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What Is The Meaning Of Fishers Of Men

Updated on July 15, 2009

What is the meaning of Fishers of Men?

Over two thousand years ago it started with one simple command to four fisherman on the Sea of Galilee.  Two pairs of brothers.  Simon and Andrew along with James and John. 

While spending the day fishing Jesus begins preaching on Simon's boat to the crowd.  After a full day of teaching Jesus tells Simon Peter to take the boat out into the deep and to throw his nets down.

Simon Peter obeys Jesus but has just spent the entire night before out on the water and caught nothing.  This was a leap of faith.

The nets are thrown out into the water and before Peter realizes it the nets are so full they begin to tear apart from the weight and the boat actually begins to sink.

Quickly James and John leave the shore on their boat to help Simon and Andrew.  They pull up beside the boat so that the casting net was in between the two large ships.  Quickly the 2nd boat begins to sink from the weight of the nets and the fish spilling into their boat.

What is the meaning of Fishers of Men?  After this amazing miracle that Jesus gives these four fisherman he pulls them aside on the shore and said to them from this moment on I will make you fishers of men.  Men who will bring men into the kingdom of God.

The gospels record that the men immediately left everything and followed Jesus.  May that be our example as followers of Christ.

For a complete teaching on this section of scripture and a complete audio of the message please visit What is the meaning of Fishers of Men?


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