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10 Reasons the 10 Reasons to Burn a Koran list is ridiculous

Updated on October 4, 2010

I'm sure everyone's familiar with the Dove World Outreach Center and its crazy preacher, "Doctor" Terry Jones (whose doctorate is honorary, and from a school where he never went to class and that is now embarrassed by what he's doing) and their plan to burn a couple hundred copies of the Koran on September 11th.  On their website, they have a blog which lists "Ten Reasons to Burn a Koran" which attempts to justify their actions.

Below I present a rebuttal to these "Ten Reasons" and suggest that much of these reasons could be used by people to stage a Bible-burning event.


The Koran teaches that Jesus Christ, the Crucified, Risen Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords was NOT the Son of God, nor was he crucified (a well documented historical fact that ONLY Islam denies). This teaching removes the possibility of salvation and eternal life in heaven for all Islam's believers. They face eternal damnation in hell if they do not repent.

Christ being crucified is "a well documented historical fact?!" Historical documents which even mention Jesus's existence are very rare, if one discounts the gospels (which probably weren't even written by eyewitnesses). It doesn't mean that the crucifixion didn't happen, but to say that it's "well documented" is blatantly false.

As far as the Koran teaching doctrine that "removes the possibility of salvation and eternal life in heaven for all Islam's believers," isn't that exactly what the Bible does from the Muslim's point of view? Should Muslims stage a Bible-burning event, and if they did, would you protest against it?


The Koran does not have an eternal origin. It is not recorded in heaven. The Almighty God, Creator of the World, is NOT it's source. It is not holy. It's writings are human in origin, a concoction of old and new teachings. This has been stated and restated for centuries by scholars since Islam's beginnings, both Moslem and non-Moslem.

First of all, an apostrophe is not a special code for "Hey, everyone, here comes an 's.' " Now that that's out of the way, I'll just point out that Muslims believe in the divine inspiration of the Koran every bit as much as you believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible. Looked at objectively, the way you describe the Koran is exactly as many people would describe the Bible: "Its writings are human in origin, a concoction of old and new teachings." How many stories of supernatural saviors born of virgins have there been throughout recorded history? (If you answered "one," you missed the right answer by a dozen or more.)


The Koran's teaching includes Arabian idolatry, paganism, rites and rituals. These are demonic, an ongoing satanic stronghold under which Moslems and the world suffer.

Actually, one thing that Mohammed did in creating Islam was get rid of polytheism in the Arab world, choosing to focus on one god and one god only. His actions actually led to the removal of a lot of their "idolatry, paganism, rites and rituals."  It's a bit similar to Moses coming down from the mountain insisting on the Hebrews worshiping one god. And if you don't see the "rites and rituals" aspect of sacrificing animals to Jehovah (which in the New Testament took the form of Jesus as the sacrifice), prayer, communion, and other common church activities you're just blind.


The earliest writings that are known to exist about the Prophet Mohammad were recorded 120 years after his death. All of the Islamic writings (the Koran and the Hadith, the biographies, the traditions and histories) are confused, contradictory and inconsistent. Maybe Mohammad never existed. We have no conclusive account about what he said or did. Yet Moslems follow the destructive teachings of Islam without question.

Almost everything you said about Mohammed could be said about Jesus, except that the first known writings about him are from about 40 years after his death. The Bible is confused, contradictory, and inconsistent. There are some scholars who hold that Jesus may not have existed -- and if he did, he almost certainly was different from how the gospels portrayed him. For centuries, Christians burned witches using the Bible to justify their awful deeds. To act like the Koran is the only holy book to suggest ill will towards nonbelievers is foolish.


Mohammad's life and message cannot be respected. The first Meccan period of his leadership seems to have been religiously motivated and a search for the truth. But in the second Medina period he was "corrupted by power and worldly ambitions." (Ibn Warraq) These are characteristics that God hates. They also led to political assassinations and massacres which continue to be carried out on a regular basis by his followers today.

There is some thought that Jesus could have been a radical on whom the first century Jews were pinning their hopes to escape Roman domination. I don't know the final tally on how many people have been killed in the name of Mohammed versus the name of Jesus, but I'd venture to say it's not nearly as one-sided as you would make it appear.


Islamic Law is totalitarian in nature. There is no separation of church and state. It is irrational. It is supposedly immutable and cannot be changed. It must be accepted without criticism. It has many similarities to Nazism, Communism and Fascism. It is not compatible with Western Civilization.

Right, and Christians -- especially fundamentalists -- just love them some separation of church and state. As far as "Islamic Law" being "immutable" and "accepted without criticism" you're again criticizing Muslims for acting the exact same way as you. Unless you would say that the Bible isn't "immutable" and shouldn't be "accepted without criticism." Didn't think so.


Islam is not compatible with democracy and human rights. The notion of a moral individual capable of making decisions and taking responsibility for them does not exist in Islam. The attitude towards women in Islam as inferior possessions of men has led to countless cases of mistreatment and abuse for which Moslem men receive little or no punishment, and in many cases are encouraged to commit such acts, and are even praised for them. This is a direct fruit of the teachings of the Koran.

And the Bible is just chock full of teachings on women's rights, isn't it?


A Muslim does not have the right to change his religion. Apostasy is punishable by death.

Of course this isn't a good thing, but it's not very different from the way skeptical Christians have been treated throughout the century. And there's more than one passage in the Old Testament suggesting that people who stray from the faith should be put to death. Islam as a faith will eventually mature enough, just like Christianity has, to drop the things from its teachings that are the least socially acceptable. This is one of those things, just like Christians no longer go on witch hunts.


Deep in the Islamic teaching and culture is the irrational fear and loathing of the West.

I'm not sure it's irrational, if there are people like you burning their holy book on a day like 9/11.


Islam is a weapon of Arab imperialism and Islamic colonialism. Wherever Islam has or gains political power, Christians, Jews and all non-Moslems receive persecution, discrimination, are forced to convert. There are massacres and churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship are destroyed.

Again, sounds like Christianity in its earlier years. That's not to say that such actions are excusable by any means; they're most certainly not. But surely there's a better way to combat the problem of radical Islam than to do something which will almost certainly provoke the ones you fear the most.


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