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Why I don’t want to comment against Salman Khan regarding Yakub Memon comments.

Updated on July 26, 2015

Being Human.

No crime, no harm.
No crime, no harm. | Source

Hindu or a Muslim?

I don't know what Salman Khan said actually, but I believe he has not said anything that is against India's well being. I have not gone through the Yakub Memon story, but if he is associated with Mumbai blasts, he must get an appropriate punishment. By appropriate, I mean appropriate. Every life is important and no one should be hanged till death without sufficient proof. But, if there is a good proof that Yakub was associated in the atrocities, he should be hanged.

Many people just find it a reason to voice against celebrities, but they support their hatred and insufficient knowledge about a person (of a different religion) without even realizing this. I am not saying this because I like Salman Khan as an actor. I have seen many hardcore Hindus who think they are the saviors of all Hindus. They feel like Hinduism is in a great danger. Our religion should be preached and saved from threats, but that doesn't mean that a goon with some great provocative quotes should be considered a great Hindu leader. A leader who uses hatred as a weapon is very dangerous as he might incite a simple person to act heinously.

I am a true Hindu and I don’t have any doubt over my dedication towards my religion and country. But, that doesn’t make me a perfect leader to lead a full bunch of people. I have seen many Hindu leaders who just resort to meetings and discussions when you ask them for help in case of religious disharmony. Would they lead from the front if a war starts? It is easy to mislead people by provocative words, but it requires courage to lead from the front. So, I invite all Hindus to judge their leaders well enough before they take their words to be a true reflection of their will.

Also, I think, it is not right to connect a religion or a community to some miscreant's madness. Even if lots of Muslims are hardcore and engaged in terrorism and other criminal activities, lots more are simple, common men like us. Terrorism was active in Assam and Punjab as well, but that doesn't make all Assamese or Punjabis terrorists. Many people think that an opinion is accepted by a whole religious community, but this is not true. Islam is a very vast religion and there are billions of people who follow this faith. I don’t think there is no second opinion in case of Islam. They are also like other human beings and we should not just select people to target with our hatred when someone makes a comment in the media about a person of the same religion.

My idea of Indian Muslims is very friendly and bright. I want Indian Muslims to be a very successful, happy and benevolent community. I want them to succeed following their passion for their religion. There is nothing wrong in believing one’s own faith, and I respect the dedication and honesty of Muslims. They obey their religious norms and this is a good quality. There is nothing wrong even if their norms are quite opposite to those of Hindus. People have the freedom of faith; diversity is a very significant attribute of progress.

However, I do not support illegal immigration; or destruction of historic monuments etc. that is currently being carried out my militants in the middle-east. I know there is real danger in Assam if illegal Bangladeshi immigration is not stopped right now. But that doesn’t mean I should start chanting slogans against all Muslims. In fact, if you analyze Assam’s problem, it is more geo-political than religious. That is why I say we need good leaders and not just the fools who keep shouting that Muslims must be evicted.

Therefore, my request to all educated youth is to really study well enough and be knowledgeable about a story before making a comment or judgment. There are many Hindus who are bigger threats than Muslims for the existence of Hinduism and well-being of Hindus. Moreover, it is 21st century and we are in an era where economic prosperity is more important than religious superiority.

At the end, I want to give you a practical example. I was in Delhi for three and half years and I have been to the Jama Masjid. It is a serene and majestic religious destination. I felt the same pride and serenity in the Masjid as I do in a temple. During my visit, when I was coming out of the Masjid, I saw some beggars by the streets. I knew, their true intention was to acquire some food so that they could practice their religion. It is equally true for the Hindu beggars who keep waiting outside the temples. When your stomach is empty, you are neither a Hindu nor Muslim. You are just like an animal in search of food, an animal which has been civilized to wear dresses and follow the complex human norms. So, be careful when you show your love for your religion. The religion may itself be in hunger for a real devotee.


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