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The higher self!

Updated on January 23, 2017

As you see our body is here
Our soul to our higher self is near
This told to me by a seer
Who is a friend to my heart near
Our physical body when in this third dimension
To connect to our higher self is an obstruction
A good deed done causes our higher self to ascend
A bad deed causes it to descend
We are here and there simultaneously it does prove
And gives us substantial reason to improve
Tis told our higher self is objective
On earth while living we are subjective
Nature of this three dimensional world is deceptive
If we look within and our perceptive
To the real truth we will be receptive
The world is full of illusions
Which create in our mind delusions
To this we need a real and final solution
Which will cause of these delusions a dissolution !


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    • profile image

      viju 15 months ago

      Very good and true.I like it.