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10 Best Links to True Ghost Stories

Updated on February 23, 2010

Ghostly Presence

Have You Ever Seen A Ghost? by fairday
Have You Ever Seen A Ghost? by fairday

Handheld Ghost Sensors

The Eerie Presence of a Ghost

The Unhappy Ghost by fairday
The Unhappy Ghost by fairday

More Ghost Hunter Stuff

10 Best Links To True Ghost Stories

I love to read true ghost stories and about other true paranormal experiences that people are willing to share. There are some really freaky things happening to folks out there involving the paranormal dimension. You run across the occasional story that seems fake but for the most part, the fear is palpable when someone reports about a really scary experience that happened to that person.

I hope you enjoy this great selection of true ghost story links. I have chosen links to pages where the true ghost stories are updated frequently enough to remain interesting. Without any further ado, as promised, here are some excellent true ghost story links.

1. Archive X Paranormal Stories - Ghost Stories, Angel Stories, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences and Past Life Experiences
There is a great archive of true ghost stories. You will enjoy reading the articles under the other paranormal topics too.

2. Stephen Wagner's collection of true ghost stories as sent in by readers at
This collection has true stories about ghosts and all types of paranormal stories.

3. Unsolved Mysteries: Most Recent New Stories about Ghosts
This is another archive that is regularly updated with true ghost stories. The paranormal topics are categorized so it is easy to find your favorite paranormal topic.

4. Asian Horror
This site has both older stories and new modern stories that you will enjoy reading.

5. Near Death Experiences
Not strictly ghost stories but related in a way since these are stories about near death experiences where some people meet with relatives and friends who have already passed over. Although the archive has expanded to include stories of everyday people, at one time this archive was a collection of stories by scientists and medical personnel. Their sister sites are: After Death Communication at and Out of Body Experiences at

6. Bourbon Street Contributor Stories
New Orleans has the reputation of being one of the most haunted cities in America. Read many chilling and not so chilling reports about some of the ghostly and haunted events that happen in that city.

7. True Ghost Stories
The ghost stories are all listed on one page which makes for easy access to the stories.

8. Obiwan's UFO Free Paranormal Page
This is another great old archive of true ghost stories that is updated regularly. This place has gotten pretty big since it started.

9. A Family's Experiences with Ghosts
It seems like some ghosts like certain locations and to haunt some people more than others. You can read about this family's experiences with the ghosts in their family and homes.

10. True Ghost Stories at
This is another great archive of true ghost stories. You can link to the archives that have been sorted by years starting in 1999. That is a lot of ghost stories to wet your whistle.

I hope you enjoy reading the true ghost stories at the links that I have provided. Just read the stories in the daylight and you will be fine!


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    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Shadow lands is one of my favorites they have a lot of cool and interesting stuff on their website. There is another site I like to visit that would fit right in here

    • Joy At Home profile image

      Joy At Home 8 years ago from United States

      Thank you very much for the compilation. I've enjoyed the links.

    • fairday profile image

      fairday 8 years ago

      thanks, dale and yeah, connie, ain't it weird when the spirits can affect this side too.

    • Connie Smith profile image

      Connie Smith 8 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

      My daughter made an amazing observation after moving back to Ohio from Florida a few years ago.  In Florida, you don't hear folks talking about their homes being haunted, but in Ohio, many of my daughter's friends have said that very thing!

      When we lived in Ohio before, our own home had its share of "spooky" incidences.  When I left and moved to Florida, I found that I missed our ghostly presence and wished that it had come along for the ride.

      My absolute favorite incident was when I was in the kitchen baking a cake and a lone glass in the sink (no water) IMPLODED and turned to glass dust, leaving only a few larger pieces to show what it had used to be -- this incident happened on my Grandmother's birthday and it was her cake that I was making!

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 8 years ago from Canada

      I have bookmarked the hub and this is one I will definately be coming back to