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Why Are Fundamentalist Christians and Other Believers In The Bible So Slow To Evolve? Living The Lie Of Dogma.

Updated on May 25, 2013

Is it possible to be a good Christian and not value the truth?

A while back I read hub by Mi Walt titled why do people hate Jesus? Hmmmm I thought, do people really hate Jesus? Seemed like a rhetorical question, a set up if you will to preach some good old gospel. Well I must confess over the years I kind of have taken a liking to Jesus, well the historical Jesus that is, not the canned packaged Jesus of the church. As far as I'm concerned when it comes to Jesus maybe less is more. I like to focus on the very basics of his teaching, the idea of peace through love and not get all lost in the church's fluff that they produced to maintain the status quo and their empire of power through Jesus. To me Jesus wasn't that interested in power or wealth.

This idea was met with derision by the writer Mi Walt. As I expected the writer was writing back to me as if they owned the Jesus message somehow. I was told basically I knew nothing of him. Could it be that because I wasn't towing the age old church line used in their endoctrination process my admiration for his basic message was being rejected by a Christian? Today I have nothing to fear thank God, but down through history running up against the dogma of the church could land you in serious hot water or burning in a pile of ashes.

In the past knowledge that ran contrary to Christian doctrine just wasnt accepted. I'm not sure how Christians do it but I could never reconcile the history of the church and Jesus. The protestant movment made some serious progress but it was a limited progress. They made the mistake of keeping much of the heavy Christian baggage and could not escape its gravity. So I wasn't at all surprized when our back and forth comments ended with Mi Walt claiming that it took more faith to believe in evolution then in God. My detailed comment was deleted by Mi Walt again. Not once but twice. Question is why?

I had the feeling it would sooner or later come down to this. I told Mi Walt I wasn't going to blame Jesus for a endoctrination process that not only didn't open peoples minds but looked to stifle the human mind with subjective dogma that wants to substitute religious doctrine for science. I would like to suggest that there is something inherently dishonest about this policy. The church gave up burning witches and sinners long ago but Christians never gave up on the idea of controlling what goes into the free minds they can get hold of. I just cannot believe at this point in time Jesus would not value the truth above lies.

I tried to explain to Mi Walt that first off there are many creation stories throughout the world, the bible is just the story of choice for Christians, Jews and Moslems. The truth that Mi Walt wants to keep from you is that the church tried like the devil himself to destroy these competing cultures through it's long bloody history. I cannot reconcile the true love of Jesus for humanity with this type of power grab. Truth is when the Christian church was adopted by what was left of the Roman Empire it then became the Roman Empire and moved away from the real Jesus and traded the power of love for the power of empire. Jesus, a simple peace loving man without his desire or consent is made into a warrior God of Empire.

You soon realize that merely loving Jesus for his message of peace through love is just not going to cut it with fundamentalist Christians who vision themselves as missionaries. They want you to swallow the churches whole rig, hook, line and sinker. They boldly tell you as Mi Walt did that you must accept their version of Jesus or else you just don't know the real Jesus. I told Mi Walt I prefer the non packaged, non canned Jesus without church preservatives, flavoring and unhealthy additives like creation science aka intelligent design and the other needless baggage belonging to the empire of Jesus. I'm guessing if God did create the human mind it would want us to use it to it's full potential and not believe in such silly childish notions like God is playing easter egg hunt games with dinosaur fossils to challenge us. Really?

Having studied insects and spiders in Thailand for over 4 years I asked Mi Walt if the writer actually believed that God created the spider to looks like bird droppings so as to go un noticed by passing predators, or the jumping spiders that mimic neighboring ant species or the caterpillars that use scents that mimic the ant queen so that they get invited into the nest to live with the ants and in some cases eat the ants themselves. As Darwin asked, what kind of God would create parasitic wasps that eat their hosts live? Certainly NOT the fairy tale God described in child like myths of the bible.

Mi Walt as expected pointed to a few intelligent Christians who also happen to be scientists and asked for explainations as to why all the secrets of evolution are not yet known, as if that somehow disproves objective facts about evolution that have been peer reviewed and tested, findings that support the fact that evolution is and has been taking place without any doubt right before our eyes. It almost appears that people like Mi Walt are asking us to choose between Jesus and the truth. I'm wondering if we can have both or is the truth and Jesus now mutually exclusive?

I then pointed out in my comment deleted by Mi Walt something Christians either don't know or don't want you to know, that Darwin studied for the clergy for two years and probably knew as much scripture as any Christian writing on hubpages. All this scripture Darwin studied couldn't help him understand the natural world he was looking at. He found no intelligent ideas on the secrets of how biology works in his religious studies. Thankfully his scientific interest took the place of religious endoctrination otherwise we might be still guessing where the door is in a very dark room. Can it be that Christians actually prefer the crazy mirror fun house full of illusions to a University of knowledge? Would they now be silly enough to value the bible over a book containing all the secrets to human DNA & RNA without a second thought?

All ten times since 1968 the federal courts in the U.S. have struck down certain states attempting to place creation science or intelligent design on an equal footing to real science in their schools curriculums. Every time their arguments were found to be unconstitutional. Christians may think they always have the power of God behind them but when it comes to arguments about creation science or intelligent design that can be born out by facts, God just leaves them wanting a winning argument. All that praying and statewide political power was duly exposed when they tried over and over to replace facts with their favorite myths and subjective biased opinions. Talk about slippery slopes. Science and religion just don't mix and the choosing of which religious dogma gets accepted as science justifiably reveals its totally biased unconstitutional nature. Maybe even God had enough and decided it was finally time to go with the verifiable truth for once. I truly love the U.S. because it's founding fathers valued truth over religious dogma. The federal government time and again rejected religions double standard for one of greater truth, the verifiable truths of science and maths. As for Mi Walt not having the courage or integrity to post my last comments in response to his question about why people hate Jesus, I restate that perhaps it's the prepackaged Jesus of the church people have a hard time digesting not Jesus himself. Maybe people are tired of folks like MI Walt who come off like they own Jesus, it's my way or the highway song and dance. Mi Walt chose to ignore all the contradictions Christians pose in the U.S. these days in relation to his message of non violence and peace through love.

Isn't it dishonest for Christians to try and control the very definition of science itself in this day and age just so they can promote their religious beliefs? Their long bloody run of truth dictated by power has finally given way to an actual, objective, verifiable truths process. Ten times states went to court seeking to satisfy their religious constituents attempt to control the local school system and every time their arguments were found to be based not on any verifiable science but myth and religious dogma. Mi Walt has a lot of nerve to say it takes more faith to believe in evolution then God, but you know what, that's Mi Walts truth. But I can forgive because Mi Walt is just a good example of how effective the endoctrination process is and shows why it's so important to guard against it's perpetual sham.

It takes NO faith to believe in evolution just a thoughtful look at the loads of evidence available without having a blind eye. I now call on all intelligent Christians in the U.S. who value the truth to stop the charade against real science. All the others who insist on pretending that real science and opinion are the same will just be wasting government money in yet another power grab attempt destined to be struck down like the ten lame dishonest arguments before. Is it possible to be a religious person and NOT value the truth and real knowledge?

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  • gconeyhiden profile image

    gconeyhiden 2 years ago from Brooklyn, N.Y.C. U.S.A

    thank you for your feedback. there is awful lot of phony religion going around. Im not religious person but Im interested in religion for the obvious reasons and as an artist. I find it hard to believe the beatings Darwin gets for being as truthful as possible by people who are taught to value truth....well maybe only the truth that agrees w them.

  • Greensleeves Hubs profile image

    Greensleeves Hubs 2 years ago from Essex, UK

    It's always seemed strange to me how the term 'Christian' is used. 'Are you Christian?' effectively means 'do you believe in God? or 'do you believe that Jesus was the son of God?' Why? Surely one can believe in the good message of Christ about how to conduct one's life, without believing in his divinity. If so, does that make one a Christian?

    I am sure if Christ really existed and was as good as the stories suggest, then he would regard true followers or 'Christians' to be those who practice tolerance, kindness, generosity and compassion - NOT those who get down on their knees and worship his name, whilst practising intolerance towards other beliefs or intolerance towards science and the facts it uncovers.

    I am a Darwinian because I believe in the basic Darwinian message re-natural selection and evolution. It does not mean that I believe he was divine. Why are the terms 'Christian' and 'Darwinian' treated differently ?

    I totally agree with almost everything you say in this article gconeyhiden.