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Worth More Than Gold!!!

Updated on November 26, 2014

People of Purpose

Today I wanted to focus on Ephesians 4:30, which says, "And do not grieve the Holy spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

This scripture is trying to explain who we are, and what the Holy Spirit is created to do. Taking the first portion of the scripture, "And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God..." we can indicate that what the writer was trying to say not to ignore the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit was meant to guide us through the path of redemption. He was made to tell us right from wrong, be our shelter, our helper, and friend. Ignorance toward him would trouble the Holy Spirit, and it will trouble our lives.

In the second portion of the scripture, "...with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption" it is trying to tell us who we are in Christ. In the middle ages when a very important person would write a letter, they would close the envelope, pour a special wax over it and mark it with their seal. Their seal tells the reader who they are, and it also tells that the writing is the original, marked with a purpose. When the scripture says that we were sealed for the day of redemption, it is saying that we are people of purpose, and as long as we keep the Holy Spirit in our hearts with our ears open, we are marking his course for life!

Who are you in Christ? My challenge to you is to take a wipe erase marker, look in the mirror, and right next to your head write "Who am I in Christ?". Every day, ask God what he sees in you, and then ask your family and friends what they see in you. Write down everything they tell you (positives and negatives) on the mirror. Every morning look at everything you wrote down. When you look at the positive things, ask yourself, "Am I going to choose to do this today?" and when you look at the negative things, ask yourself, "What can I do to change the negative actions preformed?"

Prayer- Lord God I thank you for marking us with your seal, the seal of God on our hearts. We want more of you and we are willing to open our ears to what your Holy Spirit has to say. Set a fire in our hearts today to hear your word, and listen to your sayings. Thank you God in Jesus' name...



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