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10-11-2010 UFO Hiding in Cloud

Updated on February 13, 2011

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Watching Clouds at Night

I have many interests. Sometimes my interests intersect as they did on the night of October 11, 2010. One of the things I love to do is watch clouds. Day or night I always look up to watch the clouds every chance I get. Right now I can hear some of you saying that you can’t see clouds at night. I have heard this over and over by so many people. I often wonder if it is a case of they just don’t go out at night, they walk around with their eyes closed or they simply don’t look up at night or, maybe, where they live there is very little light at night.

Oh well, whatever the cause of their unfortunate handicap I assure you that where I live I can easily see clouds in the night sky. I can see them because they reflect or refract or absorb the light from all the street lights, parking lot lights and all the other light sources around here at night. I can tell if the clouds are low in the sky or if they are very high. I can tell by how white they are. The whiter they are the lower they are in the sky. Low level clouds can sometimes be blindingly white in the night sky. High level clouds are darker and the higher they are the darker they are as long as I’m looking north, south, west or right above me. But if I’m looking east the clouds get darker the farther east they are no matter how low they are. That’s because there is a pretty big lake east of where I live and lakes are mostly black at night. No light to reflect, refract, or absorb means that the clouds are always dark above the lake.

The Strangest Cloud

October 11, 2010

On this one particular night I had taken my dog out at 9:00 pm. We walked out to the back half of the yard and I stopped and let her go on about her business. As usual I first looked up to the west. The sky was clear with a few tiny stars scattered here and there. It looked the same to the south. Looking north I saw a huge grey cloud bank. I remembered that cities about an hour north had been having heavy rain storms earlier and the cloud bank I was watching was what was probably left of the storms. Then I looked east and saw the strangest cloud formation I have ever seen in my life.

Moving Fast

 It looked like two white fingers or that somebody had painted two fingers with white paint in the sky. They were very white which meant they were very low in the sky. As I watched I realized that these clouds were moving very fast. On the ground the air was still with the occasional gentle breeze. As I watched I felt that these clouds were moving a little too fast. In just a few seconds it had moved from it’s original position to here.

To here looking ESE (East South East).

I became almost mesmerized by these strange clouds and relaxed into them as I watched their movement. Memories popped into my mind. Memories about UFO’s hiding in clouds and how they can actually create clouds to hide in. UFO’s are another interest of mine. I felt an uneasiness creep over me.

It wasn’t just strange fast moving clouds I was watching. Then I remembered other stories about how some people have projected their thoughts at UFO’s and have had a response from the UFO’s.

They Stopped Here

So I stared at the strange clouds and focused my thoughts at them. I thought “You’re a UFO. You’re not a cloud. You’re a UFO.” I had thought this over and over and over. In response to my thoughts the clouds slowed down and came to a complete stop. To say that I was amazed is an understatement.

 I continued to focus my thoughts at them -  “You’re a UFO. You’re not a cloud. You’re a UFO.” - as I did I saw three small whiter puffs form a triangle on the cloud formation. “What is going on,” I asked myself.

Looking NNE




A not so gentle breeze suddenly came up and blew a few hairs into my eyes and my eye lids slammed shut. As quickly as I could I brushed the hairs out of my eyes and opened my eyes as fast as possible. When my eyes opened up again my head was facing more NNE (North North East) and I witnessed a brilliant flash of light behind the cloud bank. It was huge like something exploded. But it happened as fast as a flash on a camera. In a millisecond it was there and gone.

 I spun my head around to look at the clouds again and to my amazement half of the lower finger cloud was gone. It just wasn’t broken up like how normal clouds gradually dissipate or get rearranged by time and the forces of the wind. It was just gone. It took maybe, at the most, five seconds from the time my eyes shut to the time I was looking back at the finger clouds. At the most five seconds had passed and I would figure it was less than that.

Normal clouds don’t break up that completely that quickly. It just doesn’t happen. Normal clouds don’t slow down and come to a complete stop in response to our thoughts. Well they don’t unless I’ve developed some sort of wacky telekinetic ability. Or unless it was a normal cloud and I had somehow connected to the cloud spirit within and the cloud spirit was surprised to receive a telepathic message from a source on the ground. Maybe the cloud spirit slowed down and stopped to find out who was thinking at it. I suppose that either could be possibilities. Maybe it was just coincidence.

But neither explains the brilliant flash of light behind the northern cloud bank. Nothing I can think of explains that. If the brilliant flash happened below the cloud bank ( between me and the cloud bank) I could say that it had something to do with me brushing the hair out of my eyes. Like a trick of the eyes. But the flash was partially blocked by the cloud bank so it happened above the clouds. No trick of the eyes could be blocked out by a cloud bank.


Then there is the sudden not so gentle breeze that blew a few hairs into my eyes just at the right time to prevent me from seeing something. What did I miss seeing in those few seconds my eyes were closed? The timing was too perfect to be a coincidence. I had been staring at the clouds for quite a while so what happened they didn’t want me to see. What did I miss?

I slept just fine that night but, on the second and third nights after the event I woke up with the covers sideways on my bed. So I know something had happened those nights. I’ve got no clue as to what happened I just know that something happened. I might have just been having disturbing dreams. After that I went for a week where I couldn’t sleep at night. I could sleep during the day for a few hours, but that was it. It was like I was forcing myself not to sleep at night. I didn’t feel afraid to sleep or at least I wasn’t consciously aware of the fear. I just couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t sleepy. I was tired and exhausted, but not sleepy.

I still don’t know what happened those two nights but, to be honest I really haven’t done any meditations to find out if anything happened. I also haven’t programmed myself for any dreams to explain it. I’ve tried hypnosis in the past for a couple of other events and it was a waste of time and money. At this point in time I really don’t care. As far as I can tell things have been quiet around here and I want to keep them that way.

Looking back at this event I have to wonder if it was all planned some how. I mean think about it. What are the odds of such a strange cloud formation forming in the first place? What are the odds that such a strange cloud formation would be in the sky when the only other clouds in the sky were far to the north? And what are the odds that it would be there at the same time I usually take my dog out?

All I can say is this keep looking up, be aware of your feelings and if you get a strange feeling from a cloud formation keep your thoughts to yourself unless you want something to happen while you sleep and not have any idea what happened.


Time for Videos

 These first two give you examples of UFOs hiding within clouds. Watch them carefully.

UFO 2011 The BEST UFO Evidence EVER captured on video January 2011

Incredible UFO Sightings Cusco Peru - Machu Picchu 10/22/2010 not 2011

Sometimes I think that the UFOs and their pilots want to be caught on film. This next video shows a similar craft apearing in Turkey on three seperate occasions 2007, 2008 and 2009. The third time it was witnessed by Dr. Roger Leir, who is a highly respected member of the UFO community, and in my opinion a very credible witness. This video actually shows an occupant in a window. I just wonder how long he had to wait to capture this UFO on film himself. Dr. Leir has a fantastic website at .

Turkey UFO Clearly Shows Aliens – Dr. Roger Leir

These last two UFO videos are just really cool. The first one you have to be a little patient for but, the wait is worth it. The last video is my favorite. It is short and sweet and shows just how important it is to have eyes in back of our heads.

Jerusalem UFO Two Different Angles/ Videos Synchronized

UFO Tenerife - Teide - Canon EOS 7D


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    • teresa8go profile image

      teresa8go 6 years ago from Michigan, USA

      Hi agvulpes!

      From all that I have learned about UFOs they can be from here on Earth (Present time), other planets, other dimensions, or Earth (Future time). There's a UFO researcher by the name of Bill Chalker. He was born in Grafton, New South Wales, Austrailia. I heard an interview with him in 2005. He's an excellent speaker and great story teller. He wrote a book called "Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions". He's the only UFO researcher I've heard speak of finding actual DNA evidence.

      I saved the best for last in the videos! Short, sweet and proving to everyone that they better carefully check their videos because a UFO can show up any time.

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 6 years ago from Australia

      Well I believe that there are UFOs but only as Unidentified Flying Objects, not necessarily space ships from other planets. The last video you have up there is sure interesting?