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Reasons Why You Should Never Have A Religion

Updated on July 24, 2014

People have unanswered probing questions that demanding deep answers, questions like where are we from, what is our purpose in life, where do we go after death and religion seems to have the answers we are looking for.All over the world its a unifying factor that teaches good morals.

But don't you think its possible to use a powerful tool like religion against mankind. Based on my own opinion and observations, this article will raise points that will trow more light on certain issues concerning religion.

As a practicing Christian i have observed many negative things about the church, i will focus more on Christianity because its good to talk about what you know.

This article will be an eye opener for many people, but remember this article is based only on my point of views


Religion disguises fear with faith making you to believe that doing something that is clearly harmless to everybody will make you to end up in an imaginary place full of pain and suffering called hell.

It makes no meaning but you don’t notice because they make you believe in things that cannot happen such as the resurrection of dead beings after some time. This makes you anticipate nonsense and keeps your brain to work as they want it to.


Not everybody will understand the meaning of the above point, so let me break it down. Religion makes you see anybody that is not in the same denomination or religion with you as your enemy/rival.

This can create conflict among the people making them to forget that love is the ultimate gift. You might not have noticed that when you look into anybody’s eyes you tend to see an image of yourself which is a simple and clear sign that we are all one and skin color can’t change that.


Here being a moral self contradict simply means being a hypocrite. No matter how hard religion tries to lock your true identity nothing is greater than nature but there’s always a lope hole. Religion discourages premarital sex not like premarital sex hurts or endangers anybody, even though you try not to indulge in it, this is what your body wants and you will eventually end up doing it.

But in order to still convince people around you that you’re still a child of God (puppet), you become a hypocrite; criticizing people that do that same thing you enjoy doing but on the other hand instead of being a hypocrite why don’t you show the people who you really are since you only live this life once.

Is the story behind this cross really true?
Is the story behind this cross really true? | Source


It prevents you from necessary knowledge in the sense that they choose what you read, watch, things you should do, places you should go, etc. Using the word FAITH to manipulate you. Have you ever asked yourself the meaning of faith?

They take control of your life choosing your every move for you. A friend once told me a story about a flock of sheep living in a fenced barn, the son of one of sheep’s asked the father, “why is there fence all around us? ”, the father answered “the fence protects us from wolves, so that we can enjoy our freedom”. That’s exactly what religion is doing today.


People that indulge in religious activities spend huge amount of money known as donations, tithes, etc. Most religions make these things mandatory, even the poor donates and the amount you donate is determined by your income.

I believe that business’s that doesn't generate profits can jeopardize ones career financially. But in this case it’s quite different because before you spend you already know it’s gone.


Talking about stress here, if you are religious and you observe every activity that goes on in your religion, you tend to stress yourself more than an Agnostic. Cutting to the chase, many if not every religion fasts from time to time.

Whether dry or normal fasting, the point is that you don’t eat well which affects the body negatively because the body cannot survive without food but you don’t complain about how you feel because you've been brainwashed that it makes you spiritually stronger( quite ridiculous).


Everybody knows that religion wastes your time yet people still spend hours in the church on daily basis, WHY? Having a productive life is all about time management (doing the right thing at the right time).

Imagine that you spend those hours of prayers to an imaginary entity, in developing or doing something that will change your life and life of others positively, don’t you think that life will be a lot more fun? Airplanes, vehicles, televisions, telephones, the internet, etc weren't built on prayers. Why don’t you go out there and make a positive difference.


Religion doesn't encourage all harmless jobs, does it? I don’t think it does, they give you a limited choice on how to make a living. I don’t need to be an Antichrist or anti anything to know that when you don’t make decisions yourself, it doesn't always end well. Why don’t you think about what you've been doing and how it has helped you and others.


I can’t imagine how bad I will feel when am bored for a day, talk more of a lifetime. Don’t you ever get tired of celebrating Christmas, lent, Easter, Ramadan, etc over and over, that’s a very bold step closer to boring life time.

Most people prefer a life of adventure (am among those people), it’s more satisfying. Try it, its fun to an extent. This point matters a lot, don’t you think so?

Word of God or word of man?
Word of God or word of man? | Source


The last but not the least, living a life of no curiosity. Don’t you ever get tired of following orders and you don’t get paid without asking questions? Not that you can’t ask questions but you are scared. But if I may ask, what are you scared of? Are you scared that your questions will prevent you from going to heaven?

You participate in things you don’t understand still you don’t bother to ask for the meaning of what you are doing. There are symbols and signs that invoke spirits from all over the world; you better start asking questions before you turn your body into a shrine.

With these few reasons, I hope I have made the impacts of religion very clear for anybody with a clear and open mind to understand. You might think that your knowledge about God is true, the simple naked truth is that you are the God of yourself and blame nobody or any entity for your set backs because you are your only set back

Is their really anything like the God religion imparts?

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