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10 Daily Reminders for a Struggling Christian

Updated on March 23, 2017

10 Daily Reminders

1.) You can trust God.

You can trust him with your time, dreams, thoughts, hopes, and passions. If you can’t trust Him, the rest of this list doesn’t matter. Those things get heavy, give it to Him.

2.) There is no easy way.

Say it out loud. There. Is. No. Easy. Way. Say it again. You need to stop looking for it because it is a lie. The time you spend looking for the easy way is more than it takes to do it right. There is no mystery to solve, when it’s worth having it takes time to get.

3.) Don’t act on guilt

If you don’t want to do something you know you should, don’t put energy into forcing it. You are probably not a good enough actor to pull it off. Drop everything and instead use that time and energy to deal with the reason you don’t want to do it.

4.) Focus on who you are, not where you are.

Situations don’t change how life is lived; it’s always the other way around. It’s simple, think about what kind of life that “new situation” is supposed to bring about, and then use your time and energy to start living that way now.

5.) Less is more.

Nothing is as beautiful as open space, both in your mind and on your desk. Objects will never be anything more than objects, and can never lead to change. Resist the urge to continue adding things into your life. No one is clever or creative enough to make perfection out of clutter.

6.) One thing at a time.

I don’t know who told you that you have to always be multitasking, but they were wrong. Stick to one thing and knock it out of the park, seriously. Do one thing. Do it well. Take satisfaction in the job you did. Tie up ALL the loose ends. Repeat.

7.) Make your decisions like you want to live.

Extreme decisions lead to an extreme life. Selfish decisions lead to a selfish life. Cowardly decisions lead to a cowardly life. Lazy decisions lead to a lazy life.

8.) Breathe life into every situation.

Try your best to be the giver in every situation. It changes everything. The environment in which you live will be life-giving if you cultivate a life-giving spirit in them.

9.) Dream about the step you are on.

Hopefully you’re a dreamer, which is good. However, most dreamers have a nasty habit of dreaming about things three or four steps away. This leaves you restless and frustrated when you have to actually complete the step you are on. You will get there, and you will never run out of dreams.

10.) Look for God’s approval.

If we are being honest, even though you "love" everyone, you don’t really "like" most people. So why do you need their approval? People approved of the crucifixion, and needing man’s approval leads to living in fear of losing it. Desire God’s approval and know you already have it. He will never love you more than right now. Have Courage.


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