancient city ruined by the catastrophe of moving platos. A sudden thought came to my mind – Is it a legendary Atlantis we are looking at? All the reading I did about it, and unending dreams about it, as if connecting me with this legend.

Oceans cover 70 percent of Earth's surface, host a vast variety of geological processes responsible for the formation and concentration of mineral resources

"Look!”, - Scott pointed my attention to a huge monster looking at us through the window; it was so-called angle fish, a huge monster with razor teeth. I felt already like I am on another planet. After some time we saw a flatfish, and also squids.

Dr.Parker told me if we bring these creatures up to the surface, there will be nothing left of them, as it will be like a jelly mass, they can exist only under the enormous pressure in the depth of the sea. “We are in Mariana trench, the deepest level of the sea”, Dr.Parker said, “what you can see here, you cannot see anywhere else.” It is complete darkness; we have the outside lights helping us to observe the surroundings, but here and there I see flashing lights - blues, reds, greens. “What is it?”- I asked Dr. Parker. “They are invertebrates, and the light they give off is what is known as "Bio-luminescence" they naturally produce this light so they can either see prey, or as a defense mechanism.” Some new creature appeared before my eyes, it looked like murrain, but its mouth was enormous, I could say it consists mainly of this huge mouth with sharp horrible scary teeth! Ït is a Gulper eel”, said Dr.Parker, “some kind of an eel”, - added he. We started to explore the ruins of the ancient city again, from some of the rocks which were shining, it was phosphates, the creatures crawled out looking like squids, but they were bigger, and scary looking. The corrals! They were really bright colored, which was so strange to see at this depth, almost ephemeral.


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