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Traits We Can Learn From Men of the Bible

Updated on August 3, 2015
Just like a butterfly who underwent metamorphosis to be this beautiful,a person can develop his traits in a process to be fully matured,awesome and beautiful too.
Just like a butterfly who underwent metamorphosis to be this beautiful,a person can develop his traits in a process to be fully matured,awesome and beautiful too. | Source

If there are traits you want to develop, before you practice it, take a better look at the real life stories of these men in the bible. You can learn by heart by understanding how they live a life that is not just stirring but more of glorifies God.

Radical: Noah

In his time, people are so evil they didn’t even mind God. But Noah got the attention of God because he and his family consistently obey Him. Because of so much wickedness in the world, God decided to wipe them up but not Noah and his family. So Noah led the built of an ark, as God commanded him even though he hasn’t seen rain and they are in a very dry land. Consequently, Noah and his whole family became the laughingstock of many. Noah displayed a radical character that He willingly go against the flow because his that sure that obedience to God is what matters. How many times we are put in a situation that we had compromised our faith just to go with the flow. Clearly, Noah is a picture that it’s okay to be radical and you can never go wrong with God.

Positivity: Caleb & Joshua

Long before positive mindset term was born, Joshua and Caleb are the pioneers of them all. Joshua and Caleb were part of the twelve spies Moses sent to Canaan. All the other spies they are with, terrified their fellow Israelites reporting that they will surely die because their enemies are taller, bigger and numerous than them. This caused huge grumbling and distrust to God of the Israelites. Joshua and Caleb on the other hand encourage them that they can definitely possess the land because God is with them. God was pleased by the trust and positivity displayed by Joshua and Caleb that He decided that only them and the next generation can enter the promise land. They have to wait for the previous generation to all die, because that generation is doubtful and didn’t fully understand that they can count on God. Joshua and Caleb’s positivity comes from their trust that God will be the one who will deliver them from their enemies. God is undeniably the true source we can have if we want to be positive.

Joseph: Resistance to Temptation

Tempted in a numerous times but still did what’s right. Joseph is handsome and Potiphar’s wife persistently tempts him to have sex with her. Joseph stands by his decision to honor his master Potiphar and more importantly his God. Many times he flew away whenever he encounters Potiphar’s wife. So even though he was blamelessly accused of rape by Potiphar’s wife and was imprison, he still trust God and do what pleases him.

A simple wooden staff serves as a symbol of Moses leadership.This was turned into snake (Exodus 4:2-5) for others to believe that God has appeared to him
A simple wooden staff serves as a symbol of Moses leadership.This was turned into snake (Exodus 4:2-5) for others to believe that God has appeared to him | Source

Leadership: Moses

Moses really earned his spot to be one of the greatest leaders in Israelites history. By God’s guidance he led an Exodus of millions of people from the tyranny of Egyptians. He was hesitant many times by God’s commands because he had a speech problem and he wasn’t sure of his ability to lead slave minded people. But God truly qualifies the one he called and is with Moses every step of the way. What’s more fascinating in Moses’ character, is that even though he wasn’t able to enter the promise land of Canaan, he still lead the Israel and prepared his successor Joshua to be the Israel’s next leader. And despite the agony of so near yet so far of the would be dream come true entering of Moses to Canaan, he still guide the people of Israel. In the book of Deuteronomy he had long speeches of reminders to Israel to always obey, love and honor God especially now that they would reach the promise land. Moses showcase that a true leader will still be happy for the victory of the people he lead though he was not with them. I think that Moses knew he also had an unseen victory, and that is- he lived his life that pleased God.

Loyalty: Ruth

Ruth a Moabite woman still sticks to his mother-in-law Naomi though his husband had died. Although Naomi pushed her away to live her own life, she still wants to be with her mother-in-law whose two sons and husband were dead. Women at those times who are widow can leave the family of his husband and be with her family. Ruth was different. She takes responsibility of finding ways for them to survive during the famine. In a turn of events, as she was gleaning (a practice where farmers leave some harvest left for the poor to get and eat) she met his soon to be husband Boaz who owns the land she was gleaning. Boaz is a relative of the family of Naomi, hence a kinsman redeemer and can marry Ruth. The loyalty Ruth displayed to Naomi was rewarded, as now she had an estimable husband and she and her mother-in-law will never be distressed of the famine.

Though David was anointed as King of Israel,he knew that God is the ever true King.
Though David was anointed as King of Israel,he knew that God is the ever true King. | Source

Humility: David

He was the true and original giant slayer, the killer of ten thousands Philistines, a powerful King of Israel and been called “the man after God’s own heart”. His credentials were incredible but he was also just a man who sinned. David committed adultery by sleeping with Bathsheba and schemed the killing of Bathsheba’s husband Uriah to cover up his sins. But when the prophet Nathan rebuked David and blatantly said the he has sinned, he immediately confessed it and felt the need to bow down to God and repent. How humble it is for a King to accept a prophet’s reminder that he was wrong. Someone who is that powerful could have just put to death anyone who messes with him. But David is different. I guess that proved that he is really after God’s heart.

Patience: Job

He was the man who had everything and in just in an instant loses everything. Right from the beginning till the end he never gave up his faith in God. He loses his wealth, his children, and his wife despised him on still holding on to God. He suffered severe skin sores all over his body. His friend deserted him. Any misfortune we could ever think of, Job suffered it all. But still he trust God. And because of this, he regains everything twice as much as before .God blessed him with so much and overflowing. When in life we think that we’re tired, ready to give up and had enough, we better look at Job.

Courage: Matthew

Matthew is a tax collector, a prominent position anyone wish to have, yet when Jesus called him to be his disciple with this three words: “Come , follow me”, he immediately responded and obeyed. He left everything just to be with Jesus. Though it’s without certainty and he will surely be persecuted, he knew what’s important and that’s to be with Christ. That’s courage! A perfect example of coming out of comfort zone. People at that time wondered why Jesus would have want, Matthew, a tax collector and labeled as a great sinner as his disciple. But in the end, Matthew proved everyone wrong, embodies that anyone can be change by Jesus and his gospel transforms millions of people around the globe.

Hope: Paul

He started as the leading persecutor of Christians and when He saw and talk with Jesus on the road to Damascus, he immediately changed his ways and his being. He wastes no time spreading the good news of salvation through Christ. He wrote profound letters that occupies almost half of the New Testament. He was hunted by his past by many. Yet this didn’t deter him to proclaim the love of God. Paul’s life is a testimony that even you made terrible decisions and actions before, you can always turn to God and be His ambassador.


Love: Jesus

Among them, Jesus is the ultimate epitome of love. What he has done on the cross is incomparable. Imagine dying to save all the people who persecuted you from eternal death .Jesus from being hailed as King at first now was accused as a liar. We can’t even fathom any logic of sacrificing your life to people who despised you. And Jesus love was that supreme. He left his considerably comfortable less complicated life in heaven and obeyed his Father to be born here on Earth, be a child of a carpenter, preach the Word to difficult people and die in a gruesome, excruciating way. If we are to look for a mentor to teach us how to love, we definitely need follow Jesus’ example. It might seem crazy because nowadays we sometimes love only those who loved us. Jesus did the inconceivable loving of his enemies. And that what makes Jesus’ love exceptional. And He said that we are to do it to others as well.

Which of these traits you can say "in progress" now in your life?

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