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"The Promise Fulfilled"~Part Fourteen~

Updated on April 14, 2016

We Have to Choose

Do not fooled by Satan, he really does exist and he exist in our world for one reason only. That reason is to do everything that he possibly can in his evil power to thwart the purposes and plans that the Grand Designer has for our individual lives and for the world around us.

Although the evils I beheld as a child are somewhat different in some ways compared with what transpires today in the year 2013, they were none the less fearful to me then. Oh, I never saw anyone cut anyone’s head off etc. But evil comes in many different disguises and forms to mankind.

There is much evil that might seem to us insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but is nonetheless evil and therefore not of God. That unapparent though significant evil will silently and insidiously take possession of us if we allow it to. Take it from me, before you even know it it has happened. I know because it has happened to me, over and over again.

There is the evil that insinuates itself into our lives as a seemingly benign entity that is clothed in the guise of drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions of all natures, and the undeniable perversions of the sex act which God gave to men and women who are married as a blessing to each other and to procreate in the earth.

There is the evil that seizes control of a person with a gambling problem which compels the person to gamble away his or her family’s livelihood. There is the evil found within the pages of a pornographic magazine which someone, perhaps some innocent child maybe, picks up out of sheer curiosity and looks at it and before they know it has them bound and suddenly has become a sickness to their very souls.

This evil is a sin disease that takes hold of that person and begins to act like a cancer inside of them slowly but surely eating away at any real distinction within their psyches to any longer be able to discern the truest sense of what is right and wrong concerning the human body and what God intended for us to do with them in order to honor and glorify Him.

Their dulled senses make them even vulnerable to becoming the evil that lies within the dark heart of the person who commits pedophilia and sells child pornography in order to get their “high," and in order to achieve their fix.

And there is the other evil that is also found within the heart of man. The type of which I am speaking here is the kind which Satan uses to compel a person to go out and kill another person and somewhere in the most terrible places inside their psyches they suddenly find themselves addicted to torturing and killing people and thusly become serial killers.One can become addicted to all nature of things. Good or evil things. There just seems to be that "draw" at some people who seem to be more vulnerable than others.

The world seems to have no shortage of the evil and cruelty that we seem to be capable of inflicting upon one another. I haven’t even skimmed the surface. I used to think that drugs, alcohol, sex and maybe gambling were the only addictive vices in our world, but today I see it differently. As I said, the ones I have mentioned only touch at the very tip of the iceberg of the innumerable evils which exist in this world today as we as human beings have become more and more Godless in our beliefs and the honoring and glorifying of God for who He is. Of our belief in God Himself, as God, and our treatment of one another.

In the year 2013 of our Risen Lord, where even some self-proclaimed Christian’s sit back and watch while people all over the world are suffering because of that first sin which took place in the Garden and do little to nothing to help them thinking that what little they can do on their own will not help at all, but it will. If we all collectively did what little we can in a combined effort it WILL make a difference in other hurting people’s lives.

When Satan lied to Eve and tempted her to disbelieve God and sin by appealing to her ego, as well as to Adam’s, he began an evil work in their lives and subsequently in all of our lives and hearts which continues on a far greater and grander scale today. Whatever we allow him to do he will do. But if we belong to Jesus He will never be able to tempt us above what we are able to endure or overcome. Even though we may not realize it at the time. More often than not I have recognized the truth of these words I have written in retrospect rather than, many times, before the temptations occurred. But I'm getting better at remembering now. one day at a time.

You and I have to choose whether or not we will personally believe and live obediently before God, no one else can do it for us. We cannot do so for our mates, our children and grandchildren, or the people with whom we choose to associate. We have to answer for our own behavior when we stand before God, no one else.

The evil which resides in the heart of men to which I earlier alluded does not preexist within the actions of the people who perform them for no one is truly born EVIL. We are, however, born sinners. God wouldn’t allow for that to happen. At least not my understanding of His Holy nature. As I said, born a sinner yes, but evil, no. That is not who God is.

Evil is a purposed choice of action by any individual’s free will decision to commit it. Of course there is no debate as to the author of who all evil is, but he cannot make us choose to listen to him and his ideas. The same one is behind all the lies that say that somehow people cannot help what they “are." I surely do not mean to minimize the horrors and injustices that are perpetrated upon the innocent, I wouldn’t do that are intimate anything of that nature.

Even as rough as my growing up years were, I cannot conceive how some of the people’s stories I have heard in my time even survives some of what they did. But within the natures of a people who choose to live their lives without God, in other words, who choose to live Godlessly and who want to know nothing about Him or His Son nor His ways? These are of the garden of humanity where Satan sows the tares of his crop to influence the world by what they choose to believe and do.

And I tell you, just as God’s Word has told me and any other soul who is longing for the Truth that will set them free, there exists no “gray” areas between right and wrong in God’s eyes. Black is black and white is white, so is it with sin. Sin is living in disobedience and rebellion to God, therefore partial obedience is still disobedience and therefore sinful. All sin is evil, and evil is a sin.

I am writing this “blog” because not only do I have information to share with you that can save your lives here and now, but also information to share with you that if you take Jesus at His Word which can set you free and save your eternal souls, you will never regret it. I desire in my heart of hearts, rather it is my mission, to share with as many men, women, teenagers and children created by the Almighty Creator, who will take the time in this ultra fast paced world to listen as I attempt to proclaim to you the Truth that will do even more than save your physical lives and your eternal souls, but will give you joy and peace NOW.

Not one person has to die and suffer torment and separation from God forever, it is a matter of one's making a choice. Choosing this day who you will serve, either God who loves you and created man in His very image to bless him and to give him dominion over this earth? Or Satan who despises you because you were made in God’s image. And because God loves you, Satan hates you.

God made mankind with the intent to have fellowship with us each and every day, not just halfheartedly perhaps one day a week. Nor did He create Hell for human beings, but for Satan and his demons and the fallen angels who also rebelled against God along with Satan. God didn’t create even the angels with a robotic nature but they also have the free will to choose to serve Him or not. Satan and the fallen angels are proof, at least to me, of that.

If human beings die and go to Hell it will be because of our own personal choices we made in life. Rather based upon one choice and that choice being having personally and wholeheartedly either accepted His Son Jesus for who He is, or rejecting all that God has done so that no one needed to have to go to Hell. For Jesus paid the ultimate price for us all being our sin bearer. God has certainly provided each subsequent generation since the fall of man the information to persuade us of the realities of both Heaven and of Hell.

There will be no parties in hell by the way. No “shooting galleries” or “crack houses” in the pits and cells of hell. No sexual perversions or acrobatics of any type at all. No money and no power but his over those who are condemned to go there by their own free will choice. No beer or alcohol fests there either. Satan just uses these types of things to entice us and keep us away from the Way and the One who would have changed the everything of anything about us, inside and out.

There will be no sleep nor rest in hell, no water to drink, only fire and flame and suffering and torments. Let’s face it, hell is exactly what and how the Word of God tells us it is throughout it. One other thing though, about the people who died having chosen hell for their eternal homes? There are no exit signs there either, should one go there it will be forever. There are a few though, well, really more than a few for there are thousands of people who God actually allowed to die and go to hell to experience it’s horror and then return to tell us all experientially what an afterlife in hell would consist of.

These of whom I speak, whom God, in His Divine plan and mercy, allowed to return, I believe the majority of their testimonies for Satan would never want mankind to know what he is really like and what “home” with him would be.

As I before shared with you there are also those who have died “in Christ” who also experienced Heaven and the awesomeness of the Presence of the Lamb of God, who speak of seeing their saved friends and loved ones in Heaven. And the angels there and so much more exciting stuff! I truly believe with all of my soul that the reason’s for so many awesome testimonies and, for those who experienced the torments of hell, how their lives were subsequently revitalized and changed? I personally believe these testimonies are due to the intervention of an Almighty, Sovereign and loving God. So that in permitting these types of testimonials, they can testify to those of us who are living the reassuring and undeniable reality of the joys of Heaven and the equally undeniable horrendous ordeal of what just a small taste of what it would be like to be in hell.

There are books written and programs filmed filled with some of the testimonies of real life people that you can look up in the phone book or on the internet who share with us all their very own real, up close and personal death and dying experiences. And then the ensuing “quickening” of their physical bodies so that these people can fulfill the purpose of their Lord by proclaiming the truth that there is an afterlife, that dead isn’t DEAD. They do so by their sharing with us the truth that there exists a life after life in one of two very real places.

Perhaps the term I could use here that you might be most familiar with is; that there IS life after death. In one world, or realm, if you will allow me, of an eternal existence for humankind for all time without end. Such programs and DVD’s with which you may or may not be familiar with are “The Lazarus Phenomenon”, “To Hell and Back”, “The Evidence for Heaven” “23 Minutes in Hell” and Ian McCormack’s DVD, "A Glimpse of Eternity." Parts of some and some of their entire testimonies are on youtube as well.

There are more than I can name. I make copies of the ones that I can - (which ones I have permission to) - to share around in Doctor’s offices and what not because many times in today’s modern secular society many who will not pick up and open a Bible? Will watch a DVD which I pray at least may make them take stock and consider the facts stated within them.

All of the above titles I mentioned? There are many more out there! All of them depict stories and scriptures found in the Bible which also match's the nightmarish testimonies of those who had died without Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The stories of these men, women, and children will either make your toes curl up in terror, or make your faith leap into the clouds for the sheer joy of it. They will either fill your longing soul with anticipation, or with a dread previously unknown before when you thought hell was just a word that some preacher’s use as a scare tactic in order to get you to behave. Make no mistake though, if one dies having never truly accepted and believed in Jesus for who He is will spend eternity in hell. The men and women of whom I spoke who returned were God’s instruments. There are billions more who did not.

Jesus Christ is the Lord who willingly left Heaven in order to come to earth to pay for our sins, to take our sins upon Himself on the cross. Don’t we at least owe Him the respect of investigating into the matter for which He gave His all?

Whether or not you choose to acknowledge this the most ultimate of truths will not negate it still being the truth and will in no wise take away from Him His Lordship over all creation. If you accept it what it will do is begin to change everything about the who of who you are right now. But only you can make that decision for yourselves. Only you can make that choice about whether or not you will make Him the Lord of your own life and serve Him for who He is here and now. And for all eternity ever after, both in joy.

Right now you can be set free from the bondage's that hold you a prisoner in your own flesh and mind. The thoughts of when, how and if you’ll ever be able to change never have to be a source of torment for you any longer. Because as I may have already stated several times already; Whom The Son Sets Free, Is Free Indeed. I promise you, in fact I stake my own life on the truthfulness of that statement. The Truth which lies in Jesus Christ alone.

I stake my life on the fact that what He has done for me He also will do for you, and you and you. There have been, and continue to be, many astounding things that I have learned in my seeking of Godly knowledge and tools with which to fight the enemy of our souls. I will also share some more of these with you. Ones which have refilled me over and over again with renewed awe at the Wonder of our Lord and God. Won’t you decide to invite Him in as He knocks upon your battered and besieged broken heart’s door?

Back to what I was talking about, yes, hell is real, but Jesus went there when He died on the cross as He conquered hell, death and the grave. He went there and took away the keys from Satan. He also took back all the Authority which was given to him with the sin of Adam and Eve all those thousands of years ago when they chose to believe Satan’s perversion of God’s Person and Word, instead of believing the One who created them. Jesus also set free those who were in a place the Bible calls Paradise emptying it forever and taking to Heaven those who were there..

Jesus is ALL Powerful and has all authority in the earth. Satan has none except that which we allow him to have over our minds and actions. And you and I, because of the Authority of Jesus Christ, now have power over the enemy in Jesus' name. We have none of our own, but if we belong to God through Jesus' atoning death, burial and physical resurrection we have access to all the power Jesus has to defeat the evil one's purposes in our lives and in the lives of those whom we love and care about.

I’m not stupid in thinking Satan is just some sort of “chump”, what I am saying is that Jesus has ALL Authority, and that we, in Him, have authority too. For Jesus is God's only begotten Son.

So...anyway? The people of whom I spoke to you of earlier, I’d advise you to listen to their stories for they are true. And they are real. Just listen to them and watch their faces as they tell their stories and you too will see clearly that these people are speaking the truth to us.

Satan would have you believe that it’s all a “crock”, that hell doesn’t exist at all. He’s even got some of you believing that he doesn’t even really exist either. What a sad, SAD and tragic awakening it will be for you if you are among those who do not believe in Jesus and those that do not believe that Satanand hell are real. Or if you don’t heed the warnings of the people who cared enough about you to alert you to his deceptive tactics and limitless tricks and shadings and perversions of the truth of who God and Jesus really are. Satan’s never ending lies will go on and on and on if you allow him to continue to delude you into error and sin.

You see, despite the reactions of our secular media concerning the testimonies of their all too real experiences of heaven and hell? Along with their mockery they also risk the ridicule of regular people like you and I. As do I in my own way in what I am trying to do in writing this for those who still suffer. Yet it’s more than worth that type of cost to all of us of a few malingering, maligning and wagging tongues who seem to have nothing better to do than take apart a thing or a person with whom they are neither familiar nor understand.

You might well ask and why don’t they understand these truths which confound the most intellectual of men and women? The answer is a simple, yet profound one.

Because they choose to deliberately not seek to understand by purposely choosing to reject the only begotten Son of God. They do this effortlessly because that is what human kind does when it doesn’t believe in nor serve the Creator of all that exists in this earth and in the heavens above.

All that exists, exists solely because He chose to create it by the Word of His mouth.

The secularists will dissect a thing until they, in their own minds, can justify their views to themselves, to each other, and to you so that they therefore negate all the evidence to the contrary of their not so “learned” theories and in so doing go back to the original lies of the Enemy which they are so much more comfortable with in the first place. For the last thing that they want to do, it appears, is to change, or give us the opportunity to do so.

Among the last things these people wish to do also is look within themselves to find their hidden motives, sometimes hidden from their own selves, and their collective agendas so that they can continue committing the sins against God that they in their lost conditions so love to commit. Even if that means keeping the rest of us in the dark as well.

Take a look at what created human beings have been seeking to do to their Creator God and, for that matter, the entire blessed Trinity of the Godhead. People can deny the existence of their Creator all they want to, yet that does not negate His existence at all. Nor does it negate His marvelous works which can be seen with the human eye every single day. Even the things which we cannot see with the naked eye are marvelous and miraculous to behold. His works were and are made manifest throughout the entire Universe. Yes, one can deny His existence all they choose to now, but I promise you, for the Word of the Living God proclaims it, that very soon there will be and is coming upon mankind a Day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father:

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." {Philippians 2:5-11}

Where there is now a choice? One soon coming Day there will be none any longer for Jesus will at long last receive the honor and the respect that has always been His due as He ushers in fully the Glory of God the Father. On that Day God will finally be recognized as the One true and only God of all creation. No more dilly dallying around, no more idols or distractions will be allowed for mankind. On that Day we will either give our all or we will have nothing to give. Actually that is what it should be right now, our all for His glory. After all God gave His all, His Son Jesus, for you and for me.

Speaking solely for myself as one who has been freed from a prison that was far more real than the one I spent time behind the iron bars of. I gladly risk the foolhardiness and most foul mouthed of anyone as opposed to not obeying the call of God on my life. Out of love and obedience to my Lord and Master....and out of love for you too, the still suffering addict. Because of this I choose to stand up and give credit and praise to whom it is due, Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God.

I wonder, do YOU know Him today? You can! All you would have to do is choose to believe on Him and receive Him into your heart as your own personal Lord and Savior. All you have to do is choose to recognize Him for who He is and why it is that He chose to come to this earth for our sakes. You can find Him right there in the pages of the Holy Bible. In the Book of Genesis He is the promised One who will come. In the Book of John as the Word who was made flesh He will reveal Himself to you for who He is. And in the Book of the Revelation He will reveal Himself to you as the coming Holy One who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. From the first book of the scriptures until the last He is there within it’s pages, waiting to introduce Himself to you and show you a new way of life in which you can choose to live free.

Now I know that perhaps you might think I am dwelling too much on God and Satan in this blog, but without Jesus there would be nothing to write about. No way for me to show to you the way which you also may be set free from whatever it is that has you bound in by invisible chains.

When I tell you of Satan it is to try and make you aware that he is real too. Just as real as God is although Satan is also a created angelic being who chose to become evil and rotten to the core. He’s not your friend though you might have concluded that he was since he is the one behind setting you up with all of these temporary fleshly pleasures. But I assure you that Satan is not your buddy for his sole aim is to keep your attention focused upon yourselves and the world around you. And he will attempt to do so by whatever means necessary to accomplish this aim. Anyone and everyone who ever really loved you in this life he will steal from you. Either through physical death or separation though strife and discord amongst you.

I wasn’t lying to you when I shared with you the fact that I became acquainted with many of his ways while I was still a practicing addict. Of course there are more twists and deviations to the totality of the incarnate evil being that he is. No mortal person could ever possibly be able to come anywhere near to conceiving of the frozen cruelty that is he. Satan has everything to do with all that is wrong and evil in the world today. He always has been and he will continue to be until God sends him, along with those who have chosen him, at long last into the lake of fire for all eternity.

Addiction is, as I also shared with you, a bondage of which there is a Strongman who is the overseer, so to speak, and he stands guard at the prison doors of your flesh so that you will not be able to escape them in your own human power.

Now Jesus, He is the Chief of the Department of Corrections, so to speak, or the Governor who will stay your execution if you choose to allow Him. For your death is most certainly what the Strongman and his boss have in mind for you. They want to ensure your misery here and your torment forever in the same lake of fire to which they will ultimately be consigned. A fire which will burn for time without end.

There are five parts to hell I’ve learned, none of them good and all of them horrible, torturous and filled with unending agony. Satan is a master craftsman. He is the master of all debauchery and every type of sexual perversion and obsession. Whether they be addictions to people, places and/or things, he is the sum source behind them all. And through them he seeks to destroy you as he takes over and begins to orchestrate your life. There exists different types of addictions to substances that will cause you to want to sell your soul, if need be, for just one more fix. You will come to the point where I was, one fix is too many and a thousand are never enough.

A great number of Rock Stars and Heavy Metalist, actors and actresses’ etc, throw the name of Satan out there like it’s, I don’t know, cool or nothing but a thing. They are foolish people who at the same time go about dishonoring and blaspheming the name of Jesus whose name is above all other names in the heavens and on this earth. If only they knew Him who they slander with such relish! People did the same exact thing to Him over 2,000 years ago and they are still choosing to do so today.

There is all manner of merchandise for what ails you out there on the market in 2013. Tell me, what ails you exactly or do you even know? Can you label it or put a name to it? I can assure you of one thing with absolute certainty, for I’ve sampled almost everything which the world has to offer for a balm for the human spirit. And that is that which is manufactured and sold in the confines of this temporary world never lasts. There is only one thing, one Person who can answer every desire and deep down need of the human heart, His name is Jesus. I’m telling you that when you accept His “merchandise” you will never look elsewhere again and there are no imperfections in His workmanship. If you will allow me, for I do not in any way, shape or form mean this irreverently at all: "There is no “high” like the Most High.

It is only the merchandise of Satan that will tarnish and corrupt your soul in ways of which you have never dared to even have nightmares about. I should know how he works for after all he was the false idol, through the avenue of drugs, that consumed my life away like a cancer, sucking every centimeter of joy that I allowed him to out of it.

Satan knew in what ways to “get at me” long before the drugs though. He operated through my childhood fears and insecurities. After all I was only a very small child when a "spirit of rejection" took a hold upon my young mind that no matter what I did in the ensuing years I could never feel like I was ever truly loved by anyone. Or that I belonged anywhere or to anybody. Nor did I ever feel “good enough” for life. Satan is a liar all of the time and the father of them all.

His motive? Pure unadulterated hatred. Not only for God but all of us as well. ALL of us. The very ones who serve what he has on his itinerary too. There are no “perks” in the realm of hell. The lost who are sent there by a righteous and holy God for rejecting His Son will have their lot there in everlasting torment forever, time without end. I know I keep telling you this but I have to warn you, I wouldn’t sincerely have any love in my heart for you if I didn’t.

Now God’s motive behind His creation and His workings in our hearts and lives is, and always has been, love. The Ten Commandments were given to us to instruct us in righteousness even as they showed us what sin and disobedience is. Without them mankind would never have known in what ways we erred against God. His Word instructs us on how we are to live our lives before Him and be far more happier human beings because of it. It instructs us on how to conduct our personal lives and our interactions with one another as well.

I found out that by beginning to follow His “Instruction Manual” that God’s ways are the only true and real ways that will bring happiness, joy and fulfillment into my life. The same will be true of your own lives as well. Because at the crux of the matter is this, we’re the same, you and I, with the same underlying needs, longings and feelings. God’s ways, as we learn how to follow Him through Christ Jesus, will begin to fill our hearts with contentment and an internal sense of peace as we allow Him to have control of our lives and live in and through us. A Joy that is continuous and unspeakable.

Not to intimate to you that problems will no longer still arise, temptations from the enemy will still come. But with Christ all these things and more are now surmountable obstacles in our paths. As for myself I never ever before, in my whole entire life, had the slightest “clue” as to what the term “happy” really meant, much less the word joy. It is The King Himself who has bestowed upon His servant these certainties, freedom, love, joy and peace living inside my heart. All these things now and eternal life with Him too! What else could I possibly want? NOTHING! For it is Jesus who fills the hungry, lonely and aching heart with His overflowing love. So, not only Heaven to come, but in reality a very real “type” of heavenly experience with Him here and now. We don’t have to wait until we die to really live in His Presence, we can do it here on this earth and we can do it now as we seek His face in 2013!

So if there are any among you who will choose to mock me, well go right ahead for I will risk it for Him. For Him and in Him I will risk all that the world cares to throw my way. For as long as I know that I have Him? I indeed have everything that is worth anything at all. For Jesus is my everything, my breath, my sight, my hearing, my heart, my freedom, my love, and my life.

more to come......


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