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Updated on May 22, 2018

We know a lot of things and not everything we know we understand. We can see a lot of things and not everything we see we understand. We have a lot of friends and only a rare few who understand us and vice versa. We do not need to understand how the car works to drive it to where we want. We do not need to understand how the computer and Internet work to do our business transactions online. We do not need to understand why it takes hundreds of people, several months, and millions of dollars to make a movie that we can watch it in the theater for a few dollars. The doctor needs to understand how the human body works before one can safely treat a patient. The financier needs to understand how the business works before one is allowed to handle other people’s hard-earned money. The lawyer needs to understand the civil codes before one is qualified to defend the innocence of the accused. We do not need to understand all that are going on around us to live a happy life. But, without the understanding of the consequences of how we live, our survival on Earth will not last long.


In our life, we come to know a lot of friends from school, at work, and through the relatives. Most of them are just casual acquaintance with whom we share only superficial greetings like the weather, family overall well beings, and or political/economical situations. Some of them are casual friend with whom we share common interests in social/leisure activities, and or participate meaningful discussion in science and religion. Only a rare few who can be our close friend with the shared understanding that:

  1. Our deep feelings and secrets will stay with each other only,

  2. We will be at each other’s side in times of trouble,

  3. We tolerate each other’s short comings, forgive each other’s mistakes, and appreciate each other’s unconditioned supports.


When we are young, we are controlled by our emotions:

  1. We are frustrated when things do not work the ways we like without first attempting to understand why,

  2. We are angry when we do not get what we want without first attempting to find an alternative,

  3. We are jealous when someone else is getting a better deal without first attempting to work harder,

  4. We are impulsive and jump into conclusion based on first impression and superficial observation.

    As we grow older, we begin to understand the power of our emotions and how to channel them to positive results rather than falling victim to their destructive consequence. Uncontrolled emotions can prevent us from using logic and reason to face and solve our problems. On the other hand, emotion can be a positive driving force that makes friend out of enemy, turn obstacle to opportunity.


It is not until we gain the knowledge of physics, mathematics, astrology, and cosmology that we understand:

  1. Why the Sun rises and sets at regular intervals,

  2. How the Earth spins on its axis while rotating around the Sun incessantly,

  3. What are the laws that keep the order in the Universe, etc.

    It is not until we gain the knowledge of anatomy, biology, physiology, and anthology that we understand:

  1. Why there are such multitude and diversity of living things that can be found almost anywhere on Earth,

  2. How we are related to one another as well as to all living things on Earth genetically,

  3. What are our limitations and capabilities, etc.

    It is not until we gain the knowledge in politics, sociology, economics, and ecology that we understand:

  1. Why the laws and capital punishments are necessary to maintain order and peaceful co-existence,

  2. How unregulated wasteful products and the uncontrolled consumptions cause irreversible damage to the environment,

  3. What roles we shall play to keep Earth habitable to all the living things, etc.

6th Sense

We are the only living things on Earth who can understand the world around us. Nature may appear to be unpredictable, harsh, unforgiving, and sometimes, outright destructive. We are able to see through the mountains, deserts, oceans, forests, earthquakes, extreme weathers, etc. to understand the mechanism behind their occurrences. The understanding is the cumulative efforts of countless humans as documented in our 7 thousand years of civilization. We still need to understand:

  1. How to find cure to cancers and a host of new diseases associated with people having a longer life span,

  2. How to unlock and harness the inexhaustible energy inside the atom of any matter before we exhaust all other energy resources,

  3. How to explore and colonize the other worlds in the Universe so that we can divert our creativity and imagination from killing one another.

    We started by relying on our senses for survival. Today they are primarily used for pleasure, leisure, and culture. It is our capability of understanding that cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, felt, and heard, that has made us the most dominant player in the game of life.


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