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The Importance Of God's Grace In Avoiding Corruption

Updated on April 17, 2016

Corruption is a spectrum of vices that has engulfed virtually every citizen's of the world. There is therefore an obvious paradox that we who wage this war and the target of the war are one and the same persons. I make bold to declare that almost everyone is corrupt, although at varying degree. No one is exempted no matter where one is positioned. Simple acceptance of this fact by all and sundry amounts to half the battle already won. The theory that can be done to identify fully this war campaign, is through in depth educational enlightenment on the consequences of corrupt behavior on the society, and the individual actors on the other hand.

The distress in which our society is passing through is obviously not its inherent nature, but has been inflicted on it by man's in his magnanimity. God bequeathed to every society ample resources for human fulfillment, he never leaves any unprovided for and bereft of hope. However, it is up to man in society to organize and administer God's largess for the benefit of all, guided by his regulatory principles.

Therefore,every human action in the society contributes towards either the enrichment or impoverishment of the living standards of members of that society. Since corruption consists, in actions which violate God's regulatory principles, each corrupt act dealt a deathblow to the prospects of the realization of an egalitarian and prosperous society. Poverty, under-development and unemployment are therefore to a large extent a function of man-made economic phenomena.

They inhere in the selfish and impious attitude of the generality of the people towards wealth in the society, irrespective of the massive and abundant human and natural resources. Where indiscipline in public life and unrestrained squander-mania in the handling of public funds characterize national affairs, there is bound to be a serious dent on the image of that country and crisis in their economy.

Although when only few citizens succeed in enriching themselves through means that are ignoble, it is the quality of life of the masses that becomes the parameter for evaluating the performance of the Government. For most developed, developing and under-develop countries of the world, the present situations is pathetic and calls for some fundamental re-orientation and re-organization in personal attitudes.

For the individual, it is even more painful, the tragedy of man is that he is so carried away by the allurement of material pleasures that he fails to learn from history. He loses sight of his transient nature, the reality of the repercussions in human actions and the ultimate requirement of accountability. That one is blinded or ignorant or even a victim of loss of memory, does not nullify these facts.

The Law of retributive justice must surely have its course, only repentance, renunciation and restitution can deliver one from the boomerang and retroactive consequences of such breach of societal and eternal values. Orientation has be to embarked upon in the belief that people should begin to strive towards a life of decency, rectitude and contentment, bearing in mind that "A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions".

This dictum is no way discourages human from striving for the good things of life, it rather warns against all kinds of greed, which stir up the instinct to seek to satisfy one's desires by unwholesome means. It is also an invitation to a life of contentment and physical well-being as the basic components of a successful and fulfilled life.

The Battle against corruption cannot be fought on the periphery alone. Corruption is not only deep-rooted, but also deep-seated in the nature of man. Man in his fallen nature cannot but be corrupt, he his not only frail and feeble; he is also carnal and depraved. Give man some noble powers, he misuses them by the gratification of his natural corrupt inclinations.

Even without powers, in any given state, every imagination of the thoughts of the heart of man is only evil continually. Incidentally in the midst of the corruption that ravaged the old world, there was a man, called Noah, a just man and perfect in his generation and walked with the Fear of God. What makes Noah keeps his integrity in the midst of the wickedness and corruption of his time was that he found grace in the eyes of God being generated in his soul.

Grace, therefore is the only antidote to corruption. grace has been made available to those who sincerely acknowledge they cannot deliver themselves from their evil nature, and voluntarily repose their faith in Jesus Christ, for his loving favor. It is this grace that teaches man to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, contentment, upright life in this present age and generation. It is by grace that one can become a partaker of the divine nature that enables one to escape the corruption that is in the world through lust.

In the absence of grace, man could at best restrain himself from corruption, out of fear of its consequences or of being seen or even escape the embarrassment of being considered an odd person. Besides, it is easy to be religious, but it requires a strong faith and unshaken resolution to swim against the torrent. It is grace only that can provide man with a constant care to do the will of God and to see worldly possessions as uncertain, soon to pass away, like the plants and flowers of the field. It is grace only that will enable man to do the right and eschew evil when no one else but God Watches him


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