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3 Things You Didn't Know About Michelle Duggars, Part 1

Updated on September 23, 2014

I really do like the Duggars for multiple or reasons. They are very personable, down-to-earth, economical, religious, and overall ethical people. They are a good role models that many of today's youth would benefit from hanging around with them a bit. Even if you have seen all their seasons of their show "19 Kids and Counting", read all their books, and have gone on the family blog once a week, and you are starting to turn into some stalker-like person, that does not mean that you know all about them. Every one has secrets, and the Duggars are included in that. Even though they open their home up to the public for the family to see how they live day-to-day, as a ministry to apostatize to believers and non-believers alike.

Michelle Duggar used to be a cheerleader, and would weak skimpy outfits. On many occasions, she has told her children that she worse short skirts, sleeveless tops, short shorts, and even work a bikini when she would mow her lawn, and other people's lawns for money.

Now, she only dresses her daughters in pants, and neither the men or women are allowed to show above the knee, because the Old Testament in the Bible says that showing the thigh is sinful. Jim Bob at first thought the idea was silly, because they were a very active couple who liked to camp, hike, swim, and canoe. She said she would figure it out, and I guess she did.

It should be noted, that when Jim Bob was visiting new members of the church he attended, he wanted to go to her house because she was a hot cheerleader his friend told him. What a scandal!

Would you ever wear one of these dresses if you wanted to dress modestly at the beach?

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The Duggars do not like to go to the beach during the summer because there are so many women exposing their skin, which they believe is sinful, and a temptation to a man. When they see a girl wearing something skimp, one person says "Nike", and they all lower their eyes to their shoes until the girl passes. When Michelle heard one of her kids say something negative about how floozy a woman appeared, she reminded him sternly that his mom used to mow lawns in bathing suits. That shut up the kid pretty quick. When the Duggars are at a pool where only they are swimming, the girls wear a special kind of bathing suit, if you really can call it. It is more of a modified dress.

This picture would cause quite the scandal these days, for two reasons.. First, Michelle Duggar is wearing pants. She stopped wearing pants when she became a Christian. True, she fazed out her pants, shorts, skirts, and other revealing clothes, for her more frumpy, long denim skirts that pass her knee, and collared shirts. Michelle Duggar is a beautiful woman, too bad she hides her wonderful figure in frumpy clothes. Her children are actually more strict with their dress, but they are all so very fashionable, they call it "Modern Modest".

Next, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are kissing before they were married. While they don't just come out and say it, they both have told their children that they took their physical relationship too far before they were married. Whether that means the kissing, second or third base, or if they went all the way, their lips are sealed. They discourage all their children from kissing, hold handing, and front hugs until they are married.


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