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10 Sacred Animal Symbols That Will Bring You Good Luck

Updated on September 19, 2015


There are innumerable species of animals and every animal manifests some unique qualities. However there are a few which hold spiritual significance and have special mention in the ancient Indian scriptures. Here are the top 10 that will bring you good luck in different ways.

Every symbols says something. While using these symbols it is important to understand the characteristics and the mythological tales behind them because only then your subconscious mind will be tuned to get the maximum cosmic powers out of them. Here are a few symbols with a brief note about their characteristics and the mythological significance. I hope you will try them and extract maximum benefits out of them.

1. Red Elephant: Brings Abundance and Success

Red Elephant
Red Elephant | Source

Elephant is known for qualities like patience, strength, stability, and peaceful nature. He is known to be the manifestation of Lord Ganesha, an important deity of Hindus who is known for bringing, wealth, prosperity and abundance. It is believed in Indian mythology that before starting any new venture, he should be prayed for success.

For bringing strength, abundance and success, a sculpture of Red Elephant must be placed on the floor in the South zone of the building in a way that he faces the center.

2. Deer: Speeds up Your Ventures

Deer | Source

Deer is well known for his vital energy, speed, stamina, agility and sensibility. He manifests the planet of Mars and the elements of Air and Fire.

Placing the sculpture of deer in the West of Northwest of the building with his face towards the North, speeds up the systems of an organization. He also encourages people for better and speedy performance resulting into overall progress of the organization.In houses he removes any sort of sluggishness, lethargy or stagnation in the occupants and fills them with youthful energy.

3. Lion: Gives You Influence and Strength

Lion | Source

Lion is well known for his immense energy, fearlessness, and influence. According to Hindu mythology he is the vehicle of Goddess Durga, the Goddess of power.

Placing the sculpture of Lion in the North of Northeast zone of the building with his face toward the center, will substantially improve your personality and influencing power. While interacting with the government departments, stakeholders, or colleagues, you will have better influence on them and subsequently you will get a steady progress and financial growth.

4. Rabbits: Increases Your Business Network and Social Contacts


Rabbits are known for the their beauty, softness, speed and networking skills, They are expert in making underground tunnels and connecting them.

Placing the sculptor of a pair of black and white rabbits on the floor on the East of Southeast zone with their face towards the center, will bring you success in your desired venture through socialization, networking, building contacts, and relationships. Many times you will notice that an action done unknowingly would be reaping great profits.

5. Camel: Makes Your Manpower Hardworking and Dedicated

Camel | Source

Camel is well known for his ability to go ahead tirelessly in vast deserts for miles and miles. He has the power to store water in his hump. Water is his only resource which he uses very judiciously to complete long journeys.

If you feel that your manpower is not as dedicated to your business as it should be. And your efforts are not reaping as much profits as you deserve then Camel is the right remedy for you.

Place the the sculptor of camel in the West zone of your house and you will notice that you have started getting more benefits with lesser efforts. Your manpower will start working for you with full dedication and hard work even with less resources.

6. Kamdhenu Cow : Fulfills Your Desires

Kamdhenu | Source

Kamadhenu Cow holds a very revered and motherly image in Hindu Mythology. It is said that when the Gods and Demons churned the ocean, she was one of the fourteen gems that had appeared after the churning. She has an immense capability to fulfill your desires.

Place the sculptor of Kamdhenu cow in the East of southeast zone in your building and you will start noticing the fulfillment of your desires and wishes. Kamdhenu cow converts the worries and sorrows into planning and action resulting into fulfillment of desires.

7. Tortoise : Saves You From Calamities

Tortoise | Source

According to Hindu mythology, Tortoise is a manifestation of lord Vishnu, the preserver of this whole universe. Tortoise has a strong back that can withhold lots of pressure. It is known for his patience perseverance, and stability. Whenever any calamity comes, he shields himself under his shell.

For stability, patience and perseverance keep the Tortoise in the middle of the building with his face towards the north.

For success and benefits place the tortoise in the West with his face towards the East.

Tortoise save your from indulgence in unnecessary activities and protects you from calamities. It ensures that you do not loose heart under adverse circumstances.

8. Red Horses: Brings You Quick Money

Red Horse
Red Horse | Source

Red horses are a manifestation of both Fire and Water element. Horse is known for his stamina, hard work, vigour, vitality and strength.

Place a pair of red horses in the Southeast or South direction facing the north. This will infuse a new vigour and vitality in you. This will improve your efforts and involvement in a particular venture subsequently bring you the desired results.

9. Nandi Bull: Safeguards your Business Ventures

Nandi Bull
Nandi Bull | Source

Bull is well known for his loyalty and strength. Nandi bull is the beloved war companion of lord Shiva who is the mightiest of all Gods. He is also a gatekeeper of Shiva's abode and one of his watchmen, along with Mahakala. He is blessed with special powers given by lord Shiva.

Place a Nandi bull in the Southwest zone of your building along the West wall. He will bring you the loyalty and faith of all the stakeholders of your company. He will safeguard you against any unforeseen calamity or danger and will strengthen the faith of your relatives, business partners and colleagues in you.

10. White Horses: increase your earning potential

White Horse
White Horse | Source

Horse symbolizes speed and white colour symbolizes excellent quality.

Place a pair of White Horses in the North of Northwest zone facing the Southeast zone of your building. This remedy will remove any kind of obstacle in your financial growth. They makes your relationships smooth with financial institutions like banks and insurance companies. In case you are an employee in a company, then will increase your salary.

I do hope that you will try out these symbols and get maximum benefits out of them. However needless to say that they are not substitutes to your efforts. But yes, they will bring more strength to your efforts and bring the desired results in a more amicable way.


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    • Iuliya profile image

      Iuliya Ishkhanyan 2 years ago

      Thank you so much, that was useful and educatioanal.

    • KRS Rathore profile image

      KRS Rathore 2 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks for your comment. These are Indian and are different from those used in Feng Shui, however I can not rule out possibility of any exceptional similiraty. At several points you will find references of lord Shiva, Nandi Bull, lord Vishnu etc. which are Indian deities.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Are these indian or chinese beliefs?

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 2 years ago

      That is amazing I never new that very interesting to read.